Sunday, August 19, 2012

BB14: Bully is as Bully Does

In a nutshell, there are two plans on the go in the house: Shane and The Quack Pack are planning on replacing Frank with Jenn on Monday, while Frank'nBoogie are planning on running the HoH, by getting Ashley, Jenn and Ian (LOL) to demand that Dan be the replacement nomination, "or else!"

At around 11:42 pm BBT, Shane rehearsed what he would say to Frank and Boogie about the replacement nomination. Dan and Britney both point out that he doesn't owe them an explanation; but Shane insists that he doesn't want to blindside them. This in itself is ridiculous. Shane, since his catastrophic discussion with Frank'nBoogie, has shown that he does not have what it takes to deal with these confrontations. He gets verbal diarrhea, stumbles over his words and gives up his social security number essentially to his enemies in the house. When this conversation happens today, I will watching for another train wreck.

Concurrently, around 12:08 am, after criticizing Britney's and Janelle's games, Frank continued to push his "master plan" to get Dan nominated on Ashley, Jenn and Ian. He goes as far as to say that he will "dump" the next HoH to them, implying that they can't win one on their own. He is under the impression that they are all working together. Ashley and Jenn give him a reality check about his plan for today. They, gently, call him out on the hypocrisy of denigrating bullying in his nomination speech, while now using bullying tactics to get people to go with his plan. Frank is visibly upset; and Ashley says that she's just trying to help him.

Ironically, Joe overhears this and jumps to one of his usual over-the-top conclusions, running up to HoH, around 12:30 am, to tell Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle that Ashley has gone to Frank's side. This solidifies the plan to put Jenn on the block next to Mike this week and Ashley share the nomination seats with Frank in the future.

With Frank'nBoogie's plan to assault everyone, especially Shane with their campaigning today, it's gonna be a wild Sunday on the feeds.

9:45 AM: Mike's disregard for women continues with his plan to pull on Britney's heart stings by giving her a sob story. He's already gone on record saying that it is the best strategy to use with her because she is a wife and wants to be a mother... (after the feeds game back from the 7 hour block out lats night). Their plan is to threaten Shane and badger Dan to make him break down. Good luck with the second part, dudes. It's the Game and World According to Boogie Show on the feeds. Updating this is a little pointless but feel free to watch it! :)

11:08 AM: Ian joins the arrogant two. They work Operation Get Dan Out. It's all "we, we, we", but Ian knows it's just them. Ian is playing along but Frank is pushing him for more of a commitment. Mike points out that they're concerned about Ian's friendship with Dan. Ian says he's friends with Dan but he won't have a problem getting him out. Mike tells him that should he (Mike) leave on Thursday, Ian's friendship with Dan should not stop him from avenging Mike's eviction. Yes, cause that's why Ian is in the game, for Mike. Frank is offended when Ian calls Dan the second best player in the game after Mike, saying he is a better player than Dan. (A point he will be repeating throughout the day.) Jenn joins them and Frank continues running his game. He wants her to tell Shane to put up Dan or Joe. Jenn seems on board with the plan. It's Ashley's turn next, around 11:30 am... Same spiel, different audience...

While Shane is alone in the kitchen, chopping fruit Frank and Mike chop Dan up outside, moving on to threats. The gist of this message? Do what we want or we're coming after you. Dude, there will be no "we" after Thursday..

11:51 AM: Shane comes out. Chit chat ensues. Mike starts in on Joe, calling him a shyster.
12:06 PM: Frank has joined Britney in the bathroom... T-minus how many minutes til he starts? Twenty minutes of chit chat later, they start talking about past comps...

12:40 PM: He starts his pitch with Ian.. and how he and Mike are buddy-buddy with Ian. "We need to get Dan out this week." Britney says that Ian will do whatever they ask him to do. Frank says he hopes Ian will stick with him even if Mike goes this week... Boo hoo. He repeats that he's a better than Dan in the game. Mercifully, Joe comes in with his bowel movement discussion... It's all about poop... When Frank gets a chance a little later, he starts pushing his agenda yet again... This time it's all about Joe eating all the luncheon meat... Then onto Dan and how he can't be trusted... It's a recycled argument. Britney is giving him nothing.

1:03 PM: Mike and Shane are alone in HoH. Shane says that he's open to any options. Mike intervenes saying that he understands how hard this decision is. He tells Shane that he does not know Dan and how he played. He begins trashing Dan's character, how he is "pretending to care about everybody". He uses the fact that he went for the money because he had "trust" in their alliance... So far it's all Mike talking. Mike brings up Jerry and how Dan took him over Keesha... He pulls out all the stops, saying that he will vote for the best player if he makes it to jury. Shane is very agreeable... Then it begins again. Dan is scary. If Dan goes to jury, he wants a war going on... Then come the reassurances. Mike's into "rolling" with Shane.

When Mike is finally quiet, Shane speaks off script, saying he noticed Dan's untrustworthiness. Shane says he's on board, etc. Shane forgot his rehearsed speech... Someone should have spelled it out for him in Froot Loops on the table. I guess Operation Keep Shane's Mouth shut is an epic fail..

Mike says he wants to talk to Shane once or twice more, today. OH GOODIE!!! But he's not done yet! He brings up again that Dan invited Mike to his Bachelor party and wedding; and if he can do that to him, he will do that to anyone... Shane calls Dan the cancer who broke up the Silent 6; and he wants to grab Britney and Danielle to roll with Mike and Frank.... HUH? This wasn't the script!

Mike goes on to say that he's cool with Danielle adding he doesn't want Ian to win or Jenn to win... The conversation ends, mercifully for my ears, at 1:25 pm.

Let's see what kind of player Shane is. If he's lying to Mike and stroking his ego, and getting information for ammunition from him, I will tip my hat to him. If he is truly lapping this up, he deserves to be evicted next.

Mike beelines it to Danielle to tell her that he has no hard feelings towards her, despite the fact that she's with Dan. He sees Frank on his way to talk to Shane and Mike stops him, saying he doesn't want to barrage Shane (LOL). They move to the Arcade to celebrate their own greatness, and how much they hate everyone in the house.. Joe... Dan... Ian... on and on.

2:05 PM: Fresh from his hate session with Boogie which included one billion F bombs, Frank goes inside to try and bait Dan, to no avail.  He resorts to threats saying, "It's going to be a little tough for you  getting votes if I'm in the jury." Dan replies, coolly, "Likewise."

2:30 PM: Britney goes to find Shane after talking to Danielle and wondering why Boogie was acting so cocky if Shane was supposed to be truthful to him. She asks him what Mike said and he tells her Mike's pitch. Shane says that there is no way he is putting Dan up. Shane adds that yes, Dan is a good social player but he is on their side. Britney points that even if Dan was trying to play both sides, he has no option now. He tells Britney about Mike throwing Ian and Jenn under the bus as well.

Ok! I conditionally take it back... Shane does seem to know how to play the game...

2:57 PM: Dan and Danielle join them. Shane tells them that Mike was trying to get Shane to nominate Dan. Dan tells them that Frank was trying to rattle him. Shane gives them details about Mike's pitch. Danielle tells them what Mike said to her.

3:03 PM: Enter Ian. He tells them that Frank and Mike will be confronting Joe because has been questioning Frank's PoV win, accusing him of cheating.  Brit and Dan hustle downstairs. Brit goes outside to get the scoop and the feeds hop away from there as they have every single time Frank's cheating is brought up. Dan stays in the kitchen sort of preparing Joe by saying things will get heated in the house, but he (Dan) will keep his cool.

This is over the top silliness. These two with their overblown testosterone bravado are working themselves up for nothing. I hope they remember that last time someone got in Joe's face, he got expelled...

3:34 PM: Britney asks Ian who told them about Joe complaining to DR about the cheating. She asks if it was Ashley. Ian says he doesn't know... This conversation, as all such conversations have been interrupted.
3:36 PM: Dan and Shane are keeping Joe guard in the living room... Britney has joined them. Chit chat.
4:10 PM: All quiet in the house. No confrontation happened yet.... Chit chat all around. Joe, Britney and Joe are in the living room and the rest outside.
4:51 PM: Frank asks Joe about Cheatgate. Joe says that he has not said anything (lie) and suggests to air it out with everyone. Frank backs down. Then he goes outside to report it in a more embellished way to Mike, Ashley, Jenn and Ian. Hah!
For Merry with ♥
UPDATE: 6:00 PM: The Mike and Frank show continues with them pitching the same thing over and over to Brit and Shane. Then they get together to repeat that same pitch to each other. It's brain bleeding. The Quack Pack remain strong. But it looks like the campaigning will go all night! It seems Mike is resigning himself to the possibility that Dan won't be the replacement nominee, having switched to Joe. The QP plan is still to put Jenn up.

6:40 PM: Minion #1, Jenn pitches Frank'nBoogie's spiel about being dangerous and Joe being untrustworthy. Shane is going a long with it...Jenn says, "He's someone who's won the game..." You mean like Mike? Jenn's decision to follow Mike's game play surprises me. Mike has had little use for her this whole time and now she's acting like a Boogie Bot. smh

6:51 PM: Ashley asks Joe about Cheatgate. She heard that he's been saying that Frank asked her to fold in the Veto Comp so he could win. She explains that she miscalculated. He emphatically denies it (lie).

Here's a little song to get us through the next few hours: zippity doo da! zippity eh... my oh my what a horrible day... plenty of bull shit coming our way... zippity doo daaa zippity ehhhhhhh!

8:13 PM: Minion #2, Ashley goes to HoH to talk to Shane. They have the almost identical discussion as he had with Jenn. Almost to the exact word... After she finishes with Shane, she runs to get Boogie and Frank, pulling them to the Have Not Room to tell them that Shane is on board with getting Dan out... That's not what Shane said but it works.

8:27 PM: Ian and Shane connect. Shane tells him everything that Mike told him about Dan. Ian tells him that Dan's first word is good, adding that anything he's told anyone else was a ploy. Shane reconfirms that Jenn is going up tomorrow.  Ian is under the misconception that Ashley is more loyal to him over Frank.

8:43 PM: Shane tells Joe and Dan that the others are throwing them under the bus; they laugh that maybe Shane should say, "Sorry Dan... you're not the replacement." Simultaneously, Frank and Mike are celebrating the fact that they pulled it off, after Ian tells them a bogus conversation he had with Shane.

Stay tuned! :)