Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BB14: The Dr. Will Strategy

As per Frank's discussions with both Mike and Dan, they decided that Ashley would be a perfect person to manipulate and take to the final 4 or 5. They estimate her as not being a threat in either game or competitions. Thus Frank began his Dr. Will Showmance Strategy with Ashley otherwise known as a date, starting at around 10:37 pm BBT last night.

They started off with chit chat until Frank introduced some more wine and game talk around 11:06 pm by pumping Ashley with information about Wil, Janelle and where she stands in voting Wil out. Frank "opens" up by telling Ashley how Wil's lie was a malicious one (about voting for him) whereas he has never lied like that. (Halo to HoH STAT!)

And the wine flows... He tells her that she shouldn't worry because people look at her like a "wounded bird" and not a threat in competitions. (umm) He quickly adds that she shouldn't take this the wrong way, that she doesn't have a target on her back. Frank goes on to say that now that he's won 3 competitions, he's feeling nervous. Ashley says yeah like Shane who's won 7 competitions. Frank is quick to correct her, saying Shane's won 4.

They move on to talk about the possibility that anyone can go on the block at any point. Ashley says she hopes that Frank isn't going on the block again, saying that if anyone puts him on the block again, he/she will be a "huge asshole".  Frank asks Ashley who she would up should she win HoH and she answers Ian and Shane (around 11:58 pm). Frank jumps in and says should she win he would be willing to help her (Oh, I bet you would!), saying it's better to put up two targets. A bit later, with Frank's prompting, she changes her mind about Ian. He subtly gets her to talk about Britney as a possibility to sit next to Shane. Ain't this romantic?

By 12:16, they've moved it to the couch, and a little make-up session. They kiss. Ashley says she's been secretly hoping this would happen. Frank says he feels badly about Ian. Ashley doesn't believe it. The discussion about Ian culminates in Frank pushing the idea that it's best to put two people on the block who are allied, not Ian. He brings up putting him and Mike up, as an example and adds, smiling, "Don't do it."

While waiting "for the cheesecake to get hard", they make out some more. They chat about the tickle monster; then talk turns to the tickle monster and how mean Janelle was to him toward the end. Frank comments that Janelle got close but never won. "Always a bridesmaid and never a bride." He laughs at the vote rubbing it in to Janelle.

A little bit more kissing and pillow talk ensues, saying how much they are enjoying this as a break from the house. Franks suggests that she should come up again later so he can show her the "palm technique". Talk moves to game and how anyone can win. They both didn't expect Danielle to be a beast in competitions. Frank is building Ashley's confidence up that she can win a competition. Prepping her to win so that he can manipulate her to put up Shane and Britney.

They break it up shortly after, deciding not to tell anyone (except Frank telling Mike( about) their making out. Mission accomplished. A little much needed human contact and some game manipulation achieved. Was Frank successful in guiding Ashley toward possible future nominations should she win? Is Ashley that gullible? Who knows? Let's see what Frank tells Mike and/or Dan today about it. Let's see if Ashley tells Jenn what really happened.

Continuing with this story line:
11:59 AM: Wil tells Ashley that Frank is playing a cowardly game, asking Ashley to get rid of him if he is evicted tomorrow. Ashley says that Frank is playing Mike's game and rolls her eyes. (thanks Red!) Let's hope Ashley isn't fooled by Frank's latest attentions.
5:52 PM: Frank and Mike talk about the "date". Ashley asked Mike if Frank told him about their date, but Mike played dumb. Frank tells him that everyone in the house knows about them making out because Ashley told Britney. Frank laughs that Ashley has already approached him to ask if things were okay between them, saying that he can't make out with a girl before she starts that. They laugh about it. Mike changes the conversation to game whether it will be better to keep Shane or Britney. They both agree that no one will beat them in the competitions if Shane is gone.

7:24 PM: Immediate game. Shane and Wil have a chance to talk. Shane tells him that he wants Wil in the game. He coaches Wil on what to tell people, but that if they get the votes he would like to work with Wil.  Wil is convinced that he has Ashley's and Jenn's votes. He thinks he has Danielle's as well. Wil talked to Brit earlier (5:12 pm), but she was reluctant saying that she couldn't trust him based on the things she's heard he's said. He also talked to Dan (6:21 pm) who told him he doesn't hold grudges, and that he is open to being persuaded. Shane says he will talk to Britney and Danielle for him.

Will this work? Who knows? Are they being truthful? Again who knows? I'm not even convinced Wil has Ashley's vote after last night's events. But we will see!

Stay tuned! :)