Saturday, September 1, 2012

BB14:What Are You Up To AGP??

I think production is trying to be mysterious and unpredictable in a season that's been a shizz-show. Really? Jessie? AGAIN?? No PoV competition yet even though they picked players early last night. Ian said they're going to have a "crack if dawn" PoV comp but it's 6:30 am PST, and dawn has long cracked.

Dan and Ian had a long, very open chat (on Ian's part) that started around 1:13 am and ended around 2:57 am where Dan got a lot of info, including:
  • Ian would consider it a huge accomplishment to be the one to take out Frank.
  • Ian is still Quack Pack all the way.
  • Ian would vote Joe out over Dan should they both be on the block.
  • Ian and Brit had an F2 deal. 
  • Ian doesn't want Dani to the end because he can't beat her.... 
  • Ian compared Joe to Adam from last season, then got on the topic of Shelly but Dan stopped him because he probably didn't want Ian to be put on blast by the public. 
  • Ian told Dan about Dan's "mist", a term that Britney and Janelle used. Dan seemed perplexed and amused by this. 
Dan asked Ian again if he's will to Renegade and Ian says probably yes because Dan would make a good "meat shield". Ian really has no filter.

8:32 AM: Looks like they're waking them up; what this means about the timing of the competition is unclear. Since everything depends on the results of the PoV competition, I will wait until after for any meaningful updates. Besides, I gots things to do ;)

2:09 PM: Trivia... finally! If this is the Veto comp and not another fake out, I doubt it will be the much awaited Morph as it usually happens at night :(

4:40 PM: Feeds back. Dan, "Right here is the ticket to finally getting Frank out of this game." Dan asks Ian not to tell anyone about their F2 deal. Ian agrees. And that's all he wrote.

Shane and Joe tell Frank to plan his funeral to get Dan to use the veto on him... Frank and Jenn meet quickly in storage speculating whether Dan will use the veto on Jenn and Ian will put Joe up. Frank seems to think he has the votes to stay against Joe...

5:29 PM: Dan and Ian discuss their Veto options.
1- Not change the noms and not get Joe mad at them.
2-Take Jenn down so she doesn't come gunning after them.
3- Take Frank down but they nix that quickly.

Option 2 is the most likely. Of course the campaigning will last for two days, so I'm pacing myself. Dan confirmed that it was OTEV.

Until tomorrow! :)