Friday, August 10, 2012

BB14: Pleading, Scheming and BS

Here's what you missed last night on Glee.. I mean, Big Brother. After the HoH Reveal, around 11:15 pm BBT, when everyone finally dispersed, Dan, Mike and Frank had a pow wow talking about who to put up today. Joe is the definite, but Mike and Frank want to put up someone from the 6 against him to ensure that they hide their alliance. Dan was okay with this as long as it isn't him. Shane is the most obvious choice, but they will be asking him today. What Dan doesn't know is that earlier, around 8:15 pm, Frank and Mike had a chance to talk alone. Frank was leaning toward putting Dan up, hinting at getting him out. Mike put the kabosh on that line of thinking, saying they need to stick to the 6 for now. What Dan also does not know is that Frank sees the former's desire to take Frank's place in Stale Town as I call it.  What a tangled web.

While the HoH boys club was in session upstairs, Danielle and Britney had a chance to talk alone. They both believe that of the 6, they have the smallest targets. Britney pointed out, however, that Dan more than likely has been throwing competitions and did not try hard during this latest one. Danielle seemed to be surprised by that possibility. Maybe Danielle's rose colored glasses will finally come off, and she'll start playing the game for herself not her former coach.

Later, around 2:30 am, Wil and Ashley got together to analyze the events in the house so far and where everyone stands. Their major desire is to get Dan out of the game, but they don't trust that Shane or Ian will work with them, saying that they're both deep in the vets' pockets and Danielle is under Dan's thumb. Joe joins them shortly after and they speculate some more about who has deals with whom, knowing that Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle are clearly working together, and figuring out that Shane must have be working with Frank. They said they will know more after the nominations.

The plan to put up one of the six, isn't a bad idea, however, it makes no sense to put up Shane who has a veto ticket and will play anyway. Why would they not increase their odds and nominate Danielle using the excuse that she put Frank up last week, further hiding their alliance and adding one more player on their side. Damn, who is the coach here? ;)

Today is a busy day in the BB house with the Have/Have Not competition and the nominations coming up, along with the prerequisite meetings, rehashing, entreaties, solicitations and bull crap.

10:45 AM BBT: The supplications begin with Joe. It's the usual, throwing others under the bus (Wil mostly), mia culpas etc. Joe reminds Frank that he came through for him. That he's a loner... etc.

11:07 AM BBT: Brit joins Mike and Frank in HoH. She is pushing that Wil is more dangerous than Joe at this point. Danielle joins. Frank says that putting up both Joe and Wil will target them (Frank amd Mike). Danielle asks Frank what he's thinking. Frank says, "Joe and somebody else." He brings up the idea of hiding the alliance. Danielle says that she's down with the plan of disguising it but she doesn't want to be the pawn.

She and Britner continue to float the idea that they target Wil this week because he's better in comps. Britney adds that if Wil stays and wins, he'll go after them anyway, so why bother discussing. Frank tries to sell the idea of putting one of the 6 up to ensure they have a strong veto representation, but the women say that it doesn't matter. Shane is playing anyway and the chances that they get picked are greater because it's unlikely that Ashley will play because of her back injury (this mysterious injury has been plaguing her since the first week). Mike says that they might as well put Wil up and see how he fares; then next week they will tell him they saved him.

They move on to strategize about the upcoming Have/Have Not comp should it be a taste-testing comp.

11:29 AM BBT: Wil comes up. General chit chat ensues...

They're drowning us in fish today.

11:53 AM BBT: Joe is talking to Wil and Ashley, saying that he has a feeling Shane is allied with Frank...

12:11 PM BBT: Frank wants to go against Dan now. He wants to put up Dan because he doesn't trust him (refer to my intro) Mike is talking him off the ledge, saying it's too soon to go against their alliance.  He agrees with Frank that it's not a good thing to have Dan in F2. Wil comes in. He says that he's getting the vibe that he will be put up; and if they do he won't have any hard feelings. Mike says that he likes Wil, that he's aware of the powerful duos in the house, but it's not time yet. Everyone wants Joe gone and their best chance is to put Wil up to compete in PoV. He adds that any time anyone goes on the block there's a risk. BB calls Wil to get his mic and he leaves. Flipper intervenes.

When the feeds come back, they are talking about the duos (Dan/Danielle and Britney/Shane). Mike says that Britney is trying to woo Ian away from them and that they can't forget how dangerous Shane is. And more Flipper shenanigans, making my feeds freeze. Damn it! When asked, Wil says he make any promises for next week and they will have to talk after the Veto. Frank and Mike decide they will go after Wil this week instead. Mike says that they need to get Britney and Shane upstairs to see if he will go up as a pawn to get Wil out.

12:29 PM: In between, fish intervals, Dan has joined Mike in HoH and Mike is getting him up to speed. Wil apparently outed the alliance of 6. Mike says that Wil is the new target because he wouldn't make any promises. He also points out that Britney had told them about Wil being dangerous. WTG Wil! You just put the target on your back! They toy with the idea of putting up Ashley with Joe but Dan points out that Wil might be picked, play and pull Joe off. They are back to putting up Joe and Wil.

12:39 PM: Britney joins the HoH crew and Mike tells her WIl came up here with a "tude". They bring her up to speed. Britney tells them the others know that the 6 are working together. Dan asks why he knows they're working together; and Britney says because Wil is smart; and that he's assumed the leadership position on the other side of the house. Mike says, "He has a handicapped person(Ashley), Jenn and one of them is going home. There's no way Ian will go with them." Mike can't get over Wil's behavior, saying he would have been better off not coming up to HoH.

In a season of stupid moves, stupid voting and stupid production tampering, Wil might be taking the prize...

1:00 PM:While they wait for the comp and we wait for Flipper to stop making love to the fish button, watch Janelle's interview with Jeff! Janelle's Interview

1:12 PM: Trivia Have/Have Not competition.
2:52 PM: Trivia still
3:01 PM: Candy Cane and Cod is the food. So far Shane, Danielle and Brit seem to be have nots. There was drama during the comp because Joe was screaming at them. Joe is a Have Not too.
3:21 PM: Jenn joins Mike and Frank in HoH. They rehash the comp. When she leaves, Mike and Frnak discuss making a deal with Joe and send Wil out of the house.

3:44 PM: Wil has joined Frank in HoH attempting to backtrack on his previous paltry performance in HoH. He says that Frank and Mike are not his targets but he has multiple targets in the house without saying who. Frank agrees that there are many targets, that everyone wants Joe gone and despite what will thinks about the 6, it's not the case. He doesn't want to cause waves and have all the others coming after him.

Wil says that he would appreciate a heads up (like you gave Frank and Janelle?). He adds that he does want to work with Frank but he does not trust Britney, saying she lied about knowing about the coaches coming in. Frank says he tends to believe Britney. Wil tells Frank that he was never the target last week, saying that it was Danielle's plan to put Janelle up all along.

4:09 PM: Joe and Frank talk in the storage room. He tells Joe that even if he is put on the block, does not mean he's the target. He tells Joe to not stir the pot and lay low.
4:14 PM: Frank recaps his conversation with  Wil to Danielle and Britney. Ian comes in. Britney asks if Ian is there to plead his case. They laugh. Ian asks Frank what he's thinking. Frank asks Ian what he's thinking. Ian says Joe and Wil. The conversation goes into recycle mode. Talk turns to chatter.
6:09 PM: Trivia. Noms are in progress...
7:26 PM: Still Trivia
7:37 PM: Wil and Joe have been nominated

9:24 PM BBT: Dan and Britney have a quick pow wow. Britney tells Dan that Wil wants to work with them, that he's over Mike and Frank and their bullying ways. She adds that he said he couldn't promise them (Frank and Mike) that he wouldn't put them up because he's gunning for them. Wil also told Brit that he will pick one of them (Brit, Danielle, Dan) to play in the  Veto. Brit wants to keep him to get rid of Frank and Boogie. Dan agrees with this, but does he really? Will he give his sub-alliance the heads up? Who will Dan remain true to? Is Wil on the up and up? At this point this is the best move he could make for himself, otherwise he would go down with an alliance with people who can't really compete. Has that alliance gone Tits up?

11:18 PM BBT: Britney covers her bases. She tells Frank, Danielle and Shane that Wil asked her to play Veto for him if he has a choice because Ashley is injured. She doesn't mention any other part of the conversation. reported above.

Stay tuned! :)