Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BB14: Nothing to See Here

To sum up the evening, nothing much has changed. Janelle had a private and awkward talk with Danielle in HoH (from 8:24 PM on and on). Janelle was mostly trying to mend fences in the hope of staying in the house, interspersed with make-up talk and other banalities. It was a pointless discussion for Janelle as Danielle has no vote and little influence in the house now that her power is finished.

Danielle retold the story to Britney, Dan, Ian and Shane becoming more and more dramatic, embellishing Janelle's "rage" which was non-existent. This was more than likely a result of her frustration with the revelation of more of Janelle's story inconsistencies (lies) and the awkward position she finds herself in: namely having to comfort without confronting her target for eviction. Still, it was a little bizarre.

In breaking news, Britney and Danielle talked about taking each other to the end because women have never won sitting next to a guy (10:36 PM). Danielle told her that she was all in with the plan though she had already promised Shane to go to the end with him, while telling Dan that she's way closer to him than she is to Britney or Shane (around 3:03 AM). You've got to hand it to her, she's playing the game.

I will be adding this to the list of "alliances" in the left side bar. I can't keep track. It's a wonder they can. There are more alliances than brain cells in the BB house. It's become a fiasco of tangled agendas. It will be interesting to see which alliances survive in the coming weeks or even into next week.

The Tits Alliance headed by Wil, in their mind, have successfully negotiated an alliance with Mike and Frank. Wil told Frank that they were voting to keep him, adding that he will be going after Shane and Joe, not Frank(9:03 PM). This conversation was reported to Mike who said it would be a good idea to throw the HoH to Wil and get Shane out. Additionally, in an act of "solidarity", Frank told Britney about his conversation with Wil and his intent on targeting Shane.

Anyway, let's stick to this week,; all the little alliances, sub-alliances and non-alliances got together throughout the night and the end result is one: unless AGP intervenes, yet again, Janelle is set to leave the house on Thursday. 

Speaking of tampering with the game, Janelle's fandom have already started petitions to Allison Grodner to save Janelle. At this rate, BB14 is going have 12 HGs still in the house by September 19.

And just as a little treat, I decided to put an image to my thoughts about this game:

If you're wondering why I haven't updated, nothing of significance has happened to stem the flow of Janelle's eviction.

Stay tuned! :)