Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BB14: MMA Introduces Hurricane Britney Haynes

I take an afternoon off and find this waiting for me. 2:30 pm PST: Britney vs Ted...

Then she took out her frustration out on Dan, the real cause of her issues.

Teddy got one shot in, but like good sports, they made up in the end...

Then they kiss and make-up.

Oh and on a game level, looks like Joe, Frank and Shane made an F3 deal (yeah, okay) and it looks like Britney will be leaving Thursday. Ian and Shane talk around 6:23 pm, agreeing that they will work with Dan to get rid of Frank.

7:21 PM: Britney gets into it with Danielle. Britney calls her out about not being there for her and not talking to her. They are basically airing out their frustrations about being on the block together and having to campaign against each other. It's a stupid fight that is inevitable for two people who have been close in the game and now are at odds.

8:55 PM: Ian implies that Britney doesn't have the votes, even though he will be voting for her. She wants Ian to stay strong, get Frank out and win the game. She thanks him for telling her.

9:05 PM: Britney goes to Danielle that Ian told her that Danielle is staying. She wishes her good luck.

Stay tuned! :)