Friday, August 17, 2012

BB14: Take the Frank'nBoogie by the Horns

What have fans been bemoaning all season? That this game has lagged into the predictable, that only one big move was made so far, that the newbies are allowing themselves to be steam rolled by two people's agendas: Mike's and Dan's. Well, it looks like that's about to change.

At around 1:16 am BBT today, while Shane and Joe were waiting to ambush Brit and Danielle with pillows, they took a moment to touch base. Basically Joe confirms that Mike and Frank were planning on backdooring Shane had they won this week. Shane decides that one of them will go this week, by putting both of them on the block.

Later around 1:34 am, when Dan and Danielle had a moment alone to talk game, Danielle asks Dan what he thinks Shane should do. Dan says it depends if they want "floaters" in the jury. He asks her what she wants Shane to do. Danielle replies, "Frank." Dan says that if they take a shot, it has to work. Danielle wonders if Ian would go along with it. Dan counters with, "You know Ian will win the game, right?"

Basically, anytime Danielle asks Dan what he would do, he says he would put up two floaters. He adds that their best best is to stick with Britney and Shane, and that if Shane takes a hit at Mike and Frank, the heat will not be on Dan and Danielle. Danielle says that she's ultimately willing to cut Shane and Britney in order to get to the end with Dan.

Danielle thinks that Shane will put up two "floaters". Dan counters that they will then have to play the game with two monsters in it (Mike and Frank).  Dan doesn't think that Ian will go for Frank and Mike going, and  might not vote one of them out.

When Britney joined them shortly after 2 am, she is insistent that she wants Shane to put Mike and Frank out, with Frank going out the door. She says she wishes that Danielle had won HoH because she wouldn't be afraid to pull the trigger. Dan gently tries to introduce the idea that Ian might be the one to go because he is in the best position in the house. Britney insists that Frank needs to go; he is obnoxious and a threat.

At 2:13 am, Danielle works on Shane, telling him he is the one she's closest to in the game, trying to see who he would put up.  He says he doesn't want to waste this HoH. They both agree that Frank has got to go. Shane says he feels bad because Frank was giving him pointers during the competition; and Danielle emphasizes that Frank is good in the game. Shane asks Danielle who she would stick with in the end, saying he wants to go with her to F2. Danielle asks him who her best friend is; and he replies, "Wil," saying that she has been ignoring him all week.

When Britney gets a chance to talk to Ian alone, she brings up the idea of putting Mike and Frank up. Ian says he wants Mike out first, while Britney is pushing for Frank to go first. Ian says that Mike is more dangerous and that he can get Frank to put up two floaters. Britney is not buying it.

When the Quack Pack find themselves alone around around 2:20 am, they decide that they need to put Mike and Frank up. Ian tells them that Mike was pushing for Shane to be put up as a replacement should he win this past HoH. Britney points out that last week they wanted Dan gone, emphasizing that they need to throw the first stone. Ian says they need to get Mike out, while the rest think that Frank needs to go for first.

Interesting to note, when Dan and Danielle find themselves alone for a moment, he tells her not to leave Shane's side because Mike can be very persuasive. My, my! It's going to a be along few days! Let's see if this plan sticks. Let's see if AGP intervenes with a Pandora's Box and saves Frank for yet another week. That won't be a shocker...

ps. There will be no Have Nots this week.

8:17 AM: Mike has his daily monologue where he treats us to his insights about the remaining players and their usefulness to him in the game. He is 90% confident that he and Frank are safe this week, allowing him to continue manipulating his way to the end.
9:25 AM: Joe takes Ashley aside to tell her that they are safe as pawns that the 4 can protect thm as they go after Mike and Frank.

11:12 AM: HoH Meetings begin with chef Joe who fills Shane in on his conversation with Ashley. Shane says that he wants this conversation to stay between them and he needs to ensure his safety next week. If Frank goes, he wants the whole house against Boogie. Shane says he doesn't want a coach to win this game. Joe says that he will put Shane's interests above his own because Shane deserves to win this game... He adds to be careful of Jenn. Joe tells him he "eye balled* Ashley and told her to keep Shane safe (he didn't that I heard). Flipper game blocks us. (Britney correctly assessed Shane as running his mouth too much which he proves during this conversation.) When the feeds finally come back, talk is about Boogie opting out for the cash last night and the fact that he already has money. Joe thinks they are as solid as the Brigade...

11:29 AM: Outside lock down... No game talk.
12:13 PM: Lock down continued into an extended period of fish shenanigans and chit chat. Joe thinks it's Pandemonium Box otherwise known as Pandora.
12::22 PM: Lock Down over.

12:42 PM: Britney, Danielle and Shane are strategizing about what he would do if he's offered a PB. They move on to discuss what they would tell Mike and Frank on the block. Discussion moves to Ian who is totally on board with the plan. They keep flooding us with fish whenever PB is mentioned which might be a clue that it's coming. Britney says that PB is offered usually after the PoV has been played. The move on to talk about Mike and how he played the game in his seasons. Flipper... I am at the end of my anchor with you!

Again, every time they mention DE, we get blocked. Really AGP??? You already TOLD US last night! Good freeken sharks teeth this is stupid! When they interrupt the fish to show us what's going on in the house. The three are talking about how much money has and how greedy it was of him to go for the 10k when someone else could have used it. Danielle tells them about a conversation she had with Mike who implied that should she win HoH, she should put up Shane and Britney. Dan comes to tell them that  Frank and the others were ragging on Wil as being in the house to self-promote... They all agree there's nothing wrong with that and other have done it.

**1:26 PM: More of the same. If a new conversation happens I will add it. Otherwise I will be adding the Noms under the banner. :)

Interesting note: AT 1: 20 pm, Dan and Mike are alone in storage together looking for food and Dan doesn't give Boogie a heads up.
1:45 PM: Frank is talking game with Ian, saying he hope Joe goes up.. Then he adds, brilliantly, that he needs to keep winning if he's in F2 with Shane... to Ian... Hi! That's something Ian needs to hear!
2:15 PM: Shane has been alone in HoH for a while. No one has felt the need to go talk to him before noms... other than Joe and the Quack Pack earlier. They are more concerned with food.

2:28 PM: While Shane and Danielle talk about the impeding nominations of Frank and Mike, those two are talking about how untouchable they are, planning all the future evictions.... lmao Mike is sneering, saying everyone is getting too cocky, that he is the one pulling the strings. IS IT TIME FOR NOMS??YET????

Mike continues ragging on Britney calling her a housewife and that she doesn't pick up after herself or clean in the house... house wife??? "You're a housewife. You should be cleaning up. Do you want people watching TV thinking this is what kind of wife you are?" Say what? Is this BB the 50's edition??? Wow... just... wow...

2:50 PM: Mike is called to DR. Let's see if he makes a bee line to find Shane and if his good friends in DR have given him a heads up... oh sorry a "suggestion". Nope, they seemed to have left this alone... Finally...

3:42 PM: Chit chat everywhere... They are expecting the Nom Ceremony to happy at 5 pm...

4:34 PM: Question Mark?? They come in after a lock down to find this...

What could this mean? Everyone is trying to figure it out, including us.  One thing is for sure. Britney does not like it, and she says if it's something to save Frank again, she's leaving the game. Oh and no noms yet...

5:48 PM: Trivia... FINALLY!
6:48 PM: We reached the 1 hour mark.

7:08 PM: Feeds are back and the nominations are as expected. Frank and Mike are up on HoH irate at Shane... Telling him he should have come to them to talk to them about the nominations. (Excuse me?) Mike asks if he's open to changing the plan or will this be a "disco war"... Shane back pedals saying that he trusts them. He's blaming it on the others going into her ear. Mike is blaming Britney... "She will go back to her husband... She's gonna use you... This is your HoH..." (But do what I want not what Britney wants.) Ball retrieval to the BB house STAT! Now Shane is totally blaming Britney... "They are putting stuff in my head." Shane wants to try to gain their trust again... OMG... Seriously?

Shane: I started watching this (show) may 30th and got kidnapped (sequester) on July 5th, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. (thanks Syn!)

You sure don't.... Mike portrays himself as the upfront one. It would never occur to him to "scumbag" anyone. Mike adds that Britney taking safety was selfish (like getting 10K wasn't?) Frank suggest they put Britney up if one of them come off. (Dude, she has safety this week.) They say Britney is the user... Good grief. Mike is dishing it and Shane seems to be lapping it up. But really throwing Britney under the bus is the easiest way to get out of it because she has safety this week and they can't expect him to put her up.

Meanwhile, Ashley is giving Britney, Ashley and Jenn all the dirt on Frank and what he's said about Britney and Shane.. Ian comes in, interrupting. They shoo him away, and it seems a Girl's Alliance forms... Britney leaves shortly after and goes to apologize to Ian. She then goes upstairs.

Shane tells her that he kinds of blamed her for the decision but he did not throw anyone else from the Quack Pack under the bus... He tells her exactly what was said with Mike and Frank... Okay, I take back what I said earlier... Shane says "I'm sticking to my guns, Brit." Britney is upset that at him throwing her under the bus, saying she has a huge target on her back now. He reaffirms his commitment to her, Dan and Danielle, saying that he will do anything to protect them. Britney tells him that Jenn proposed an All-Girls Alliance. Britney says that it's fine if she can use them to get one of the guys out.

Britney goes to talk to Frank and Mike. Britney is telling Mike that it was a consensus to put them up. Mike asks who it was involved. She doesn't tell him. She counters with what she heard that Mike told someone that he wanted him/her to put Shane and her up. Mike is calling her "honey" and being condescending. Frank is getting confrontational. Britney is not caving... Mike suggests that can still work together as long as they both stay... Then comes the threat... Then they say that they were not targeting them... They bring the target on Dan now.

Ok! At this point, it's impossible to update because there are many conversations going on at the same time. The feeds may be a good idea...

Here's my take... If you're going to make a move, make it without apologies. If you strike, strike from a position of power... Don't go around asking for forgiveness and trying to make it seem that you did it in your sleep.

Stay tuned! :)