Sunday, June 28, 2015

Good Times

I sat down to write my first assessment of BB17, and just couldn't. In the past few years, including this one, I feel like they've been recycling people, ideas, twists and I'm done with it. I have no insight to add on a show that has run its course for me. I will be watching and I will be tweeting but I won't be blogging.

I'm moving this summer and making many changes in my life that have no room for spending countless hours blogging and watching the feeds. Feeds that I need to go through online gymnastics to watch.

The fact of the matter is there are hundreds of BB bloggers and BB sites. Another little blog won't be missed. :)

Sending love to all my supporters and haters over the years. See you on Twitter or FB

Sunday, June 21, 2015

BB17: Who Do We Have Here?

Thank you for the pic Michael Doyle!

Well, three more days and we'll be eyebrow deep in another season of Big Brother. The excitement, rumors, speculation and, yes, anger, have already surfaced. The HGs have been announced, the mugshots and racist tweets have been uncovered, the fake "official" and "fan" accounts have opened. The parody accounts are not far behind.

The political issues have taken hold. The term of this season is transphobia because of Audry Middleton who is transgender. Following on the heels of Caitlyn Jenner, this is suddenly a hot topic, however people are acting like a new species has been discovered. Listen. I don't care if someone is straight, gay, transgender or a football player. I will tell it like it is and I won't care. Several rabid Frankie Grande fans have tried to pull the homophobia card on me because I cannot stand the dude. I don't fear anything, certainly not nut jobs who like to haul up bronze statues of their human idols.

My assessments have to do with their strategy, knowledge of the game, their perceived personality and their responses to questions. Their personal lives are important only in how they will influence the game. If they are parents or not. I care not. If they have had a charmed or tragic life is irrelevant. Their sexuality, as stated above, is none of my concern. These assessments are based on first impressions and are about as accurate as a jello shot. As we all know, their pregame strategies often implode, their good intentions are blown and their personalities - good and bad- are magnified. Since this is a social experiment, a microcosm shut inside four walls, they will ferment and we will observe and react.

That being said, I like Audrey despite the fact she uses YOLO and calls herself a superfan. She is a strong female and I'm all about strong women. I love men but I love when women outsmart them. She got me at wanting to get blood on her hands and intending to smoke out the Derricks and Dans. She's obviously a student of the game and others' mistakes. How this will translate once she's in the house is another story. When asked by Matt Boyer about a girl's alliance, she replies,  "If I can coordinate all of our cycles in one week that would be diabolical." OMG! ADORE! She doesn't want to emulate anyone's game and I'm calling it now. She'll be changing this game.

Austin Matelson: Dan's tattooed, jacked doppelganger, names himself Judas. Coincidence? I think not! Where have you been all my life? Yes, I know in WWE arenas. A cheerleader with a Masters in medieval romantic literature? Hello? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Anyway, back to this show. Hopefully his plan to play up his injuries and not show too much physical strength will work because I want him in the game for a long time. Audrey, please don't go after him. If he gets evicted before final 5, I might implode.

Next are Becky Burgess and Clay Honeycutt. We have seen them before in past seasons with different names. Becky will more than likely hook up with someone and forget all about her expertise with people. Clay, a cross between Jeremy and Caleb, will more than likely be equally annoying. Whatever.


Da'Vonne is a firecracker. Her first fatal flaw, though, is her intent to lie about her profession. She's a poker dealer but she's planning on saying she's a teacher. I'm sorry. Why are teachers less threatening than poker dealers or nurses? ANYWAY! She'll have to reassess that because there's a professional poker player in the house who might very well recognize her up front. She plans to take her time in making an alliance and play the middle of the house. Meh! But, she's another student of the game, with a solid plan to have only two people in her alliance. She wants a Keesha and a Memphis. We'll have to see what happens when she goes into the house. She'll likely fall into an alliance with Vanessa simply because they will know each other's secret. Da'Vonne's plan is to be a Danielle Reyes 2.0. And I'm all over that!

Jace Agolli. First words. "Awesome man." I'm out. Just call him Brahayce. He'll probably be most responsible for the feeds getting cut. Mark my words.

James Huling, the self proclaimed Hillbilly Asian, needs to lose his comparison to past players. They've been there and gone. He needs to tap into his uniqueness and run with it. His strategy is to expect the unexpected. Him referencing Derrick's strategy is giving me the hives. I do NOT want another boring-ass season of one person controlling sheep. But I know it won't happen because there's Audrey. Buddy. Be yourself. Please.

Um, HOW OLD IS Jason Roy? He seems like he's 15. He's not very good at self-editing according to him. Yes. baby. You let your boisterous side run wild. We need some life and entertainment in the house. Clown it up! And cut some unsuspecting HGs. And work the girls' alliance with your "gay glue"! *wink*

John McGuire IS A DENTIST! HE WILL BURN OUR EARDRUMS IN THE DR!! He's quirky and goofy and self-deprecating. Side-note: he's also a talented musician. If you can get past his over-the-top presentation and goofiness, John will be another one to watch because he knows his short-comings. I'll forgive him that he describes himself as a superfan. His plan to keep his mouth shut and not let others know what he knows is a good one. Will he be able to keep it up for 3 months? Hopefully!

Liz Nolan has a deep voice (the opposite of John). She met Porsche which is interesting since she reminds me of her. She's competitive and has no filter. She will definitely annoy fans with her laugh. She's a clean freak and that always goes well in the BB house... She'll have no part in a girls' alliance because she labels all women as "catty". Instead, she plans on a much more empowering strategy of attaching herself to a man. Blech.

Meg Maley IS ANOTHER LOUD ONE. Pause. Please John and Meg, do not talk to each other. On the plus side she's aware of this shortcoming and plans to keep her mouth shut. We all know that pre-season plans always work out... She seems to have a good understanding of the game but she needs to tone down a LOT.

Shelli Poole is another first time audition though it seems she's a recruit. She can't really answer quite a few of the questions. She draws a blank and so do I. She wants to lay low and she probably will as the first one evicted.

Steve Moses is this season's super nerd and he's pretty likable. The fact he's aware that the producers are into first-time applicants says a lot about his savvy of this game. He will play the young, innocent kid who is loyal. The fact that he compares himself to Caleb loses him some points in my book. Loyalty is one thing. Blindness is another. I always have high hopes for these nerdy "super fans" and the only one who has come through is Ian Terry. Come on, Steve. Make it work!

Vanessa Rousso is the one who will bust Da'Vonne's lie. She seems very level-headed and savvy about Big Brother with a solid plan going into the game. She also plans on not letting anyone know that she's a pro poker player. Refer to Da'Vonne. I like her. She seems very chill and very knowledgeable. She knows herself and what she wants. This is the one element that is crucial in the BB house.

Overall, this is a promising group. As I type it, I regret it. I've had these hopes for the past couple of years and it's been a deep disappointment. Let's hope this one isn't!

Thank you to Matthew Boyer @bigbrothernet for his amazing interviews! Awesome questions! See the interviews at Big Brother Net

Sunday, June 14, 2015

BB17: Let the Madness Begin

There are 10 days until the premiere of another summer of maddening preoccupation: Big Brother. The first frustration has already begun, one that's existed since CBS took over the feeds. But this year it's worse. There is little chance I will be able to watch the feeds since CBS has packaged it as all access. Anyone outside the US is stuck with zero access at the moment.

They might be doing me a favor. 95% of the frustration, anger and aggravation comes from watching the shenanigans on the feeds, then comparing it to the pristine CBS version. That won't stop me from having opinions. I mean come on! I didn't have a personality adjustment *wink*

There have been a lot of rumours scuttling around but I don't deal with rumors. Until they actually release the identities of the HGs, there is no way to know if it will be all newbies, returnees or a combination of both. There is one guarantee though, if they follow their 16 year casting formula, there is 100% chance of fan rage throughout this season.

The casting formula has become as predictable as their so called twists. I'll attempt to populate the house now.

The Alpha Male: The good ole boy. The testosterone laden man who will more than likely attempt to form a boy alliance that will crush any girl alliance with a swift outrage of entitlement. He/they will attempt to use the bobble-headed girls (see below). Their fan base is predominantly other males and females who forget what they're watching.

The Bobblehead Girl Next Door: She will allow herself to be the Alpha's tool to get to the end. Any attempt from others to ally or help will be met with... well a blank stare. They make it to the end more often than not but have won this game only once. They will be a great source of frustration for fans which often generates scorn. They might be likable and have fans but if she or they allow themselves to be used in the game, it won't last for long.

The Superfan Nerd: We get them every year and put a lot of faith in their ability to use their brains to outwit the above two but it's not always a rewarding endeavor for the fan. Not all of them are Ian Terry (BB12). Some of them are Jordan Parhar (BBCA3) or Ronnie Talbot (BB11.) They will be a big source of aggravation because of our high hopes.

The Puppet Master: He(usually)/She(rarely) will put the others under their spell and work their way through the house. This person will hopefully be entertaining not a pill that kills all excitement for fans *coughDerrickcough*. Of course, their endgame is to win but our endgame is to be supercharged with drama!

Speaking of drama...

The Hot Mess: She (usually)/He(occasionally) will drive the other HGs and sometimes the fans crazy but will probably be the biggest source of entertainment for the fans. I mean who doesn't love a good meltdown, house meeting, tears, suspicion, yelling etc? If you say you don't you're lying. From Vegas cocktail waitresses to media moguls, we love to hate them or just flat out hate them. They serve their purpose. Ratings.

The Parent: This isn't really a category in of itself because the parent can be any of the above but 98% will use the fact that they procreated to blackmail and guilt trip the others, either effectively or not. He/she might use their parental status to lull the others into trusting them or they might annoy the hell out of everyone (certainly many fans) resulting in them being targets...

Anyway, these are my predictions. Nothing would make me happier to be wrong but I doubt it. The fans are excited now, but it will only take a couple of weeks for the revamped aggravation to set in: with the HGs, with the twists, with CBS interference, with the TV edit and with each other.

Let the fun begin!!!

Stay tuned ;-)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

BBCan3: The Curse of the Girls Alliance

Time to stock up on pain meds, blood pressure pills and anti-annoyance serum. Let the bloodshed begin; and I'm coming into it, purposely, blind. I have read nothing about this season's HGs or the twists or any teasers. Big Brother fans all have opinions and are not afraid to voice them. I'm not different.

I like the steam punk look and find the fact that the house guests have to work for everything quite hilariously awesome. Big Brother Canada is not afraid to push the boundaries, though I do wish they would not use the Have Not idea. The secret power in the HN room though is quite intriguing. 

Speaking of powers, the viewers got to vote out one of the two (idiotic) nominations which were both women. Um. The voting was SECRET and the majority voted based on how annoying someone was? Full-on disappointment. Anyway, when Cindy with an Ess took herself off the block (pretty impressively and ultimately fatally because ti put a bigger target on her back), she nominated Pilar because the latter did not speak to her. Seriously, a box of coconuts have better game. 

Anyway, Canada evicted the boobs but being the caring Canadian, Arisa made sure that Risha knew it was a close tie and she has fans. I'm not one of them. Any woman who identifies herself as a cougar sex pot, is not the kind of woman I want representing me. Anyway.  They immediately went to an Endurance HoH competition which Bobby won and nominated Brittnee and Kevin who won PoV.

So Cindy with an Ess made a move for an All-girls' alliance. Sarah rushed like a jellyfish to tell Bobby who of course decided to nominate Sindy in Kevin's place. giving her a heads-up before he does so. I guess Canada doesn't have the rule that the HoH can't tell the nominees before-hand. Anyway to justify the fact that this muscle-head is worried about the 80 pound girl gunning for him, he tells her talk of forming an all-girls alliance, forced them to form a guys alliance. Yes, cause those never happen spontaneously... Now the two girls I most wanted to go far are both on the block.

I hate Big Brother.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

BB16: Red Flags

Big Brother is touted as a televised "social experiment", as a "game" and as "entertainment". The bi-polar and contradictory nature of the U.S. version of this show, combined with an unethical selection of "subjects", the disregard for psych evaluations or psych evaluations performed by incompetent individuals and the network's need to make profits has made this "show" a social nightmare where disaster lurks.

A game is about following the rules and using problem solving skills in order to master it; but more importantly the rules of the game are strictly enforced. These skills can be mental, physical or a combination of both. If this really were a game show, it would involve little to no "downtime". The contestants would participate in the competitions and those with the lowest performance would be eliminated or the others would be given some time to deliberate and eliminate someone through voting or the public vote someone out. This long period between competitions only serves to muddle the whole "game" aspect of the show.

Now before you chime in and say , "but strategy and power are part of the game", I will shut you down. It's not part of the game. It's part of the social experiment. There have been many social experiments conducted over the years (here is a pretty comprehensive list) to examine people's reactions, behaviors and relationships. They have a particular goal in mind; they use control and test subjects; they choose from a wide or narrow cross-section of the population; and they have a theory to prove.) Conformity, abuse of power, cruelty, violence and compassion are some of the human qualities tested in these experiments.

Let's apply this to Big Brother, shall we? The goal of the show is to produce revenue and generate ratings, so right off the bat, the "term social  experiment" applies more to the producers than the participants. The ultimate goal is to make money, therefore, the decisions the producers make, the way they manipulate the "experiment" and the way they "edit" what is really happening proves that there is zero objectivity or concern for the human experience.

The "rules" of the experiment are nebulous and free-flowing, subject to interpretation and manipulation; the rules are more about protecting the network than any of the participants. When the house guests are asked to stop singing, it's about copyright not an attempt to control behaviour in order to examine it. When the subjects break the rule, there are no consequences for them. The "have not" element of this "experiment" was surely put in place to introduce an element of punishment, but this season the responsibility of who is to be deprived has been solely in the HoH's hands. Further, they have bent over backwards to accommodate one house guest, over others in his food and his physical conditions because he's related to a marginally popular singer.

The casting process or the selection of subjects for this "social experiment" has been increasingly performed under unethical circumstances. They supposedly rely on casting calls, audition videos, interviews and psych evaluations to cast each season, but that's all bogus. There is a very obvious casting mandate to include people who conform to certain stereotypical, racial, gender, societal and cultural profiles. Add to that the fact that a lot of these people are recruited based on their aspirations to break into acting and modelling careers, thereby needing TV exposure further taints the casting process. When "normal" people or self-proclaimed "superfans" are cast, they're also subject to the same stereotypical expectations.

Though the hopefuls supposedly go through psych evaluations, it's become increasingly evident that they are ignoring the red flags; in fact they are probably using those red flags to cast people who provide "drama". In BB14, Willie Hantz was ousted from the game for getting into a physical altercation with another contestant, Joe Arvin. It was quickly evident when the season began that Willie was emotionally unstable and volatile. There is no way, that didn't come up in the testing. (i'm not even going to go back into the history of marginal behaviour as I've gone into detail in previous posts).

When the BB15 cast was interviewed, there is no way the testing would not reveal their proclivity for violence, racism and fringe outlooks. Aaryn Gries became the poster child for racism and was taken to task for it, which she deserved, but Amanda Zuckeman's, GinaMarie Zimmerman's, Andy Herren's and Spencer Clawson's comments and behaviour were cleansed in the television edit. Feedster outrage was ignored. (For a more immediate and detailed look into their horrific behaviour go into the archives for season BB15 in this blog).

BB16 has been plagued with misogyny, sexual harassment and a perpetuation of rape culture. When Caleb Reynolds developed a highly unstable attachment to fellow-contestant, Amber Borzotra who had clearly and vocally told him she was not interested, he was encouraged by many fellow house guests including woman-centered minster Jacosta Odom, police sergeant Derrick Levasseur and father of a daughter Devin Shepherd to pursue Amber, to touch her in her sleep, to kiss her, knowing she was not interested and uncomfortable with the situation. Hayden Voss, a seemingly happy-go-lucky pedi-cab driver, expressed on at least two occasions the desire to 'murder" Amber. All the rest of the house guests, as did Caleb's family and a portion of the fanbase, blamed Amber for Caleb's unhealthy obsession with her.

She was finally evicted and freed from this toxic environment but not before a huge portion of fans expressed outrage at her treatment. There is no way, Reynold's obsessive and unhealthy propensities did not raise any red flags if proper testing/interviews were conducted. His gleefully violent behavior towards the animals he's hunted is proof enough of a disturbing instability.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as misogyny manifested itself during several occasions culminating in a horrific discussion last night when Frankie J Grande made a "joke" about Cody Calafiore and Reynolds "double teaming" Victoria Rafaeli and taking her virginity from all her orifices, which the other two along with police sergeant Levasseur and resident hag Christine Brecht laughingly encouraged.

Were any of these people told to "STOP THAT" or called to DR to be reprimanded at any point? Nope. It doesn't contravene production's major rule: the more controversial the participants' behaviour is, the more ratings they get. The producers have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to racist and misogynistic bullying, threats of graphic violence and rape, "jokes" about gang rape, sexual harassment, child molestation and animal cruelty. Not once were the perpetrators and their cheering squad reprimanded for such intolerable vocalizations even when the viewers expressed deep and disturbed outrage. Of course, it had no effect, because viewers kept watching and talking about it, contributing to the network's ultimate goal - ratings and revenue.

The fact that all the victims of these horrific intentions, the people who did not participate or give into the mob mentality but had to endure sub-human conditions were eventually ousted from the house in the last two seasons sheds a very disheartening light into society. This social experiment is proving that all the hard work that has been put in on a global scale to eliminate, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and stereotyping is for naught. This alarming behaviour thrives in the underbelly of society and is proudly broadcast by a network who thinks it's okay as long as they include a disclaimer.

Well, I have news for you Mr. Moonves. Those who stand by and allow this behaviour, even shrouded under the guise of a "social experiment" implicitly take part in and condone said behaviour. But, you don't have to lose any sleep as along as the ratings put money in your pocket.

Stay tuned :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

BB16: Vote NO to Fakie

Oh Hi! Are y'all still here? Yeah BB16 is still going on but I will confess I haven't. I've stopped watching the feeds and I won't be watching the shows except the Live evictions. Today I will be present to honor Donny's departure and after that I will be present to see the Detoturds get evicted.

Before you accuse me of being sour grapes because my favorites are gone and that I'm bitter, let me tell you that you don't know me. I know a lot of people love spoilers, but I don't. I don't see the point of watching a show or reading a book (unless they are supremely awesome and I'm watching/reading them again) if I know how it's going to end.

There is a 95% chance that Derrick will win this thing and honestly, he's earned the win. Yes, he's shown some very unsavory qualities and has made some very off-putting comments, but more than likely he's treating his stint in the house like another undercover job. If you have to mix with scum, you become scum. I realize that it could very well not be the case, but at this point, I don't even care enough to be outraged.

Anyway, should anyone else, other than Derrick or Nicole, win this season, it will be even more of a travesty. Not that Nicole has played any better than Derrick's other bobble heads or that she's displayed better qualities than the others (she thoroughly took part in bashing Amber and others) but I simply dislike her the least. And yes, it's a game but I don't root for winners just because they happen to win. I have to like them as people too.

Speaking of which, the Survivor cast has been revealed and I have a few choice things to say about them. I'll be posting about Survivor and other shows like Utopia on my other blog Everybody and their Dog Blogs after this horrific season of Big Bullshit ends. My Survivor cast assessment will be posted there tomorrow.

As far as what's going on BB16, I hope you all got your NO votes (option 2) to Frankie's lame TA play. We need to get the message across that we are not amused. This will be the only time the fans will have a say on anything important this season.

Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

BB16: The Downfall of Big Brother.

I'm not naive. Even when I was a TV only, I knew that foremost Big Brother was a TV show and like all "reality" TV, that reality was relative. The producers of reality TV aim to make money based on story lines that the public most love: the victory of an underdog, heroes versus villains, love triangles, unrequited love, romance, family struggles, friendship, loyalty, strategy and redemption.

Like all reality TV, CBS and Fly on the Wall Productions have cast, manipulated and edited the show to enhance these story lines that naturally and artificially occur when people are stuck in a house together, vying for a 500K prize. And these story lines were developed in all the seasons, more successfully in some than others.

Season 2 was when the show changed to its current format, but more importantly. it was the season of Dr. Will. He, unwittingly became the prototype of the charming villain who captured the hearts of the public not only with his aggressively honest game play, but by throwing competitions and being part of one of the most popular alliances in BB history - Chill Town.  Many have subsequently tried to copy his game but without success.

Season 4 - The X Factor- brought us another villain (and my hero), Jun Song who developed what was to be called the "Floater's Strategy" which entails strategically switching alliances, manipulating whoever is in power and winning competitions when necessary. Her cutthroat game might have won her some haters, but it also won her much respect and the season.

Season 5 was the first year only 6 people could play for the Veto, prompting Nakomis to enact the legendary 6 finger plan or the backdoor strategy, nominating alliance members, Marvin and Diane, as pawns, having the target not play for PoV and bringing in all the Veto players on the plan. This intricate scenario was based on alliance loyalty and the ability to bring in side-alliances in order to achieve a goal. And they did.  Jase was completely blindsided.

Season 6 brought to the forefront the struggle of heroes versus villains - The Sovereign Six versus The Friendship Alliance, with the latter gaining the upper hand when Maggie convinced Howie that James Rhine was playing both sides, causing him to nominate his alliance members, James and Sarah, thereby spelling the end of the six. Though Maggie won the season and most of her alliance made it to the end, they were one of the most hated alliances in the viewers' eyes.

Season 8 brought us the popular supervillain - Evel Dick and production manipulation in the form of America's Player - Eric Stein. Despite Evel's extremely aggressive game play, his struggle and bond with his daughter, his crazy moves such as using the PoV on her, made him a "villain" that many rooted for. Eric Stein, however became the casualty of the twist that crippled his game. This was glossed over because the driving story for the season and production was Dick and his relationship with Dani.

Season 10, the season of the Dan probably had the most likable characters and eventual alliances in Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha. The puppets and pranks outweighed the nastiness that came from people like Jerry whose edit on the show was the exact opposite of what he was in reality. For me, that was the last time I was glued to the feeds just listening to the Fab 4 chat and interact playfully with each other. It was also the season where the underdog rose to the top and won the season.

Season 11 brought romance to Big Brother in the form of Jeff and Jordan, one of the most popular BB couples to come out of this show. Their interaction and loyalty for one another won the hearts of many viewers, and though he was evicted, she went on to win the season. This is when production most blatantly interfered to save this duo by bringing in the Coup d'etat ending Jesse Godderz' game and resulting in Chima's epic breakdown and expulsion.

Season 12 brought the legendary Brigade Alliance, the polarizing Rachel Riley, the constant battles between her and fellow HGs, Brenchel and one of the funniest players in Big Brother history - Britney Haynes. This season highlighted interpersonal struggles, loyalty and betrayal. as well as one of the most effective and popular alliances in Big Brother history, crowing one of its own the winner.

Season 13 was the Golden Key season, one largely manipulated by production to help the vets to last longer than they would have, crippling the newbies' games. It was also the season of redemption and the unlikely, but popular, alliance of Jordan and Rachel. Rachel was able to redeem her public image to a large portion of the viewing audience after Brendon was evicted, prompting production to help her and Jordan with a Pandora's Twist that allowed them both to be saved with Rachel's PoV win. leading to Rachel's eventual crowning of the season.

In season 14, the Coaches Twist, brought even more production interference that protected the vets and then brought them in the game. It was also the season of the Quack Pack alliance of Dan, Britney, Ian, Shane and Danielle. This was a cover alliance for Dan, who masterfully manipulated everyone, climaxing in his ultimate con - Dan's funeral. His villainous game play, however, did not serve him in the end as he lost to Ian by a landslide.

I didn't mean to turn this into a Big Brother history post, but bear with me. There's purpose to my rambling.

Production interference through strategically placed twists has been making appearances more and more blatantly, but more often than not, they were placed to further players that the fans were rooting for at the time. I mean, why else interfere but to encourage the viewing public to watch their favorite story lines? Right?

What happened in season 15 and 16 though? It's simple. Bad casting and production favorites that do not coincide with fan favorites.

Both seasons were plagued by unfortunate casting based on a formula whose motivation is to repeat the successful story lines of the past. The problem is, you can't cast a show based on stereotypes without extensive interviews of these people. One can easily portray someone who they aren't in a video and certainly in a bar from which they are recruited. The other problem is, you can't cast people to fit a story line that might or might not happen, and you certainly cannot force them to be what you want them to be.

Both seasons were also plagued by production's stubborn insistence to control the outcome of these storylines, ignoring the "reality" of the situation and the fans' favorites. Simply put, the twists did not help the victims of racism and bullying in BB15 and the victims of misogyny and bullying in BB16. As we watched each of our favorites get evicted, we lost all faith or interest in the show. There was no real romance, no victory of the heroes, no redemption, no satisfaction.

Big Brother is a TV show and like all TV shows, it's scripted and manipulated. That's a fact. But, what's the point if the manipulation only brings the lowest common denominator to the end? And really, who gives an eff if they win?

Donny will more than likely be voted out on Thursday, and since he's the last person I really care about or have been rooting for, I'm done. Sure there's more game to play, but it's Derrick's game that will round off a season of incredible bashing, horrific personalities, no power shifts, and a stupid off off off off off off off off Broadway show starring wannabe Fakie J Shot for the ridiculous "Team America" task. No thanks. Bye Felicia.