Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BB14:The Season of the Floppers

BB14 is the season of "alliances". At this point in the game, everyone has made an F2 agreement, an F3, 4, 5 agreement with everyone in the house. In other words, it's a big, spanking mess. I would go as far as to say, they have given the term alliance a new entry in the dictionary: alliance: the pretense of being on one's side when in reality plotting each other's demise, as long as it saves oneself. Actually, here's a new BB term: fakelliance.

Is there a true alliance anywhere in that house? The motto this season, more than any other, has been shank before getting shanked. This might be the greatest source of frustration among fans of the show. Who the heck do you root for? I've talked previously about the dilemma we face as viewers, namely the ability to separate humanity from the game; but is it possible to root for someone who has no loyalty to anyone in the game? Does this season only have floppers, making it a Flop?

Here's a list of F2 deals currently talked about or active in the game:
  • Britney: Ian/Danielle (the latter doesn't even count as an alliance given the recent developments)
  • Dan: Danielle/Frank
  • Danielle: Britney/Dan/Jenn/Shane
  • Frank: Dan/Jenn/Joe/Shane
  • Ian: Britney
In addition to those alliances, there are larger alliances in play:
  1. Dan, Ian, Shane, Danielle/Britney
  2. Dan, Danielle, Frank, Jenn
  3. Frank, Joe, Shane
  4. Ian, Shane, Danielle
Assuming that Britney will be going Thursday, the numbers game puts Frank and Danielle at the top of alliance safety and Ian at the bottom, meaning Ian is at greatest risk. However, if we look at the history of those alliances. which are the strongest? Danielle and Dan, as well as Danielle and Shane have had the longest standing alliances, but are they true alliances given the other F2 deals in play?
  • Depending on who wins HoH next, the targets are as follows from most to least: Ian, Frank, Dan, Shane, Danielle, Jenn and finally Joe. 
  • According to numbers, the level of danger is as follows, from most to least: Ian, Jenn, Joe, Dan, Shane, Danielle and Frank. 
  • The order of top competitors this season has been, from most to least: Frank, Shane, Danielle, Ian, Jenn, Dan and Joe.  
As it stands, unless Ian or Dan win the upcoming HoH/PoV competitions, they will be chopped; and since Frank has given up the ability to compete in next week's HoH, he needs to win PoVs to save himself.  At any rate, the safest people in the house are Shane, Danielle, Jenn and Joe, in that order.

They are already on lock down, been so since 4:30 am, PST. It's looking good for Endurance.

Best line of the Season:
7:56ish PM: Britney (about pistachios): "I like to suck on these." BB Voice: "That's what she said."

Stay tuned! :)