Monday, August 6, 2012

BB14: Alliance My Butt

Since words fail me at the moment. Here are last night's events:

10:08 PM: Mike goes up to talk to Dan alone and plead his case. Dan is trying to get him to see that evicting a coach will be bad for them in the end. They're at an impasse.

10:26 PM: Janelle and Britney crash the meeting to force a "coaches meeting". They want to all work together. Mike flat out tells Janelle that he doesn't trust her, the she's spreading lies and that they can't work together. Janelle tries to defend herself, saying that Frank said he was going after the coaches. Mike tells her that's what he needed to say to her at the time. (Meaning he lied.) Mike will under no circumstances work with them if his "number one guy" is evicted. This discussion also reaches an impasse.

10:50 PM; Britney and Danielle leave.
Dan: Well, that clearly's never gonna work.
Boogie: I called their bluff. Let's get rid of Frank.. (echoing Janelle)
Dan: Are you ready to f*cking roll or what?
Boogie: Yeah, did that work for ya..
Dan: All I gotta say is... If you're going to stab someone, make it be one of those 3. Don't. Don't..
Boogie: Which three?
Dan: Shane, Britney or Danielle... Don't..
Boogie: I think you think that I want to take down the only other person that I have respect for. I'm not gonna do that.
They affirm that they will work together. Five minutes later, Frank comes up and Dan asks him if he's "ready to ride with two of the best winners in the house."

Dan has officially dumped his so-called alliance to be the 3rd member of Stale Town. He offers them Shane, but Mike says he would rather just roll to the six. (Mike, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane)

11:01 PM: Danielle comes in. Frank and Mike leave.  It doesn't take long for Dan to convince her to go back to taking Wil down and replacing him with Janelle, since the latter was her original target. By 11:24, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Ian have decided that Janelle has got to go.

By 11:34 PM Mike and Frank have come up to be told that their Hail Mary worked and Frank is staying. During this conversation, Janelle knocks to come in but is shooed away while Frank and Mike hide in the bathroom. She watches from downstairs while Ian tries to distract her and the 6 person alliance is formed upstairs. The Silent Six.

Janelle knows in her gut that she's going to be the replacement nomination. She asks Britney later and the latter tries to evade. This proves too much for Britney and she runs to HoH where she has a minor breakdown. Danielle talks her off the ledge, saying that Janelle's behavior has made her untrustworthy in the game and that she would not hesitate to stab Britney in the back.

By 4:00 AM, Wil, Ashley and Jenn have figured out that Wil is going to be replaced by Janelle. They all think this is a good thing and will be voting to evict her, getting rid of one of the coaches in hopes that Frank will work with them to get the rest out, starting with Dan.

I wish them luck. The only thing is, that for their plan to work, they need to actually start winning some competitions. At this point, I'm all for the coaches getting tossed out of the game. They shouldn't have been there to begin with. This bird-brained idea is causing a lot of friction among fans. The internet has blown up with rage, hatred and indignation. AGP needs to call it a day, and either go back to a pure form of Big Brother, or find some other show to produce.

As for Dan, I don't even trust the words I would use on here, so suffice it to say, I'm disappointed. I have been struggling since Thursday to keep the faith and my admiration of him going, but the last few days have made it very difficult. Sure, there can be only one winner, but at what cost?

Just to keep things straight in everyone's minds, the house if a hot mess of "alliances". As of now they are:

The Silent Six: Mike, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane.
The Quack Pack: Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Ian
The Questionable Alliance (my designation): Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane
The Tubes (Janelle's designation): Wil, Jenn, Ashley and Joe (and by association, Ian)
Stale Town (my designation): Mike, Frank and Dan
The Tits Alliance (yeah, go figure): Wil, Jenn and Ashley (Thanks Cindy H!)
F2 Deals/Understandings: Dan and Danielle, Danielle and Shane, Britney and Ian, Dan and Mike, Mike and Frank.

Notice that Janelle's name does not appear on this list anywhere. This isn't a coincidence. It looks like Janelle's fate is set. She even seems to have accepted it which is odd to me. I would have thought she had more fight in her, but there is time before the PoV ceremony today. And it's going to be another long week.

11:37 AM: The Pov Ceremony is over. Wil is off. Janelle is the replacement. Danielle and Janelle are alone in HoH. Janelle is shocked, saying she was never coming after her. Danielle's voice is shaking. Janelle repeats that she wasn't coming after Danielle. Danielle says that if that's true there is something else going on. Gee. Ya think?

Janelle gives her a hug and leaves saying that she's not mad at Danielle. Dan goes upstairs to get Danielle's interpretation of the conversation. She also fills him in on her conversation with Wil this morning. He told her that he wasn't coming after Dan this week but he's gunning for the coaches. (big mistake)

Downstairs, Britney is talking to Janelle and Ashley pretending to be surprised and out of the loop.

12:07 PM: After pumping Danielle up for this "great game move", he talks to Janelle alone in the Storage Room and throws the whole decision on Danielle, saying she was upset that Janelle didnt work out with her. Janelle incorrectly surmises that Joe or Wil threw her under the bus.

12:32 PM: Janelle is talking to Joe and he asks her if she really thinks that Danielle did this without Dan's okay? Janelle goes back to Wil selling her out. Wake up Jani. Wake up. Wil comes in shortly after in the middle of suspicions of him having back-stabbed Janelle. He says he thoughts that Danielle would put up Mike. Janelle asks Wil if he will vote for her. (lies) He says she has him, Joe, Ashley and Jenn. Janelle says there's no way Jenn will. She says she hopes she has Britney, then adds "who knows people will be lying". She incorrectly surmises that Dan is on board with this latest plan. Joe says he doesn't see how that's possible.

That's it for now. I leave the game for the real world issues like getting my phone fixed :)