Monday, August 20, 2012

BB14: Stale Town and Jenn Pissy

If you want a recap of the whole day's events and discussions, go to 12:43 am today, Cam 3/4, when the S-quad finally get together and compare the day's notes.

They concluded that Mike had fed the new Boogie Bots (Ashley and Jenn) the same lines to pitch to Shane. Britney pointed out that Mike even turned on the water works for 5 minutes to get her to feel badly for him, which she would have, had he not acted like a jerk the other 23 hours and 10 minutes. Her classic line of the night: He's a 42 year old man with a homemade Chill Town shirt. They dissect Mike's key points for putting Dan up, including Bachelor Partygate. They talk about the fact that Jenn will get a wake-up call this week as she watched Mike and Frank throw her under the bus repeatedly.

At the end of the day, as it stands, Jenn is going up today as the replacement nominee. This will come a surprise to Mike and Frank, because they seem to be convinced that they worked their magic to put Dan up. It will be interesting to see how Jenn handles the block which will finally take her out of the BB sidelines and into the forefront.

The PoV Ceremony usually happens around 11 am BBT. Mike and Frank are planning on being the last two to be in Shane's ear, so look for yet another repetition of the same pitch we heard all day Sunday.

It's 8:48 am, and Boogie has already started preaching to his Boogie Bots (Jenn and Ashley) about the importance of getting Dan out, his own integrity in the game, Danielle's need to become a "solo" player, etc. Jenn, the BB game expert, says that Dan has screwed up his game by being so out of sight yesterday. Ashley mocks that Dan's playing the sympathy card but ti backfired on him. The wake-up call will be even better.

When the Boogie Bots snuggle back into bed, they decide they won't be pushing it with Shane again today, as per their leader's request. Jenn thinks it's funny that they played Adele's Rumor Has it. It wasn't meant for you Jenn. Sorry. They decide that they want to work with Danielle and Britney. Jenn says she really likes Danielle and doesn't want her to be another Memphis. They plan a strategy on how to deal with Danielle, thinking that she will be devastated after today. They want to be there for her. Awe!

It's breakfast bowls and dreams in the kitchen with the Boogie Bots.

9:56 AM: Joe joins Mike and Frank outside. They don't confront him like they have planned. Instead they repeat the same case they've made against Dan. They ask him for a vote commitment and Joe says that he can't commit to anything until after the ceremony. They discuss the fact that Shane isn't committing to saying who he's putting up. Joe says Shane has made up his mind, but isn't saying. He tells them he went up to plead his case, adding that he thinks Shane will be putting Dan on the block... Mike's recycled spiel continues.

Button Boy leans on it. BB is trying to wake them up. Shane is still snoozing. Frank addresses the feedsters (10:18 am), but we've already heard it so, thanks, we're good!

Shortly after, Mike goes up to HoH, to recycle his pitch. Button boy has had enough. When the feeds return. He calls Dan a coward; he's controlling people; he's playing everybody; a vast majority want Dan gone; they understand Dan's power and shadiness; he talked with Danielle, because it will be "better for her without him here"; he hopes Shane knows he's being genuine; he wants to be friends after; he wants to help him... He's pulling out all the stops. His whole pitch is based on Dan being responsible for these nominations when he isn't.

He ends the conversation, going outside to celebrate with Frank. Ian is pretending to celebrate too. Mike tells Frank to get Shane right before the ceremony.

10:50 AM: Frank goes up to pitch it yet again. Our best bet going forward is working together and the best way to prove it is to put Dan up. Shane, don't talk with your mouth full. The distrust of Dan comes up again. He's latest argument is that Dan told him goodnight, and he used to tell Jerry goodnight too, so of course that's shady...*eye roll* He says that because he's a "straight shooter", he's rubbing off on Mike. Shane plays along.

11:00 AM: Frank is called to DR. Trivia!!

11:52 AM: Feeds back Jenn has been nominated. Jenn is pizzed! Britney went to get her to HoH so Shane could talk to her. Jenn passed right by her, not acknowledging her. Britney takes her into the Arcade. She tells Jenn she had nothing to do with this. She tells her that she has her vote and that Shane wants to talk to her. She passes saying she won't be saying anything pleasant. They break it off.

Ian takes her to the Arcade to see if she's okay. She says she's "fucking pissed off". Ian says she's been scumbaged. She is blaming Dan for being nominated. She goes upstairs anyway.

Shane tells her that it was in his best interest to put her up because she is Boogie's team mate. She says that she isn't on his team and that he wanted to trade her. (Listen to your own words Jenn.) Shane says he's heard that she's been doing his dirty work for him. Shane doesn't right out tell her that she's safe and that she needs to campaign for the vote. He tells her the main reasons he put her up is that her relationship with Boogie is closer than Ian's and that she has been campaigning to keep Boogie. Shane says that anything he would do would have put a huge target on his back and Jenn says, "You sure did!"

Meanwhile, Mike is pissed. He wants to attack both Shane and Dan verbally. Frank says he will put both of them on the block. He says they got Ashley. As soon as Jenn comes in they stop talking. She tells them about her conversation with Shane. Jenn honey... you're on the block with Mike. You're no longer working together. This isn't helping you. Ian comes in during this to glean more information, without anyone suspecting him. LOL

12:20 PM: Danielle and Ashley hide from the tension in the Arcade Room. Ashley says that Jenn is acting very crazy right now. Danielle comments that she needs to be nicer to people, asking why she is so mad at Dan. Danielle says she feels really badly for Jenn, saying she wanted Joe on the block (lie). Ashley says that she feels badly for Jenn and Shane, adding it can't be an easy position for him to be in. Danielle says she is worried that Jenn thinks that she betrayed her. "I still have her back." Ashley says that Jenn's pissed because she wasn't prepared. Ashley asks if Dan is okay; and Danielle says that he's upset at this situation. Britney comes in to tell them that the whole house is very awkward with Mike sitting in the living room, listening.

12:29 PM: Mike says why he would give them the runaround when he was planning on screwing them over. Shane says he wasn't supposed to tell them who he was nominated. Frank says that Shane insinuated it. Mike calls Shane "Dan's bitch"; and Frank says he's gunning for him. Shane keeps his cool saying he's good with his decision and to bring it on. Then awkward silence. Joe is at the counter. Jenn at the table. Please pass the salt.

Mike starts again saying it will be good for Team Boogie because Shane will be taking one of them to the finals because he won't be getting any votes in jury for "scumbagging" him. He laughs saying why hasn't his boy (Dan) stuck up for him because he has gotten Shane to do his dirty work. He and Frank keep baiting while Shane quietly washes dishes and Dan lies quietly on the sofa reading the bible. Joe is getting pissed because they keep attacking Shane.

They pull Joe into the Kicks room to ask him to roll with them and vote Jenn out. "They "have nothing to offer you." It's now all "we" when yesterday they wanted to call him out. Joe tells then he needs 24 hours, that he's shocked at this. Joe joins Shane in the kitchen, saying he is not a fan of the bullying. FYI, they are on Lock Down.

Mike and Frank go sit in the living room, where Dan is still trying to bait him. They only succeed in making themselves look like bullies and idiots. Ian is sitting there, pretending to be on their side but is really there for Dan. Mike asks Dan is going to ignore him all week. Dan says he's not ignoring him. Mike says he tips his hat to him. Dan says there's no need. Mike says he is holding no grudges in the real world but in the game he hates his guts. Mike says he doesn't hold any ill will toward him, that Dan is a great guy. Frank disagrees. Mike says he hopes that Dan will not do Ian any wrong. (Oh you have no idea...)

When the three of them are alone, Mike says, "Okay we did a good job disguising our alliance." He laughs. "Janelle is at home with a big dildo enjoy it. A nice Monday afternoon." (WHOA!) The bully squad - Frank, Mike and Jenn surround Dan on the couches; and Joe sits there to give him back-up. I have gained so much respect for Joe today. He's looking out for Dan and Shane while Britney and Danielle cower. Woman up, ladies! Mike has moved on to saying that Britney will probably enjoy final 4 and brings up the jury votes again. Jenn participates in this stupidity. Dan stays quiet.

1:10 PM: Mike asks Joe how he's enjoying this. Joe says that he doesn't like the bullying. He syas that he teaches his son not to bully, so he will stand up for it. Mike says that it's only bullying because Dan is not answering him, afraid he will be exposed as a liar. Frank says that they have been "lied to and scumbagged." Joe says that he gets that they are upset but they are taking it too far. Mike is saying that he's playing them by not saying anything. Dan refuses to play their games.

When Joe and Frank are alone, Joe tells him he could be hurting himself more than anything by doing this. Meanwhile, Ian and Jenn are badmouthing Joe, saying he is the one who ran to Shane "lying" about them.

1:20 PM: Joe goes up to HoH, fuming. He tells Shane that Frank, Mike and Jenn are out for blood; and Ian was cussing Shane out too. Dan comes up too. Joe asks why they can't draw a line in the sand, that he's tired of listening to them. Joe asks, "What's up with Ian? When did he turn into a dick?" Shane wonders where the girls are. Joe says they are scared to death. Joe is fired UP! Dan and Shane say that they have his back if he mixes it up. He tells them that Frank and Mike already pulled him in for his vote. He adds that's why he's not afraid to say what's on his mind because they will still kiss his ass. He informs them that F/M have Ashley in their pocket.

All this is happening because Shane didn't stick to the damn script! He ran his mouth to Frank and Mike, then to Jenn. He was supposed to be up front with them which he wasn't.

1:48 PM: Frank is campaigning for Britney's vote. Us, we, us we. He tells her she can "hide" in the group he can wrangle up. How condescending. He says that they are close to getting the 4 votes. Meanwhile, Danielle is having a break down because they don't think she's a competitor. Dan, who has had a bad couple of days with the terrible two, has to comfort her. The house is a pressure cooker and it's bringing out all her insecurities.

Joe joins Dan and Danielle, interrupting Danielle's tears. Britney joins the Ashley, Jenn and Ian outside, stopping the anger directed at Joe, Shane and Dan. Jenn is super pissed and says she will be going "kamikaze" on the house. Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Jenn honey, you need votes. You're clearly not the target. Chillax.

4:04 PM: Ian has done such a great job snowing "Team Boogie" that Frank tells him he will throw Ian the HoH so he can get rid of Shane...

This is going to be a long couple of days. We need to pace ourselves. I will add any updates that are relevant and important/new.

Stay tunned! :)