Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BB14: Dreary House. Scary Public.

If you're wondering what happened last night on the feeds, I can describe it in a few words: not too damn much. There was some muttering from the Tits Alliance about people not making big moves etc; but since their ring leader is set to go Thursday, their talk is irrelevant. There was a lot of chit chat on such fascinating topics as wiping poo and anal beads; but that was just too gross and uninteresting for me to get through. This season has been good for my beauty sleep; and I think I figured out why it's so boring. The personality types in the house are too low key, unimaginative in their activities and cowardly in their game play. This has sparked a whole new pastime outside the house, as a result: Who can we Bash the Worst.

Don't get me wrong; there are some HGS who have been providing us with some laughs. Britney is certainly entertaining especially when she's making fun of other HGs in a non-malicious way like last night at 11:48 pm BBT, when she recounted Joe's adventures in, umm, self-cooking to Dan and then to Boogie. Joe can be entertaining too (yeah, go figure)  with his tall tales and his impromptu cooking classes (Aug. 12, 3:30 pm). Wil has been known to be fun when drunk, but has lapsed into a snarky funk because he's on the block. Dan has his rare moments like when he was talking to Danielle about the steps in Samurai Ninja Warrior BB training (Aug, 12 @ 10 pm). Overall, however, without BB's assistance, like giving them Puppy and Spiritard costumes, they are pretty bland.

And where the hell is the drama? Other than Willie's "meltdown" which we didn't get to see in it's unedited reality, the HGs have not provided us with the interpersonal struggles that have kept the feedsters engaged and locked onto the feeds, like in the past. Even when their lives have been at stake, they have gone lamely into that goodbye. These HGs are too damn chill. Ashley looks like she's lost half the time. Shane is not charismatic. Jenn is the invisible house guest. Mike is too busy basking in his own greatness to bother stirring the pot. Frank is jovial but unimaginative. Ian teeters between quirky and crudely cocky, depending on who he's around. That leaves Danielle who's taken the brunt of the viewers' ennui this season by becoming the target of public ridicule, slander, relentless bashing, investigative stalking and a thorough trashing based on the "lies" she's told in the house.

Case in point: One such "lie" that has been supposedly exposed is about her career as a nurse. Let me refer you to Aug 3 @ 9 pm cam 1/2 where she talks about her nursing job and her desire to become an RN by getting her Masters degree. Nothing she says to Dan is refuted by the paperwork that has been uncovered. She doesn't claim to be an RN, but a charge nurse. She says she "writes up" prescriptions but with a doctor's authorization. She doesn't claim to be a doctor. Yet,, somehow, it's been plastered all over the internet that Danielle is lying about her career.

Why all this? Because viewers are bored; and since the cast won't provide them with real drama, the public needs to manufacture it. And they call her a stalker. It's too bad Danielle's not in the hands of a conglomerate that cares about its cast; because if it did, it would provide her with some heavy duty debriefing and support before she's released into the debacle of public opinion that she will encounter.

And before anyone rains down their wrath on my head, let me point out that I will not be bullied into jumping on that bandwagon. I might be in the minority on this issue; but the more people take arms against a person, the harder I will support them. Let me also point out that Danielle along with Shane and Frank are the only newbies to actually be playing the game. They give their all in competitions; they've surrounded themselves with alliances; they play a social game; and they strategize as much as they can within the handicap that this twist has caused. I respect their game. I keep waiting for them to wake up and take charge of their BB lives, band together, and clean house; but I doubt that will happen. However, other than Joe, these are the three newbies who have gotten the most public assaults, not for their game but for their personality flaws and their looks.

Of the vets, Britney and Dan have been at the top of public and sometimes vicious scrutiny because their game necessitated taking one of their own out. I personally believe that it was not a wise move for Britney, and she knows it; but is it enough to unleash on her the can of public whoop ass that's ensued?  Mike has been the pilot of that eviction, yet he's come out of it unscathed, even praised. More so, his condescending remarks, mostly directed at females, have mostly gone unnoticed.

A secondary reason this season is so lame is that the twist has mangled any chance of a true game in general. The vets, namely Mike and Dan, have become the puppeteers, using the newbies as chess pieces in their, thus far, unimpeded progress to the endgame. The only big move that's been made,so far, was evicting Janelle, causing a spectacular public outrage and some very unsavory behavior outside the house. It seems that the players in this game have opted to take out the fodder and the floppers first, leaving the major competitors to battle it out. So unless this changes, expect more boring weeks until the final 6.

I will be updating later today, because for now, the outside world beckons. There's nothing much new to update, game-wise so far. With my luck, there will be a huge smack down while I'm gone. haha Check out the twitters on the right for updates!

7:24 PM: Brit: When are we gonna get some blow outs in this piece? That's what I'm saying!
Stay tuned! :)