Thursday, August 2, 2012

BB14: And the Bonehead Move Award goes to...

Last night, at 11:06PM BBT, Joe decided to take matters, that were already settled in his favor. into his hands. He pulled Jenn into the Kicks Room to tell her that he has vital information for her should he get voted out. This caused a big WTF moment in the house.

When Jenn retold the conversation to her team, she didn't tell them the one piece of damaging information he gave her: namely, that he thinks he has Danielle's vote. I'm not sure if Jenn missed it or dismissed it as irrelevant, but that was the only thing he said that was a clue to her team that things might not be going down the way they're expecting. They laughed this off as the bonehead move that it was, not suspecting that something else is afoot because Wil was masterful in covering his tracks by joining the Team Boogie meeting right after Joe's "revelation".

Wil was livid with Joe's stupidity while Janelle, Britney and Dan laughed hysterically at Joe's expense. Who wouldn't? It was ridiculous and potentially catastrophic for him; a fact that he didn't seem to realize. He doesn't understand why Wil would pretend promise his vote to Frank to blindside him. In the meeting with Wil, Britney, Janelle, and Shane in HoH, Wil told him, in no uncertain terms, that Joe might have jeopardized everything Wil has been working on this week. This left them to try to find a way to get Joe out of this mess he created.

This also caused Team Boogie to shadow everyone in the house for hours after the incident, but as of now, they have no clue that Wil is playing them. Joe got off easy, mostly due to Wil's masterful lying.

Let's see what new silliness they get up to today before the much anticipated announcement that the coaches are coming into the game, and the Endurance Competition, hopefully!

Stay tuned! :)