Saturday, August 18, 2012

BB14: Is this BB or Looney Toons?

This is what happens when you put clueless amateurs, amateurs in training, seasoned players who need redemption and seasoned champions who know the game inside, out. Absolute and total chaos.

It started with Shane who could not handle a conversation with the two people he put on the block. He allowed Mike and Frank to steam roll over him, resulting in him throwing all the blame on Britney's shoulders and apologizing for his actions. Instead of looking them in the eye, telling them that this is a game on,  he wussed out like a cat in the rain. This resulted in mayhem, after he told Britney that he implicated her.

It continued with Britney "confronting" Mike and Frank, trying to get herself out of the mud but making the situation worse by implicating someone in whom Frank/Mike confided that they were gunning for Shane. This set them off even more, wanting to know who this person is, assuming it was Dan (but really was Ian). The gave her their cajoling/threatening spiel which culminated in them dismissing her.

The attack shifted to Dan, seasoned champion, who kept his cool without implicating anyone. He took the little show down to it's origin as they all trotted up to HoH, to has it out with Britney and Shane. During this conversation, Mike and Frank got increasingly irate because Dan would not give them what they wanted- a name. Frank even went as far as to say, they should have given them a heads up that the Silent 6 were done before the HoH competition so Mike would not go for the money. Mike., even told him that was a stupid thing to say.

When Danielle tried to join this conversation, she was shown the wrong side of the door twice. This sent her into a rage because she was a member of the now Shambled 6 but not allowed to be a part of the discussion. This left an opening for Mike and Frank to work on her later. around 11:57 pm, going through the same spiel they gave Shane and Britney, alternating between boosting the value of working together, veiled threats that she would be the next target and trying to discredit Dan by talking about the F3 deal. She handled them well, giving them nothing to work with but continued to fume about being dismissed throughout the night.

Meanwhile, Ian has been well insulated and his cover not blown. He reaffirms his dedication to the Quack Pack, around 12:20 am, even when one of the two on the block is evicted and the other one tires to team up with Ian. This situation has further outlined one point, which has not gone unnoticed in the alliance, that Ian has come out of this unscathed, untouched and uncomplicated.

At the end of the day, the Quack Pack got together, compared their stories, seeing that the whole thing should not have happened in the first place, that Mike and Frank will do anything to shake them up,  and that they have to stick to their alliance. And despite the fact that Dan's F3 deal with Mike and Frank came out, they agreed that it was in the past and nullified.

Also, two more alliances have come out of this evening and have been added to the left sidebar. Drunk Punch Tuesday, including Britney, Danielle, Ashley and Jenn. This is a bogus alliance really as the latter two will be using it to get one of the remaining duo, currently on the block, out.  The other alliance, between Britney and Danielle, has been named Alpha, Omega, Bye during a conversation they had, starting around 1:31 am, where they rehashed the events of the day and reaffirmed that they would take each other to the end. (Keep in mind, that Danielle also has had that deal with Dan and Shane.)

If you missed all this craziness and have the feeds, but do not want to watch hours of this, Britney pretty much recapped everything around 12:39 AM BBT cam 3/4.

Today, is the PoV competition... Oh goodie! Let the games begin! Frank and Mike's plan is to win PoV, get Dan nominated and out of the house. They began their plan with Jenn this morning around 9:30 am, blaming everything on Dan.

9:55 AM: Trivia. PoV Players being picked. They will be added under the banner.
10:15 AM: Feeds back.  Seems Jenn Ian were picked? Both noms got HGs choice: Ian and Jenn. Meanwhile Frank and Mike as tunneling Dan to Shane in HoH. Mike wants to have a house meeting. At the same time Joe tells Dan that Frank and Mike has told everyone about the 6 alliance, throwing Dan under the bus to the whole house.
10:38 AM: Shane tells Dan and Danielle about his conversation with Frank and Mike, saying that they are making the rounds, throwing Dan under the bus.

Here's my question. Why are they letting these two run the discussion? Why even give them the time of day if they are the targets?

There will be mayhem til the competition. I will update key discussions but, at this point, it's best to wait to see who wins the POV for those discussions to matter. For the record, I don't think that Ian, Jenn or Ashley will try hard for the PoV and put themselves in a dangerous position. This will very much be between Shane, Mike and Frank.

Mike is feeling confident because he thinks the PoV is stacked in his favor with Ian and Jenn competing. Ian plays this up.

11:08 AM: It's Ian turn to be treated to the Boogie mist.  Mike tells Ian that they will play down their anger to Shane and Britney. He tells Ian that they are trying to get Dan as a replacement nomination. Basically, Mike is putting all his cards on the table to Ian, oblivious that Ian is not on his side. Mike, you're getting got. Mike boasts about how he's getting to Britney with his maneuvers. Who will Ian tell first?

11:23 AM: Britney joins Shane in HoH. She says that it's shady that Dan had that F3 deal, qualifying that Dan is taking the heat right now for something he didn't do. She questions why Danielle told her that Mike and Frank told Danielle and not Dan. Shane says that it's shady that Dan made and F3 deal with them, however he's still on board with taking Frank or Mike out. They say that it was ridiculous for Frank and Mike to try to make F3 deals with them and Danielle individually last night. Britney says that though they doubt where he was in the past, he's with them now. He has no choice.

Talk turns to Ian and how he's coming through this unscathed, meanwhile, they believe that Ian will throw this comp. Shane wonders if they shout out Ian, but Britney nixes it. Then he says maybe they should put him up as a replacement nomination. Britney points out that Ian has been giving them information and she trusts him.

11:31 AM: Danielle joins them. They talk about Frank's "douchy" behavior. Britney tells them what Frank and Mike pitched to her earlier. Dan joins shortly after. They discuss the targets' plan to win the PoV, and put Dan up as a replacement. Shane reassures Dan that is not the case. Britney says that if they need a replacement, they need to put someone up whose vote they can trust the least. Britney wants them to bring Ian up here that if he throws the competition, they will put him on the block. Dan says that threatening Ian would not be a good idea. Danielle tells them that Jenn's true allegiance is to Ashley and is wants Frank out. Recap: The S-quad is solid.

Meanwhile Frank is working on Ashley. He is telling her that they will work with her, Jenn, Joe and Ian should one of them goes to get "them" and Dan specifically. Frank tells her he wanted to put Dan up last week and get rid of him, but Mike nixed it.

My head hurts... And Flipper complies by putting all feeds on Frank's spiel. We've heard it before. The question remains, is Ashley buying it? Ashley joins Jenn a little later, and tells her everything Mike and Frank said about the alliance of 6 and Dan. They decide they won't be sharing this information with Britney and Danielle.

Ian joins the HoH people and he tells them what Mike told him earlier about working Britney and Shane and Dan going on the block. Britney tells him she's worried about him throwing the veto. Ian says it's not going to happen. He adds it will put him in a tough spot, but he's going to play hard. Britney emphasizes that he also needs to try hard to win HoH. She and Dan emphasize that they both protected him even and took the heat for him. Dan tells him that if Ian wins he will act like he's pissed. Ian understands that because he did the same when Shane won. Ian tells them that if it's spelling, Mike will throw it to him to keep him and one of them safe. (Meanwhile Frank wonders if Ian was the one to sell them out but Mike nixes it. LOL!)

Chatter turns to competitions...

12:19 PM: Danielle is called to DR.... Dare I hope? Yes BABY! Trivia!!! 12:26 PM!

7:25 PM: The feeds come back. All is quiet in the house. The backyard is open... Seems the comp has been over for hours! WTF! Mike and Frank are smiling... Mike says about the pool table.."Now that we have it til Wednesday, we should enjoy it..." What does that mean?? There are no clues about who won, what happened. No one is saying anything relevant to what happened in the last SIX hours... I guess that's the true Silent 6... For some reason, the feeds are staying outside...

Danielle joins Dan on the hammock. He tells her if he sees her down, not to worry about it. He says he will play dead til Thursday... Ian joins them. Ian says, "So my guess Ashley will go up and Boogie will probably go out." It's confirmed. Frank won PoV.

8:37 PM: Ashley mentions that she thinks Frank and Mike were cheating and guess what? Button Boy intervenes!

BTW: I will only be updating key info tonight. The rest will come tomorrow. :)

Stay Tuned! :)