Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BB14: The Jenn Hits the BB Fan, Namaste

On Day 45, Jenn was forced to play the game for the first time other than as a voter. On Day 46, Jenn figured out what game she was playing. When she was named the replacement nomination on Monday, she flipped out, tearing through the house in a rage, choosing to participate in Frank's and Mike's rampage of hatred and personal attacks. By yesterday, however, she mellowed out, got her head straight and started listening, realizing that Frank was campaigning for Mike to stay.

8:55 PM: Joe talks to Jenn, telling her Ashley is not voting for her. When he sees Danielle, moments later, he tells her he's talked to Ashley, then Jenn, starting the process to break it to the duo that's he's voting for Jenn to stay. Danielle runs with it a little later and talks to Jenn while they are doing Pilates, slowly bring her around to the realization that Ashley is choosing Frank over her; that Dan is not the evil instigator that they are portraying him to be; and that she has the votes but needs to be careful after Thursday who she trusts.

9:59 PM: Jenn goes up to HoH where Shane and Joe are. She and Shane hug it out.  He tells her that he put her on the block, but he already had the votes secured for her to stay. She says it's hard realizing that someone she trusted (Ashley) has turned her back on her. She adds it's hard because she's campaigning alone. Britney comes upstairs for girl time and drives one more point across, that it sucks that she's been with her team for 6 weeks and not one of them are supporting her. Talk moves to Frank'nBoogie's bad attitude and Jenn says that she doesn't want to be around them and their negative attitude anymore. She asks Joe what's up with Ashley. Joe tells her what Ashley said, namely she's 100% with Frank and Boogie, wanting Joe to blindside Jenn by voting against her.

11:28 PM: Danielle and Jenn reconnect, smoothing the rift that was created between them in the past few days. Danielle tells her she's been upset not only because Frank'nBoogie have been making personal attacks on her and the people she's cares about but also because Jenn was mad at her. Danielle tells her Jenn's "her girl" and she has her back. Danielle also does a lot of damage control between Dan and Jenn, telling her yet again that Dan has nothing against her and likes her as a person. She adds that Jenn will not be alone in the game, no matter what.

They hug it out. Britney comes up to tell Danielle and Jenn that Ashley just told her again that she was voting for Jenn to stay, adding that it's needless to lie to her.

Meanwhile at 11:41 pm, Joe finally tells Frank that he won't be voting for Boogie to stay. He adds that Ashley has been saying different things to different people. Joe says that Joe does not feel comfortable with Ashley and he's not going to roll with them. Frank does his best to persuade Joe that Ashley is 100%.  Joe doesn't back down. He says it's not up for debate and that it doesn't feel right, concluding that it has nothing to do with Frank. He tells Frank that, as of now, it looks like Mike will be leaving. He insists that he cannot trust Ashley especially after the situation with Janelle. He insists that he's not choosing a side, he just feel that it's best for him. That doesn't stop Frank. He continues with his pitch.

Concurrently, Ashley has gone up to HoH and an awkward silence ensues. She quickly realizes that something is wrong and leaves, going outside to find Frank, telling him that Jenn wants her head on a platter. Ashley tries to try to get Joe to change his mind, saying that "those four" are tight, giving no one a chance. Joe counters that there's no one tighter in the game than Frank and Mike. There's a chance for someone to slide in whereas there's no chance for anyone to get in between Frank and Mike. Frank agrees but then tries to do damage control that there's no chance for both of them to make it at the end.

Joe finally gets 12:44 am, and goes upstairs to HoH where Jenn, Danielle, Shane, Britney and Ian are talking about the mystery box. He says, "He didn't take that well." He sees Ian there and says, "You know I told him?" Ian replies, "No." Joe says that he told Frank it was a no go. Talk moves on to cookies.

12:47 AM: Ian begins to cry. Joe asks him what's wrong. Ian replies nothing. Britney takes him downstairs to the Arcade Room. Ian says he's not changing his vote but he feels bad. Britney asks him to see who he's feeling sorry for. Ian says that it got to him how happy Joe was being. Britney counters with why shouldn't be happy. Those two have been going around tearing into people. She points out that voting Janelle out was hard too but she did it for the QP. She tells him that his vote will be hidden because Frank will think that Ashley switched her vote. Britney adds that Mike gets to go home with 16K to his life; he's left Ian by the wayside for Frank, not having a single personal relationship in the house except for Frank. She adds that she hates that he feels badly, understanding how he feels.

12: 55 AM: She finally gives him a hug and goes upstairs where Joe, Jenn, Shane. Danielle and Dan are. Ian goes outside and tells Frank that it's game over and starts to cry again. Ashley tries to console him but Ian seems inconsolable. Is this an act or truth? Who knows with Special Agent Dr. Ian Terry? Frank goes up to HoH (1:11 am) to find out why they are "dogging his boy while he's asleep." He adds that he would appreciate that they would not kick Mike while he was down, that Ian is upset because Mike is a good guy, that they played a clean game, that they didn't throw anyone under the bus. When he leaves. Jenn asks if she's in the Twilight Zone. They all agree that it was hypocritical of him given that they have been trashing everyone, Dan especially.

Jenn gets all fired up as the final realization hits that Frank does not give two plastic chits about her. She says that she's been killing herself trying to get votes while Frank was working against her. Dan tells her to compartmentalize her emotions and get hers back on Thursday. They watch Frank through the spy screen going to the living room where Ashley and Ian are. They comment that he's telling them about what he just did, looking proud of himself, on Ashley's smile and Ian petting Ashley's hair. They hear Frank yelling but not what he says which is: "She ain't won shit. She ain't winning shit." (About Jenn.)

1:29 AM: Ashley comes up, all smiles to talk to Jenn. Jenn tells her to "suck it," adding that she wants to vote her out and now she wants to talk. Ashley still wants to talk. Jenn is livid and lets her have it, saying how dare she turn her back on her. Jenn doesn't want to hear it. She pretty much tells Ashley that she's done with her, to keep in mind that what they're doing to her (Jenn) but she can roll with them. Ashley says that she has no one. She voted everyone she wanted to work with out, (Dur) and now she needs to do something to give herself a chance. Ashley adds that Jenn is not giving her the respect to talk to her alone. (You mean like the respect of voting her out?) She starts to cry and babbles about Jenn scaring her with the way she was acting on Monday (but Frank and Mike didn't???).

Jenn takes her out of the room where Ashley breaks down. "This whole game I voted out my friends." She explains that she felt alone, emotional, that Jenn is closer to Danielle than her, and they scooped her up, that she's sorry but she will still work with Frank. Jenn calms her down leading to Ashley saying that she won't vote against her. Frank comes upstairs and tries to explain himself, but Jenn dismisses him.

2: 19 AM: The conversation between them. Ashley goes into HoH to say goodnight and call Joe a troublemaker, then makes a beeline to Frank, firing up his F bombs. Jenn goes back into HoH to tell them about her conversation with Ashley. The rest of the night is basically a rehash of events which continue til after 5 am, but the lines are drawn. Expect some fireworks today when Mike, who has slept though the whole thing, finds out.

8:26 AM: Frank is filling Mike in... Get ready! Their plan is to put everyone on blast. Mike's target, of course, will be Dan. There's a lot of vitriol and bravado on the feeds and I still need coffee! I'll lave you with this for now. Frank: "Jenn. She's a grown-ass 37 year old woman. She should fucking separate her emotions from the game (insert eye roll). Look at it with fucking common sense and say, "Yeah, Mike's a better player than I am. I haven't won shit and I haven't got close..." (So, just go quietly out the door, Frank? Sacrifice her game for Mike's? Really?)

Mike still wants to eff with Danielle telling her he has a power and knows she's a nurse. (Yeah that power is that you got cast bios before the show...) They're planning a big house meeting. Boogieworks pending!

To recap: Mike is going to destroy everyone's lives outside the game because he's just that powerful. They're gonna call out the "haters" with hate in a house meeting, while at the same time pulling the guilt card. Mike is going to eff with Danielle's head. And all sorts of other loveliness on the docket for today! Whoop!

10:16 AM: Mike, Frank and Ashley are hashing it out. Mike is self-congratulatory and tells Ashley that he appreciates her standing up for something. Frank elevates the discussion with "Fucking assholes."

10:35 AM: HoH Lockdown. Danielle tells them the suitcases are in Storage... It's looking like a pre-taped eviction and probably blocked feeds. Mike tells them he wants to talk to everyone, once everyone is in HoH.

10: 46 AM: Mike says that he heard what happened last night. "Vote me out. I'm okay with that... I don't want to be the epicenter of some negativity... Joe it hurt my feelings because I was in bed because I respect your health and did not want to put pressure on you... We don't need to fight and make it a negative thing... I got tricked into playing a game... I am very happy to go back to my life... I don't want people crying or doing things that they will be sorry for later... I don't have anything negative to say... I know you think I'm this person that needs to have something to say... I'll go and it's fine...You don't have to it uncomfortable here.. Have fun and let's leave it at that."

Dan and Danielle say that's sweet Boogie." Backyard is open. They see balls. Button boy intervenes...

Ashley says she also has to say something. "We all have our flaws. Boogie is not a bad person. It's a game. We're either gonna get stabbed in the front or the back... It feels like no one can make the right choices it seems... You will get scrutinized no matter what you do... Everyone has a family. No one is bad."

They all agree. Frank of course taints the good feelings with his saltiness. "This isn't just a game... This is me dream!" Awkward silence. They speculate about the balls... Mike says that it looks like it's not eviction but Pandora... Fish. Back to awkward silence.

11:10 AM: More awkward silence...
11:31 AM: HoH lock down is over... Outside lock down still in effect. The HGs search the house. Ian is looking the hardest... A few moments later, Joe is going off in HoH about what Frank and Mike had to say... Trying to make them feel like they've done something bad when he's been going around trashing everyone with his negativity. Joe, Share and Joe are in HoH. Frank, Mike and Ian are in the Doom Room (Arcade). Frank and Mike are still trash talking the others...

11:47 AM: Joe goes to tell Jenn that they are expecting a live eviction tonight and one tomorrow. That they need to get Frank and Ian up. Ashley comes in and she makes a face, seeing them together. She leaves and Joe says they could put up Frank and Ashley...

11:51 AM: Shane, Danielle and Dan discuss that Ian is in the best position in the house. He's covered from all sides. They discuss that how he's been acting and his reluctance to work with Joe of Jenn. They speculate that they need to watch him. Dan is convinced there will be a live eviction tonight. They'll know around 3 or 4 if it's a live show tonight. He adds that production will want to keep Frank in the house otherwise, they don't have drama for the show. Dan tells them that if they get locked up in HoH for a long time, that it will be more confirmation. Danielle says she noticed... and Button Boy said, "Oh, no you diin't!"

12:00PM: Frank and Ashley go into the Kicks Room to lie down and scheme. She says she can't believe no one is there. Frank says the girls are upstairs. Ashley replies that they're probably talking shit about her. Britney says, under the cover, "I'm here." LOL You should have kept quiet Brit!

12:05 PM: Ian takes the opportunity to quickly confer with Dan about what might be happening in the upcoming competition.
12:12 PM: Ashley says maybe Dan is planning on voting to keep Mike, playing the other side of the house and be safe anyway.. Frank says maybe that's a way to approach Dan, that he's not gunning for them. Umm, you still need 4 votes... Ashley mocks Joe and his competition skills. This from the woman who was going -10 miles an hour during the last HoH...

Shhhh... I am hunting hamsters..
While Frank and Ashley plan on who to put up should they win HoH, Danielle and Britney are talking about a yellow ball Danielle saw in the spy screen... and of course we swim with the fish. All feeds on Frank going through his speech to Dan to vote for Mike. Ashley thinks it can happen... She calls herself a genius. Frank thinks it will go better if he pitches it to Dan... (Dude, Dan's wanted you out for weeks.)

12:33 PM: Britney fills Ian in on Ashleygate. Britney tells him what Jenn said about Ian being upset, namely that Ian's crying over a guy who talks crap about him all.the.time...

12:39 PM: Back yard is open... So much for Endurance tomorrow... The Quack Pack go outside. She tells them about what Frank and Ashley said in the Kicks Room. She says they think they have the numbers, questioning that. Ian says they think he's with them. Britney points out that they still don't have the numbers. Ian says he wants Joe gone as soon as possible. Britney emphasizes that they need Frank gone first. Ian says he wants to get rid of Frank in a speed situation. They talk about competitions as Ashley comes out.

12:46 PM: Frank is telling Mike about his idea to approach Dan. Boogie thinks it's a good idea.
1:00 PM: Danielle and Dan are alone. She says that Ashley will nominate her because she doesn't like her, that she's jealous of her. Dan tells her not to say that stuff. (Thank you, Dan!)

1:10 PM: Britney takes a moment alone with Ashley to clear the air about what she heard in the Kick's Room, namely that everyone is against her or talking about her. Ashley is very defensive and not receptive.

1:23 PM: Frank to Mike: "These houseguests suck." Mike:"Mhm." So much for no negativity. Meanwhile Danielle and Britney are going through Doomsday scenarios. Danielle keeps asking Britney if she would go with Frank if Shane is evicted. Britney denies this in an exasperated tone, saying they need to stop thinking that way, they need to win HoH. Danielle brings up that she doesn't want to be asked about the zing. Britney, still exasperated, says, "That was 100 years ago."

1:26 PM: Meanwhile Frank takes Dan into the Arcade to pitch his and Ashley's latest brainstorm. Frank says that he thinks Dan is his greatest threat. He tells Dan that if he throws a vote their way and Mike stays, then he won't be the target, pinning it on Joe. He coaxes him saying they would go after Shane. Frank says his heart is broken because Mike has helped him, but that he doesn't feel too badly because Mike stopped him from taking Dan out... (I don't get the logic of this pitch.)

Franks says he realizes that Dan has to trust that they won't say anything or keep their word. Dan says he respects his hustling and that he's not putting up the white flag. Frank continues saying that personal attacks are not necessary. (As I roll my eyes for the 300th time. Frank, you attacked Dan just yesterday... Dan is the only one who has not attacked anyone personally. ) Frank goes on to say that he's living a dream of his. Then it's on to Bachelorgate.

By the end of this discussion, Mike will be canonized... Dan doesn't give him anything, saying no matter what happens, he has a shot going forward. Dan tells him he will talk to him no matter what. they end the discussion at 1:38 pm.

Frank goes outside to hear Ashley's version of her discussion with Britney. Dan goes finds Britney and Danielle in the bathroom lounge to tell them about Frank's pitch. Danielle says that no one has even tried to talk to her. (eye roll). Dan asks them why do they look concerned. Britney says that it's because he was in a closed room with Frank (like you have been on multiple occasions, Brit). Dan says that they need to develop trust.. Dan scoffs at Frank saying he's never made personal attacks on anyone, syaing that he's not gonna get involved in those kinds of debates.

2:00 PM: Frank makes his pitch to Britney and Danielle. He is tearing up because he feels badly about Mike leaving, that he (Frank) has never said a bad word about anybody... Britney says she feels badly about his position. Danielle is tearing up. He asks them to take it easy on Ashley, that he's pissed at Jenn taking it out on Ashley (you mean being back stabbed by Ashley). Brit and Frank hug it out as she's called to DR.

Just for laughs...
7:26 PM: They got a new game. With limited time to practice.

Ian says it's gonna be a double eviction. Britney tells him aside and asks him why he announced it to everyone. He goes to tell Mike who is sulking while cooking that they are all practicing because this will be the second HoH competition and they don't know who will be sitting this out.

Stay tuned! :)