Sunday, August 26, 2012

BB14: Operation Samurai Ninja Warrior Engage

7:50 PM: Dan begins his house meeting by thanking everyone for attending his BB funeral. He says he knows that he is leaving Thursday but that he needs to say something to each of them.

"Number one rule no crying… The last 24 hours have been really tough.. If anything I’m going to have fun.. I’m welcoming you all to my big brother funeral.. I’m going to put you all at ease… Unlike a typical funeral I’m going to say nice things about you...

Chef Joe:  We started on different sides. You have taught me how to be a good husband and father. One of the best things about you is: you are a 41 year old kid; and I’m a 27 year old kid

Shane: You are walking and living proof there is an actual Captain America. You are such a good dude. You are the type of guy I want to date my sister. When you get out of here, there will be a girl for you and she’ll be the right one.

Jenn: You are the first lesbian I have ever meet. When I saw someone like you with tattoos, I had certain prejudices. You allowed me to wipe away all my prejudices.  Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You cannot understand how much you’ve touched me. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things...

Britney: You were trusting of me and I was trusting of you. All I knew about you was the stink eye and epic diary rooms.. I know regardless of what happens that you and I will always have this bond, being newlyweds in this show.

Last three are going to be a little bit tougher...

Ian: When I first saw you in this game I thought you were evil guy. Everyone knows there is not a bad bone in your body. The more I am around you, the more I know we think the same. You are here to have fun and for the experience; so am I. The thing I want you to promise me when I’m gone, you cannot beat yourself up. You are a smart, bright kid.

Frank: We started off this game close we had so much in common, videogames, TV shows and your passion for this show. Your story about getting on Big Brother is inspirational. There are a couple things I said about you in the diary room that I am not proud; I want to clear it up with you in private. In this game, you’ll always be my arch enemy but as a past winner, I’m saying I’m proud of you.

Danielle please do me one favor in this game.. Don't insult me by talking game with me because I know you all want me out.. If you come to me to talk game I’ll scream your name out. Danielle, the last time I played this game I knew I had one person that I had to give 100% trust to; that was Memphis Garrett.. I saw you, day one, standing there; I thought I could trust you. I thought if I picked you would have similar qualities to Memphis. I was wrong. You know what you did. You are dead to me in this game."

8:06 PM: He ends the meeting, hugs each of them including the absolutely devastated Danielle; and goes upstairs with Frank. They lock the door. Dan has brought the bible up to swear that everything he is about to tell Frank is the truth: Here are the bullet points.

1-He reveals the Quack Pack and Ian's role in it.
2-He reveals that Ian is the mole and repeats Ian's conversation with Mike.
3-He reveals the double veto strategy should Britney or Shane have won the Veto.
4-He tells Frank that Shane is not 100% with Britney.

The more Dan talks, the more visibly Frank is swayed. They start using words like "we". Dan says that he wants to stay in the game and work with Frank, pull Danielle and Jenn and roll the two of them to F2. Frank is convinced.  He even suggest a name for the two of them Chillgade. Frank agrees to talk to Jenn and get her to use the vote, so he will put Britney on the block. Dan says he will talk to Danielle and explain that he did this to keep her safe.

9:10 PM: Dan goes downstairs to get Danielle who is still very upset.

After getting past that the words he used "You are dead to me in the game," did not mean she is dead to him in life. She is still emotional but he calms her down. He explains to her why he did that to her, that he needed her reaction to be genuine and he needed to give her the house's sympathy. He explains that he is still trying to keep both of them safe.

Slowly, Danielle comes around. Dan gives her the details of his discussion with Frank, explaining that it hinges on Jenn using the veto. She asks who would be put up in his place. Dan doesn't answer. She asks, "Shane? Britney?"

She is still a bit upset on a human level. She tells him that everyone is upset with him; and Dan says he's okay with that. They hug. They agree to play it like they are okay but estranged. Meanwhile, the HoH has been flooded with nervous peeps but Frank gives them a BS story.

9:56 PM: Frank tells Jenn the plan to use the veto and put Britney up and out. He gives Jenn a rundown of all of Britney's lies and deceits, uncovering that Ian has been the mole. He tells her that they will work with Danielle and Dan for the rest of the game. Jenn is reluctant but agrees to do it.

10:08 PM: Frank finds Danielle alone in the Arcade Room, and they quickly confirm that they are down with this new plan.

10:11 PM: Danielle joins Jenn upstairs. Jenn says, "Are you ready to do this?" Danielle answers, "Heck, yeah!"

Mission accomplished. If this plan goes through, in Jenn's words "Dan pulled the rabbit out of his ass." Yes, and that's how you stay in the game.

11:01 PM: Jenn and Dan have a moment alone. Jenn gets the reassurance she needs from him; and the plan is on.

11:21 PM: If I survive the next 12 hours... I'll be off the block and working with Frank.

A moment later, he sees Frank, taking the opportunity for a quick pow wow. They reaffirm their deal. Dan says they need to come up with an explanation about why he put up Brit, so their agreement isn't exposed. Frank says he will take a shower and think about it.

1:11 PM: Jenn and Dan have more of an opportunity to talk in detail about this plan. The two main focuses of this conversation: What they will say during the ceremony and Dan's promise to have Jenn's back for the rest of the game.

Frank is going to pretend he's surprised, saying that first Ian went against him, now Jenn and as a result, he will put up one of Jenn's closest allies, Britney. Jenn wants Dan to say there is a rat in his plea speech. Jenn asks Dan that he tell her if she's in trouble. Dan tells her he will try to save her over others because what she's doing for him is more than just a vote; she's saving him. This will be a hard sell. The others will have a hard time understanding why Jenn took Dan not Danielle off the block. This might backfire on Danielle and cause her to be evicted over Britney; but at this point, it's hard to predict what will happen.

1:20 AM: Dan and Frank reconnect in HoH. Dan says that the game was played at this level (he gestures low with his hand) and now it's being played at this level (he reaches his hand high). They confirm that speeches for today; then talk moves to Shane. Dan says that Shane is not as close to Britney as they think. Frank plans on talking to Shane and emphasizing that Britney has multiple alliances,,, with the closest one being with Ian. Talk moves to Joe and his suspicions. Frank will talk to him before the nominations to tell him that he needs Joe to vote the way he wants. They, finally start brainstorming about names for their alliance.

It looks like a wrap. All four have affirmed and reaffirmed with each other that it's a go. The PoV ceremony is set to happen at around 11 am PST today. Then more heads will roll. Bottom line, after that, it's all about securing the third vote.

***I will be opening a new post after the PoV Ceremony.

Stay tuned! :)