Saturday, August 11, 2012

BB14: It's a Matter of Wil

As our story continues, deep in the jungle of BB, the hunters in power have trained their sights on Wil who refused to bow to the chief hunter's greatness.

As we saw in our last episode, Wil seemingly made a huge error in tactics by not promising Frank and Mike safety. Later, we learned through Britney that Wil came to her with a proposal to work together in hunting down the hunters next week. Britney took this proposal to her co-conspirator, Dan who not only seemed to ponder on this plan but to implement it by convincing Danielle that it is better to keep Wil this week (4:24 AM BBT). He also sowed the seeds that will ensure Frank's and Ian's peril in the coming weeks.

Before you gasp in surprise at this turn of events, let me remind you about Dan's master plan to go to the end with Mike. Eliminating Frank is the first step as he is the greatest roadblock in the way. Ian, has become a threat because he has positioned himself very well in the house. He isn't anyone's target at the moment; he is friendly with everyone, including Joe; and he is considered part of several alliances. Most importantly, Ian is a wild card. No one knows who he will truly stay loyal too; and he has proven more than capable in various challenges.

Meanwhile, Ashley is in a lot of pain, so much so that she couldn't even play in the Have/Have Not competition. This morning, she does not seem any better, yet she has times when she seems to move around okay. This has created controversy in the BB communities, questioning whether she is truly injured or she's using it as a strategy to get by. Either way, you would think that if a player is that injured, that production would take her to the hospital, or even remove her from the game. If the latter happens, that would be the second player to leave without being evicted during Frank's reign. Could this be a new BB curse?

Today, we're expecting the PoV competition with players chosen probably this morning. They seem to have finally gone on lock down after 8:00 am, prompting the speculation that they might be playing a night time PoV.
Captured by Mary Crowe
11:31 AM: Frank takes a moment to tell Mike that Wil told him, Janelle was Danielle's target from the beginning because of a conversation Wil had with Danielle before noms. Mike dismisses it as Danielle trying to be smart, but in reality, Danielle did want Janelle out before Dan sidetracked her with his desired noms. King Hunter has spoken. Let no other player be given credit for his machinations.

11:39 AM: Trivia. Time to pick players! Will be adding them under the banner when I know! :)

11:58 AM: Feeds back. Frank and Mike are talking about not trusting Wil. Mike says there's no doubt in his mind that Wil has to go. We'll see Mike. We'll see. Still no news on who's playing... Mike is secure in the "fact" that their alliance won't flip on them. He goes on to say that the house is full of weak players who don't know how to play the game, except him, Frank, Dan and Britney. His ego trip is massive. Will this portend his massive fall?

Mike asks Frank who of the four (Dan/Danielle/Britney/Shane) would he like to go first. Frank says Dan and Shane. Mike says that they can use Shane more to their advantage. They want to make at run at them soon, hoping that someone else gets rid of them. They go through each of their "uses" and plan on how to manipulate each player, planning their order of eviction. I shake my head.

Joe chose Ashley to play the PoV comp. Who chooses an injured person to play in a comp when there are other choices? SMH!

12:35 PM: Ian joins them and says it's weird Joe told Ashley to play in PoV. They ask Ian who he would put if he were to win HoH and Ian throws out Ashley's name. Talk turns to Joe's lack of competition skills. Mike tries to sell the BS alliance of the four of them (Frank, Mike, Jenn and Ian). Ian plays along. It will be interesting to see what he says to Dan and Brit later.

Talk turns to chit chat. Mike and Frank are pushing a Wil eviction and Ian is agreeing. Mike leaves and Frank keeps pushing Ian to say who he would take out, Ian sticks with safe answers. His language is getting very coarse right now. Weird.

1:37 PM: Ian is called to DR and so ends this discussion. Thankfully. It was disconcerting to see Ian morph into a likeness of Mike and Frank during this conversation; brash and swearing with bravado.

1:52 PM: Dan joins Frank in HoH. Frank says he feels good about the PoV that no one will use it. Frank thinks that Ashley won't be winning but even then she won't be using it because of a long talk he had with her. Talk turns to the Have/Have Not comp... Interesting to note, Dan has not given away anything about his discussion with Britney, but we already know he has ulterior motives.

Fishy shenanigans: Every time anyone mentions a night time comp, we get fished. Hmmmm, could this be a clue? Better get your nap ons! ;)

2:16 PM: Britney recounts what she heard last night in the Have Not room...umm... Joe was umm... yeah Brit's recounting is hilarious. DR immediately calls her in... I wonder why... FUNNY!
Here it is in case you missed it! ;)

Courtesy of Rebecca Kennedy

2:50 PM: Joe talks to Ashley in the Arcade Room and asks her to please not change the nominations should she win the competition. The way that Ashley is sounding (dragging her words), I don't even think she is in a position to be competing. She apologizes to Joe about not telling him that she was voting Janelle off. She tells him that she couldn't trust Janelle because the latter was campaigning against Ashley when she was on the block. Joe pretends not to know about it.

3:36 PM: All quiet in the house. No game talk.

6:15 PM: Britney goes up to wake Frank. They start talking about the upcoming PoV competiton being a night time. Talk turns to Wil. Britney comments that he's being pissy. Frank says that she was right, that he would be the right person to get rid of this week.  Britney says she doesn't want to avoid him but he's being so snappy. She says the game makes her feel mean. They speculate about Double Eviction (see lexicon). Frank brings up about the Silent 6, saying they don't have to worry about breaking it up for a couple of weeks. The he slips up and says that they can't expect to get all the 6 to final six, then covers up by saying final 2. Britney does not comment on it. They agree that the house is more peaceful with Janelle gone. Talk turns to chit chat.

6:48 PM: ZINGBOT!!! And Trivia
8:38 PM: Still Trivia

8:45: Feeds return. It looks like Wil won PoV, but not 100%
8:58 PM: At least we're on easy street... We don't have to worry about anything. Yup. Frank won PoV.

If there are nay game changing conversations tonight I will add them. As it stands, Frank and Mike will be keeping the nominations the same, but there are two days to change their minds, unless there's a Double Elimination this week...

Stay tuned! :)