Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BB14: The Brave and the Bitter

The aftermath of yesterday's PoV Ceremony has brought to light the truth about the kind of game people are playing, unleashing a lot of ugliness on one hand, and some pretty stellar behavior on the other. While Mike, Frank and Jenn tore through the house like delinquent bullies in the playground, Ian, Joe, Dan and Shane stood up to them in their own admirable ways.

The bullying started immediately after the PoV Ceremony with the Terrible Trio calling out Shane and then Dan, trying to rattle their cages and continued into the early morning hours with nasty and horrifically personal attacks. They interspersed this with threatening those with votes, rejoicing in their own greatness, setting a schedule of mayhem for the upcoming days and whining that they need a power to be saved.

This tone was set and maintained by Mike, whose ego cannot stand that someone has outplayed him. He blames Dan and his "bitch" Shane, starting a full assault on them. His plan to tell Dan that when he leaves he's going to go to Michigan to "fuck" his wife  (8:20 pm) is enough to give you a sense of the ugliness that was spewed yesterday, all over the feeds. This behavior on his part goes beyond poor sportsmanship directly into the realm of the despicable. What he does not know is that Ian is the one who has largely contributed to the course of Mike's BB demise. I cannot even begin to imagine how Mike will react when he gets that news.

On a game level, it is absolutely legitimate in trying to psyche out your opponent while competing. The problem is he is not gaining anything in the game by doing this; and it certainly is not game play to target outside people with his vile remarks. Going after the money in the HoH competition rather than trying to win was not only arrogant and selfish, but a bad game move. Adding to this, his absolutely cocky assurance that he was safe in an alliance that was formed 5 minutes ago brings Mike's game to a grinding halt.

Frank has joined Mike's tear-down crusade with gusto while trying to maintain his "good ole boy" image. In his attempt to save his crutch in the game has also blinded him to the fact that he's in this position because of Mike. From his DRs, aired on Sunday's show, it is apparent that he's aware of Mike's letting him down by going for the money. What the TV onlies didn't see was that Frank cheered Mike on in his greedy endeavor during the HoH competition. That would have been a good time for him to begin bridging alliances with others, giving himself a safety net. Instead, what he's chosen is to go down in flames with Mike, not only by contributing to the bullying and character assassinations, but by relishing them. His attempts to privately apologize for Mike's behavior does not make amends for his participation in it.

On a game level, if things go as they're more than likely set to do, he will find himself very much at odds with the rest of the house once Mike leaves. Unless his current allies, Jenn and Ashley, can bring some competitive results and unless he gets some help from the powers that be, his stay in the house will be an uphill battle because all he's done is alienate himself from other, more powerful allies. By allowing his game to be tainted by Mike, and not trusting his own instincts, Frank's game points have fallen drastically in the last few days.

Then there's Jenn, formerly known as Jenn City, now self-designated Kamikaze Jenn. And that's exactly what she's doing: tanking her chances of getting much farther in the game. She doesn't have the good sense to extract herself from the Boogie mess or to understand that she is the pawn in this situation or to realize that she is actually on the block with one of the most manipulative players in the game. Her participation in this mayhem created by Mike and Frank is not doing any favors to the one thing she had going in this game: her social game. Instead of doing what she's been doing this whole time, she's adopted the chaos, playing into Mike's and Frank's plan to use her behavior to keep Mike in the game. It's doubtful that will work but why even give someone that opening?

By contrast, the main targets of this bad behavior, Dan and Shane have shown remarkable self-control, given the constant baiting that has been thrown at them. Even when Mike and Frank tried to spin Dan's restraint into cowardice, he did not crumble. They stayed their course and out of the way of the ragingly poor losers. But the stars that have emerged yesterday were Joe and Ian. They not only did not back down to the bullying, but they showed their true allegiance.

Joe took a stand against against Mike's and Frank's bullying and has kept his word and allegiance to Shane and Dan. He is pushing the four to stop playing games, stop giving the others face time and stop trying to appease them. The pressure got to him so much that he had to be taken to the medic for his blood pressure. He's shown himself to be a stand-up guy which has brought him to the forefront not only in the viewers' esteem but also in the eyes of the S-quad. Whether they will honor this or not, remains to be seen.

Dr. Ian Terry, however, has to be the star of yesterday's horror show. He's not only been successfully playing Frank and Mike, avoiding suspicion and giving the Quack Pack important information, he's done it without having a target on his back. When the two ever entertained the idea that Ian might be playing them, they scoffed at it, scorning Ian's actions and game play. Add to that Ian's refusal to back down to Mike's aggressive push to get him to stop socializing with Dan and Shane (8:46 PM), he's risen into the rank of possibly the best player of BB14. If he can successfully navigate the next two weeks, this kid has a good chance of getting it all.

What shall we expect today? Probably more bashing. bullying, sulking and whining. Oh! And pictures! Now that should be fun!

12:12 PM: Joe joins Shane up in HoH to tell him about his talk with Mike last night.Joe is telling Shane that Ashley is 100% with Boogie. He says that Ashley told Boogie not to give up and they have to get the votes, adding that it might be worth talking to Ashley and seeing where she stands to draw the line in the sand. Joe finds it amazing that they would even try to get his vote given how much time he's spent in HoH. Shane says that she will burn her bridges because she promised to vote his way this week. Joe says that Boogie has realized that Ashley is not an airhead..."there someone in there."

Joe says she picked the wrong side..."Definitely not that smart." Joe adds that they threw Ian under the bus because he's "fraternizing with the other side." Oddly, Shane is surprised that they know there are sides (DUH!) Boogie offered Joe a spot higher on the alliance than Ian. Joe says "we need to keep fucking with Ian...keep getting him into trouble," adding Ian would be good to have a "fake" alliance with. (Oh Joe) Shane is all mhm, yeah etc.

Joe informs Shane that Boogie has been throwing Jenn under the bus too, saying she has no social game, is not a competitor etc.. Shane encourages him to tell Jenn. Joe laughs that Boogie tried to bribe him with the restaurant business. Joe tells Shane that Frank is "soft-talking" Brit. "Alright Bubba you're exposed. You're going down" He's gonna go talk to Ashley publicly. He doesn't want to talk to anyone from that side behind closed doors.

He leaves HoH and talks with Ashley alone and not publicly, lol. Joe tells her that lines are drawn, but he needs to know where she stands to the end of the game, adding he's concerned with flipping. Ashley says it's her concern too. He wants to know where she stands. Ashley says she wants to work with Joe, but that she feels that she will go further with Boogie and Frank. She doesn't want to lose Joe even if he goes to the "other side." Joe says he wants to hear both sides out and get to the bottom of things. He feels that Frank is an honest guy. Ashley says that if Boogie stays he will be a target, leaving them safe. She repeats that she feels safer with Boogie and Frank because they scheme out in the open...

1:07 PM: Joe fills Danielle in on everything Ashley just told him, what Boogie said last night and that what Frank just told him outside that Shane is "flip-floppy" and will go with him after Dan leaves. He adds that he wants to talk to Brit too before he comes out in the open in his alliance with the four. Joe says that they are going after Brit "hard". Mike comes in to use the washroom and breaks up their talk.

1:20 PM: Danielle is telling Britney everything Joe told her about Ashley. Britney tells Danielle that Frank tried to talk to her this morning but she shut him down. Britney is confused about why Ashley is going to the other side. She wonders if it's because they are being really nice to her. Britney says that Ashley said has no relationship with Shane whatsoever. She will not hesitate to put Shane on the block. Joe comes in to repeat what Ashley told him earlier. He adds that he is ready to "come out. no deal." Britney brings up the comment Boogie made last night about hoping she makes it to F4 and gets cut again. She is planning on using that in his discussion with Boogie. She asks why would she make a deal with two people who have an F2 deal. It makes no sense to her to play 3rd wheel when she has a chance to go to F2 with 3 other people.

1:56 PM: Joe and Jenn have a chance to talk alone. They get over the he said, she said of the past conversations. Joe tells her that he's been approached multiple times by Mike and Frank to get his vote.  Joe tells her that though he understand why she's upset, but she should take into consideration that she needs votes (meaning she shouldn't piss people off). Jenn launches into her pitch which we know is pointless because as of now Joe is voting for her to stay. He finally tells her that without a shadow of a doubt she had his vote. "Bank on it."

I'm out for a few hours. The outside world beckons! TTYL! :)

Stay Tuned! :)