Thursday, August 30, 2012

BB14: Quitters Never WIn

Dear Future BB Hopefuls:

Here's the best advice I can give you:

1-If you're not willing to do everything you can to win this game, including lie when it counts (lying about your profession is stupid), manipulate, betray and fool, don't bother auditioning, because you will be used as fodder.
2-If you have never seen this show before or don't know how past winners have won, then you are just going to be their future pawns because the producers have turned this into Second Chance BB.
3-If you don't have the physical stamina to make it for at least 3 hours in a physical competition, or can't go faster than a drunken turtle on Xanax, then don't complain that people think you're dead weight in the game.
4- If you can't do simple math, or figure out a drawing that a 5 year has done, then maybe you should sit at home and watch those who can, like the rest of us.
5- If you have the memory of a moth, then expect to be swatted.
6-If you can't find 1 or 2 people with whom you can work, consistently and under the wire, don't call it an alliance.
7-If you can't entertain yourself and others (especially those watching your every move) or if you are so laid back you might as well be one of the props of the show, do us a favor and stay off the feeds.
8-If you have trust issues, childhood issues, emotional issues, self-confidence issues, Big Brother is not the place for you to get over them. You need to be able to roll with the punches and for goodness sake, do not air them out on the feeds. You will be crucified.
9-If you take on a "show personality" make it one that people will like and root for, or like to hate and root for. People don't root for vegetables, unless you happen to be stuck wearing one.
10-If your BB life is at stake, do NOT, I repeat do NOT, give up and accept your fate. Fight tooth and nail to stay in the game; because quitters never win and winners never quit.

Thank you. That is all.
Genie Sea

Today, I won't be updating during the day, because Britney has accepted her fate and violated #10 on the list above. Tonight, there is every indication that it will be Endurance, so it will be a long night, and I will be updating then. So make sure to get your naps in, have beverages on hand to stay hydrated in whatever way you choose (wink wink) and snacks if you're a nervous eater; and, above all, make sure you've tucked in, walked, fed and pacified all the members of your household if they don't watch the feeds with you.

OK I lied.

9:54 AM: Britney is campaigning to Joe for his vote. She tells him she is a competitor, that she gave the last Endurance competition to Danielle. She stresses that Danielle is emotional and looks like Danielle is getting back with Dan. She adds that Ian is to be trusted and wants Frank out. Joe says that she should talk to Shane about it, that he doesn't want to vote for her if Shane doesn't. He informs her that Shane is using her comment about not wanting to take Danielle's chance way against her. She brings up the fact that Danielle has both Shane and Jenn on her side. Joe says her only hope is to flip Shane; and Brit adds Dan. Frank interrupts their conversation.

When he leaves, Britney continues. Danielle's head is not in the game. If she stays, Joe has no hope in getting to F3. Britney is close to Ian but there's a huge target on his back. Joe tells her he will see what he can do.

10:34 AM: Britney goes to find Dan in the Have Not Room and asks him to take some time today so they can talk privately. Dan agrees.

Hustle girl! Hustle! That's right! Don't give up!

12:47 PM: Joe brings Frank to storage to tell him he has his undying loyalty and will vote Brit out. Hum.

Well, unless she can persuade Dan and Shane to vote for her, enjoy Brit on the feeds while you can! See you in chat for the show and I will be updating the Endurance/Aftermath. :)

To my blog readers:

On Tuesday Sept. 4th, I am going back to work (I'm a high school teacher). That means that the times and format of my blogs will change til the end of this season. I will be doing recaps of the day, as well as commentary on the events in the late afternoon. :)