Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BB14: Is it Thursday Yet?

They're on Lock Down!! The chances that it's going to be Endurance tomorrow have doubled and I can't be more excited.  With the coaches entering the game (Yes. I know. It might not happen...) this is going to be an endurance competition like we haven't seen for a long time: a fight to the death. How can it not be with a whole slew of fresh targets on the scene?

Talk about the coaches coming into the game has been happening in pods of alliances throughout the day yesterday; and the coaches are scrambling to ensure alliances so that they don't get picked off one by one. Mike, on the other hand, has accepted the reassurance that Frank is staying, putting all his chips on his stallion to win this game. They revealed just how clueless they are about Frank being evicted in their self-congratulatory discussion with Dan who mostly absorbed everything they were saying, around 10:30 PM BBT.

At around 11:09 PM BBT, Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane discuss this possibility and affirm with each other that they will stay together in the game even when the coaches are dropped in. Will they follow through? That remains to be seen; but from the body language in the above capture, the are open with each other, showing trust. Dan and Britney are sitting close. Shane and Danielle's bodies are facing each other. So, for now, this alliance is looking solid. They agree that they don't trust Janelle or anyone in her team but the plan for evicting Frank is on.

Shane told them about his discussion with Wil before he joined Dan and Danielle in the Arcade Room. Wil confirmed that he was voting to evict Frank but was going to give him the impression that he is safe. This plan has been devised to throw Mike and his remaining team off their game going into the HoH. Danielle is on board with this plan as the swing vote.

The question remains how will the alliances shake out after Thursday? Mike is the number one target from the coaches; but Janelle has done herself no favors by the way she's been acting: creating drama and distrust in her with the lies she's been telling. Wil is very much disillusioned with her. Britney and Dan are onto her maneuvers. Danielle is sick of her making Ashley shadow her everywhere she goes; and Shane does not trust either her or Ashley.

In a candid discussion with Dan around 2:01 AM this morning, Ian revealed that he would be willing to work with the coaches because he feels closer to them than the players. Dan did a great job in both boosting Ian's morale and subtly getting information from him about what he would do if he were HoH and how he would vote in jury.

All this is speculation at this point because there are a lot of unknown factors. One thing is undeniable, however, this is going to be a crazy ride!

Stay tuned! :)