Friday, August 31, 2012

BB14: Recycled Alliances, Reformed Strategies

Ian is planning on putting Frank and Jenn up with Joe as a replacement nominee should one of them come off.

During a long discussion with Dan that started around 1:40 am PST, we learn:
1- Ian is still very much with the Quack Pack
2- He would be happy with either one of them gone this week, preferring Jenn, as Frank cannot play in the next week's HoH.
3- Dan finds out that Shane lied to him earlier (around 11 pm) that he had made a deal with Ian to keep the QP safe during the comp, when in reality, Shane just asked for safety for himself and Danielle.
4- Dan started floating the idea that Danielle and Shane are close, that Frank and Jenn  were close but the two of them are "3rd wheels".
5 - Ian wants to work with Dan (Renegades) but he's afraid that he wouldn't win against Dan in F2 (Dan tries to disavow him of that) and he wants Dan to "cut the shit".
6- Dan's goal is to tie with Dr. Will (Doubtful, from what I know about Dan, he probably wants to surpass Dr. Will.)

By around 2:20 am, Shane and Danielle have joined them and the QP is back on. I guess the agreements that Dan and Shane had with Frank are over for now. There will be a lot of prenomnation discussions today. It will be interesting to see what Ian says to Frank and Jenn.

10:06 AM: With the nominations looming, people are still stumbling out of bed. Jenn tried to see Ian but he was in the shower. Earlier, Joe gave Frank "intel" that he (Frank) and Jenn are probably going up with himself as a replacement. Joe says he thinks Dan and Ian have a deal.

Frank shuns the carrot suit and Ted gets his... Frank tells them the back yard should be open soon. Joe asks what time nominations are and Shane says 4 or 5...

11:18 AM: Feeds went to trivia and came back an hour later. Jessie paid the house a visit! He's the BB Santa Clause that replaced all the junk food with healthy food. There's a new squeaky hammock that doesn't squeak and Ian got some toys! Jenn tried to make her pitch to Ian who shut her down. Joe asked Ian why he would be a possible renom, and Ian told him because that would guarantee the other one would go. Frank tries to pump Dan for information but Dan is non-committal.

12:58 PM: Ian lists the gifts her got. It doesn't seem anyone got any powers...

1:21 PM: Quad view... Frank doesn't seem too concerned ;)

Are there nominations today?? So weird...

2:46 PM: Shane tells Dan that he doesn't trust Joe. Brilliant!

2:58 PM: Frank approaches Ian about his nomination. Ian tells him he would like him to stay but he has bigger fish to fry. He needs to weigh his options. Ian says that even if he's up, it doesn't mean he will be going. Ian says he will corral the votes, adding Frank's not his biggest target this week. Frank tells him that if Ian gives him a week off the block, Frank will vote his way. Ian says that even if he is on the block initially, it doesn't mean he's in danger. Ian emphasizes that he's more worried about the post-veto nominations. How much of this is true or not, I have no idea.

3:17 PM: Frank and Jenn talk about what Ian's said. They think that Ian's target is Joe and get the floaters out. Jenn adds that Ian has also been the "snitch" the whole time so can't really be trusted. Jenn thinks she's not really the target.... Frank says he would rather Dan go this week not Joe. (So much for that F2 agreement...) They discuss that Dan has had a disappointing showing last night. (Jenn, you fell second...)  Ian is called to DR. Dan joins them and the conversation is recycled. Dan isn't giving them any info.

5:02 PM: Trivia. The Nomination Ceremony is under way.  I will be posting results on the banner.

6:22 PM: Feeds return. People are snacking and in good spirits it seems. Talk is about food and Pandora's Box. No indication of the nominees. There's no verbal confirmation that it's Frank and Jenn yet, though they are the expected nominees.

7:38 PM: Trivia. They are picking PoV players. It's going to be a night time comp. Morph I bet!
7:52 PM: Feeds back. Danielle and Ian are studying. Looks like she's playing. Frank and Shane are talking about the PoV. Sounds like Shane is the only one not playing.

The comp will happen after BBAD more than likely. So we're looking at 6 to 7 hours from now to get the results. I'm going to get some sleep. :)

Stay tuned! :)