Thursday, August 23, 2012

BB14: The End of Bitter Town

Finally, it's Thursday and the first double eviction of the season! Here's how I'm expecting for the show to go. First will be some background fluff to appease the TV onlies and further the "reality" AGP wants to go with. Will they decide to actually show Mike and Frank's true nature in the house with their bully tactics or will they get the Jerry edit? There will be some DRs that might or might not be chronologically accurate, as long as they follow the story line. This will be followed by the speeches, where Jenn will get some air time, finally. Then comes the live voting where I'm expecting Joe to say something along the lines of "This one's for you Janie," Ian to be truthfully regretful, Frank to declare revenge, as well as a Danism and a Britneyism. Then comes the eviction.

Will Mike's epic departure from the BB house show his poor sportsmanship and overall bad behavior in his final interactions with the house guests, in his interview with Julie, and his reaction  to the goodbye messages? That's what we are all waiting to see. We want to see his reaction to being told, hopefully by Ian, that he got got by a 21 year old boy for whom he's shown disdain and condescension throughout the game. The fact that he gave Ian safety and the 3K are both tactics by Mike. He kept Ian safe because, at the time, Ian was in danger and the least capable of saving himself which, in turn, jeopardized Mike's safety. The 3k Mike gave him could have been an act of generosity had it also not taken the money target off Frank's back; but I will give Mike the benefit of the doubt on this one. I find this hard to do since there has been nothing in Mike's behavior that has shown a genuine regard or respect for anyone in that house other than Frank.

I will not be shedding any tears for Mike no matter how many crocodile tears he tries to turn on. His tears come from a bruised ego, an ego that has lead him to act not only like the poor sport, but someone who shows little empathy or compassion for others. The foul things that have come out of his mouth in the past week alone cannot be excused away by frustration or a sense of "betrayal" that he feels. I would have had more respect for him had he chosen to go with Frank's idea and cut Dan, though I would have personally hated it. That was a fatal mistake on his part to trust in an alliance he made 5 minutes ago. Lying and manipulation are legitimate tools to use in situations such as this. The utter character assassinations that he's been engaging in are not. Saying that he will destroy people's lives outside of the house has nothing to do with this game. Attacking people who are not in the game is not part of strategy. Laughing at his own greatness and crowing about his popularity do not endear him and make people root for him.

And worst of all, he has brought another player down with him. Frank came into the house with fan support, but has managed to lose a lot of it with his behavior in the house this past week alone. He is a fierce competitor with a huge drive and motivation to be and stay in the game. He has been targeted as a player throughout this season, gaining safety only when he's been HoH. He will be the underdog once his bromance partner exits tonight. From a game perspective alone, he should have many rooting for him, yet that number has dwindled considerably because of his gleeful participation in bullying and badmouthing his fellow house mates.

Frank's made very unwise choices in this game that will make it difficult if not impossible for him to get to the end. Rather than telling his partner-in-slime that he needs to cut his ties and try to forge an escape route for himself, he's been digging his own BB grave inside and outside of the house. And this makes me sad for him, because he has what it takes to not only be a great player, but a winner too. What happened to his words of bravado at the beginning of the game, saying he wanted the coaches out? What happened to forging alliances outside of the one that he's clung to? Further, what happened to his image? How did he go from a charming soft spoken guy to this big-talking, self-aggrandizing, hypocritical player? How can he go around saying he's played a "clean" game and pedaling the notion that he's never said a bad thing in the house to the very people who know this is a lie, to the people who are watching in growing disgust? I want to see the Frank who walked in the door, not the one who's been tainted by Mike Boogie Malin.

Anyway, I digress. The TV onlies, who are the true target audience of the show, will probably not get to see any of this. Frank will be baptized in the waters of AGP, and come out smelling like a stream.

Back to the show tonight. After the interview, there will be an HoH competition, no doubt a quiz format, probably one that will give Frank the greatest chances to win because it just makes for good TV. This will be quickly followed by nominations, after a commercial break, then a PoV competition. This competition will also probably be one that Frank can win, to keep the tension going. Depending on the results of the PoV competition, there will be a replacement nominee during the PoV Ceremony, followed by the second live eviction. The show will end with the usual spiel as we get a sneak peek into the backyard and the 2nd HoH competition of the night as the credits roll.

On the feeds after the show, we will see some aftermath of the eviction as the house guests prepare to be called into the backyard an hour or two later to play the second HoH competition which we may or may not see on the feeds.

Yup. It's going to be another long night, so better get your naps in.

8:06 AM: Bitter Town are in their Arcade Headquarters entertaining their delusions of getting Dan and Joe to switch their votes to keep Mike, followed by them slamming Dan bey saying the latter was making fun of Ian's stemming. For the record Boogie and Frank, Dan was NOT making fun of Ian but trying to understand how he is, something you two have never done. One more nail in your own coffins already, I see... Dan was sitting with Ian at the time and he rocked with his to see how it felt, and he said it felt good. Ian said that now he knows why he does it so much.

8:52 AM: We are treated to the World According to Frank... It's nothing he hasn't said a "brazillion" times.
10:11 AM: They are called on HoH Lock Down.
10:23 AM: Our first look at the hackneyed trivia screen... Expect a lot of trivia today, because AGP wants to keep the mystery going. Though I am 95% sure that Boogie will be evicted first, there are people who believe the opposite. With the feeds blocked, it ensures higher ratings. That is why this is the end of my updates for today. Got real world things to attend to!

See you tonight for the show in chat! :)