Saturday, August 4, 2012

BB14: WTF? Have We Been Misted?

Last night, at 10:32 PM, Dan pulled Mike into storage to explain his actions since the coaches came into the game (telling him about the conspiracy against Frank last week, and working hard to stop Danielle from nominating him). Dan told Mike that he prefers to work with him not Danielle, Britney or Janelle. Dan pleaded, cajoled, appealed to their relationship outside the house. Mike was having none of it, angry that Frank is once again a target. He asked how he can work with people who are targeting his closest ally. Mike's sole focus during this conversation was to save Frank while Dan's was to get Mike to work with the coaches.

When this conversation was over, Dan was left with the realization that Mike is not going to play the game the way he expected him to, while Mike made a beeline to tell Frank all about this conversation with Dan (12:21 AM). The two concluded that they would work with Dan only if the latter manages to save Frank this week.

On the other hand, Dan relayed to Britney, Danielle, and Janelle that Dan is not playing the game with them. When he joins Britney and Danielle in HoH (around 1 AM), he tells them that he tried to get Mike to not use the veto should he win, when in reality, Mike said the exact opposite: that he would use the veto. By the time Janelle joins them shortly after, the option of getting Mike to work with them is no longer a possibility.

Simultaneously, Wil, Joe, Jenn, Ian and Ashley had their own meeting at the hot tub, irate at Danielle's nominations and the coaches. Little do they know that this has not gone unnoticed by the coaches' alliance who have given them the name "tubes".

Well, the lines are drawn, the gloves are off and it looks like yet another season of the newbies being run over by the vets, especially since AGP ensured that the coaches get safety while crippling the newbies' ability to make alliances outside of the teams. This leaves the strongest competitors, thus far in the game (Shane and Danielle) on the coaches' side while the other side has players (Wil, Ashley, Jenn, Joe) whose ability to win competitions has yet to be proven. Frank's and Mike's alliance has exiled them from the rest of the house, while Ian still is a wild card.

Ian talked to Dan and Britney yesterday about joining up with them, but never followed through with it. He still seems to be attached to Frank and Mike; yet he was part of the anti-coaches hot tub meeting that happened around 11:45 PM). I'm still trying to figure out where this kid's head is at, so at this point, what he will do is still up in the air.

Today is the PoV competition. Let's see who gets to play. If Mike does't get picked I will be surprised. It's clear, by this point, that AGP has a vested interest in keeping Frank in the game.


As of 9:35 AM, Operation Keep Frank is under way. Mike went up to HoH to talk to Danielle and mend some fences. While taking responsibility for Frank's bad attitude, he started chipping away at ingratiating himself and Frank to her. When he rehashes this conversation with Frank , later (9:57 AM) he coaches the latter who to approach Danielle later, saying that Danielle's sore spot is that she is playing her own not Dan's game. This conversation also yields that though they are willing to roll with Danielle this week, she will very much be their target in the future.

During her conversation with Mike, Danielle made sure to take all the heat for the vote, saying that she wasn't sure up until the last minute who to trust. In her conversation with Dan, after her talk with Mike, she say she will have to work with Frank if he's saved this week. but she still doesn't trust either of them. Dan concurs.

10:07 AM: The PoV players are being picked. They will be added to the banner when they are confirmed.

10:35 AM: The players are picked (see above).

While Danielle is telling Britney about her conversation with Mike, Ian comes up to HoH to tell them that he's on board with them and should he win the veto, he will do what they want with it. He says that his alliance with Mike is over. His loss is y'alls gain. Britney asks about the hot tub convention last night. Ian says that there is an anti-coach sentiment but he's not part of it. He adds that should he win and they decide to keep the nominations the same, he can keep their alliance hidden by saying he is protecting Mike from being nominated too.

Shortly after, Frank comes up to talk to Danielle. The other two leave. He tells her he expected an apology for her. Danielle tells him he should have come up to talk to her before the nominations, and that's the reason she put him on the block. Danielle tells him that she was being pulled in so many directions but he's been making assumptions about what she would do when she didn't even get the opportunity to cast a vote. Frank counters that he's heard it from so many people that Danielle was going to vote him out. Danielle repeats he should have had talked to her, not listen to others.

Frank continues to play the hurt feeling card. He mentions that he's disappointed with Dan; and Danielle is quick to tell him that Dan had nothing to do with it. Frank backtracks, as per Mike's instructions, telling her that he doesn't mean she was following Dan's instructions. This conversation is repetitive, but how effective it is, time will tell.

Dan comes in shortly after, and the conversation is rehashed. Dan asks Frank should he get saved this week would he come after them to reciprocate. Frank says that he's in a tough spot because he needs someone to play the game with but he also needs someone he needs to trust. Dan asks him a little later who Frank would roll with and of course Mike is at the top of the list followed by Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit. (But of course that would be the list he would give in these circumstances.) Dan tells him that it's just him and Danielle without anything solid with anyone else. Frank floats the idea of putting Janelle up as a replacement.

On cue, at 11:30 AM, Janelle comes up to HoH with Britney to game talk block.

By 12:03 PM, Frank has gotten Janelle alone and is trying to do damage control. Janelle is making him grovel, repeating that she is alone in the game. Whether there's an sincerity in this conversation remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, after Ian leaves HoH at 12:30, Dan, Danielle and Britney decide that they can trust into their alliance. Britney cautions Danielle about trusting Janelle with any information.

On thing that Janelle is achieving is creating distrust in her yet again with this long conversation with Frank out in the open. Britney, Dan and Danielle are on the war path against her. Looks like she's on her way to getting herself nominated and truly being alone in the game. Let's see what she tells the others. Dan says that Janelle talking to Frank doesn't concern him. They all agree that they have Janelle's number.

At 1:32 PM: Janelle tells Ashley that Frank approached her to work together and she's disgusted by this. They move on to say how Joe and Wil are liabilities. Meanwhile, Wil is talking with Jenn about Janelle and it isn't complimentary. The focus of their discussion moves on to Joe. Wil is masterfully working on getting Jenn's vote should he stay on the block.

1:51 PM: Jenn and Frank talk alone. She calls him out about being Mike's "Golden Boy" and they have each other's back but don't care about Jenn and Ian. She adds that she heard that he and Mike were planning on trading her for Wil. Frank covers this by saying he's been on the block and that they wre trying to endure Wil's vote. Peddle back. Peddle quickly Frank.He's pulling out his honesty and good ole boy card. Bam! Jenn City is in the game! Is she buying the swampland Frank is selling is another story. He's talking faster than a used car salesman on a slow month.

During this, Britney comes in to c heck who's game talking and leaves, making a bee line to the Kick's Room to see what Janelle is plotting. Janelle tells Britney the gist of Frank's conversation with her, basically asking her to team up. Janelle asks Britney what Frank said to Danielle; and Britney says Danielle didn't say much. She adds, what could he say? He's on the block.

2:57 PM: Finally! Trivia. Let the games begin! :)

4:35 PM Feeds back. Danielle won PoV. Girl is a beast! :) I don't think anyone has any room to criticize her competitive prowess. When she has some time to celebrate quietly with Dan, she tells him that Frank's and Mike's attitude right now proves that they were lying earlier. Apparently they were very harsh with Ian during and after the competition. Dan tells Danielle that he's in awe of her.

Let the scrambling begin: Mike thinks they have Ian's, Jenn's, Dan's and Shane's votes. Really? Meanwhile Wil and Janelle have become bffs again plotting everyone's demise. What they don't know is that Britney saw them on the spy screen. She has their number.

PoV Punishments/Rewards:
  • Frank will be in a unitard. That will be priceless!
  • Ian will have a collar on his neck, taken to the bathroom or "walked" with a leash, eat out of a dog bowl and live in the "kennel" (Have Not Room) for 24 hours. I'm sure he's loving it. He gave up a trip to Maui and gave it to Jenn for the punishment. What a guy! ♥ Ian!
  • Wil got $5K
  • Shane got a Veto ticket
5:00 PM: Frank comes up to HoH where Danielle and Britney are. Ready for some grovelling and empty promises?

5:25 PM: Britney leaves Dan and Danielle alone. Dan immediately suggests that they try to make a deal with Wil to keep him safe if he reciprocates. He tells Danielle she's made all the right moves.

Meanwhile, Mike and Frank are planning on getting Dan and Shane on their side, mapping out the rest of the game like they will both be there.

Ian joins Danielle and Dan shortly after and he says that Frank will be the first male in a unitard. Danielle tells Ian that she will keep him company and "walk" him during his punishment.The kid knows how much Casey's Banana suit and Kristen's Humilitard went for. Dan reassures Ian, saying that he won't be going back on his word and he's got nothing to worry about. Danielle asks him if Ian is on board joining their alliance and Ian says he's all in. He agrees that sending Frank home is the best move.

7:15 PM: No words can express.

7:52PM: Ian Puppy!

And his dog house!
And his doggie bowl! :) 
Danielle, Dan and Shane are keeping him company.

More come outside to keep him company. The puppy upstaged the cheerleader.

Stay tuned! :)