Friday, July 27, 2012

BB14: You Say Showmance. I Say Alliance

Swing goes the pendulum: from Team HoH to Have Not to HoH again. Shane has more than proven himself a beast in this game thus far with 2 PoVs and 1 HoH under his belt. No one can deny it. Despite the stigma of his former teammates unpopularity in the house, he has managed to save himself and show his loyalty to the one person who's really been there for him: Danielle.

He and Danielle had some time to huddle together on the bathroom sofa and take stock of the situation at hand, right after the HoH competition. Firstly, Danielle wanted to get some personal things off her chest, namely her concerns about JoJo and what she heard about her and Shane from Ian. After Shane's honest reassurance that nothing happened nor would have happened between him and JoJo, they got down to the business of deciding what route to take this week. In this and the ensuing conversations, Danielle has shown herself to be more savvy and less naive than people in and out of the house have thought her to be. Despite her pinky swear alliance with Frank a couple of days ago, she has no problem putting him on the block or targeting him for eviction. Her one allegiance in this game is Shane and not just for a showmance.

Both Shane's and Danielle's level-headedness was also evident in their talk with Britney and Dan. In fact, last night was a rare occasion when we see coaching at it's finest which started at around 11:18 pm and continues when Dan joined them a little while later. Dan and Britney guided them without pushing their agenda. They asked them what they want to do, who they feel their biggest threats are, who they thought they could beat in the end, how they could get to the end.

Shane and Danielle identified Frank, Wil, Ian and Joe as the biggest threats in that order when it comes to competitions. The four discussed the pros and cons of putting up two players from one of Mike's and Janelle's teams or one from each. Dan suggested that putting up two players from a team would send a message to one team while gaining the gratitude of the other. Britney suggested that if they put one from each team, they would control the votes because Danielle would be the swing vote, giving her the opportunity to make some deals on her own. My favorite line that showed two coaches truly working together was Dan's. "How can we help these two get to the end?"

This is the first time Britney has raised her head above the repercussions from Willie's and to some extent JoJo's bad behavior showing that she has a good insight into the game, and the ability to give clear headed advise. She made sure that any shadiness that has come up be resolved by giving Dan the opportunity to answer to Janelle's accusation that he threw the last coaches' comp, which he denied saying it would have been foolish given he had one player who was in jeopardy. She also made sure that Danielle saw that Janelle's new fascination in her might be genuine on some level but could also be fueled by her knowledge that Danielle will be the most important vote this week. She reassured Danielle of her safety and her desire to work with Danielle and Dan.

Maybe I was tired last night, but I saw Britney in a new light, gaining much respect in her game. Which is ironic because later in the evening Janelle and Wil questioned why Britney was in the game given her lack of success in the past. It was a bit of a bash session, but it got me to thinking. I thought the same up until last night. The main problem has been that Willie and JoJo were not the right people for her team. They both have the tendency not to listen and ignore advice. They both cannot reflect on the situation before reacting. Willie was much more extreme in his knee-jerk reactions, but JoJo didn't do herself any favors either. Shane and Danielle, on the other hand, have the ability to take stock of a situation objectively and take a logical course of action, which also brings that out in Britney as well.

Shane also impressed me when Joe came up around midnight to barter for his safety by throwing Frank's name out and giving Shane some ammunition which is evident when he tells Britney about it around 1:40 am. Shane was very non-committal but at the same time open to listening to possibilities. The funny thing is that Dan was in the bathroom stall the whole time, hearing everything as evidenced by this:

Dan and Danielle find some time alone to celebrate and strategize around 12:30 am:

They decide that Wil and Frank are the biggest threats. Danielle thinks that Wil and Ian are bigger threats to her with the latter being more so because he seems to be catching on to the fact that she's smarter than she's letting on. Dan cautions her not to let anything slip. Dan thinks that Frank is a bigger threat. He asks her who would Frank or Wil would put up should they win. They conclude that they should get Frank out this week if possible.

Later, around 1:30 am, when she joins Shane in HoH, after rehashing the HoH competition and the others' reactions to Shane winning, she and Britney help him see that Frank and Wil should be the targets this week in that order with the ultimate endgame to pit  Boogie's and Janelle's teams against each other.

I'm liking this alliance of four, and hope that it sticks if the coaches are indeed voted into the game, a thought that both excites and terrifies me.; but we all know that in the Big Brother game, they, and we, have to take things one day, one week at a time.

Today, we're expecting the Coaches' Comp and the Nomination Ceremony. It should be fun! :)


12:29 PM BBT: While Mike and Wil are discussing that Shane doesn't want to talk to anyone about nominations before the Coaches' Comp, Shane is telling Frank in HoH that Joe threw him under the bus last night. Frank tells him that he will vote his way this week. Shane says that he wants reassurance about more than just this week. Britney comes up and point-blank asks what Frank's team's deal is tiwh Janelle's team. Frank is pretty evasive. He does explain, however that the reason he didn't go after Janelle's team last week because they kept him in the house. Shane immediately points out that before Williegate, they were gun-ho on getting Frank out. He adds that Frank should go ask Dan who was in the bathroom last night when Joe was making his pitch without the latter knowing. (Ouch! Hope that doesn't backfire.)

When Frank leaves, Britney tells Shane he needs to be careful about the information he disseminates. They want to see what Frank will do with this information which is go directly to Mike to tell him. Boogie says they need to get in good with Dan for Danielle's vote. Joe's jig is up. Boogie and Frank have trained their sights on him. Job well done Shane.

1:02 PM BBT: The two opposing sides meet. The lines are drawn.

The conversation in the Arcade room is about the different competitions. Janelle comments that Dan barely has one player. I would rethink that Janelle. They move on to talk about the need to get Shane out next week. Interesting to note, Mike does not tell Janelle anything about the newest information he got about Joe. Up in HoH, they are talking about the upcoming Coaches' Comp. Britney wonders if they will get the option to pull a player from another team. Dan says that if there were any changes to this comp, Julie would have announced it. Dan and Britney work out a strategy on the upcoming competition and all its contingencies to ensure that at least one of them wins. All this is hard to follow since Flipper dunks us in the fish tank every minute or two. Shane and Britney tell Dan and Danielle about his earlier conversation with Frank. (Thanks for the help Michelle!)

1:23 PM BBT: Dan has just been told that there will be a trade option in the Coaches' Comp. Shortly after, Janelle pulls Dan into the Arcade Room. She says she's not trading and that Danielle is in no danger. Dan is playing it clueless. She goes to whisper something in Dan's ear about something Britney has said. I hear static, so your guess is as good as mine :) Even Big Brother tells her to Stop That! Thank you BB! Janelle says that Shane has to go for Frank because the latter was gunning for him and was pushing for JoJo to go home. She adds that she won't trade but will give safety to Wil or Joe. Dan says that's the way to go if she thinks Shane will put up one of her and Mike's players.

Ten minutes later, Dan checks in with Mike about this latest information that there will be a trade option in the Coaches' Comp. Mike says that he doesn't think any of them would trade, telling Dan he's golden this week, adding that he wants to continue working with Dan. Dan plays it well without giving anything away. Mike says that he will probably save Frank should he win, or Ian, as an afterthought. Recon Mission successful. He expresses to Danielle a little later that he regrets that he told Mike and Janelle that he would be angry if they took Danielle, worrying that it might have put a target on her back.

2:08 PM BBT: Trivia! Bout time yo!

4:41 PM BBT: Still Trivia, but here's a leak from the feeds as caught by @BBGossip

5:25 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Looks like Janelle won and saved Wil. Mike is upstairs in HoH trying to convince Britney and Shane to put up Danielle and take out Dan. They aren't going for it. Britney tells him in no uncertain terms that Shane was in jeopardy last week, no thanks to them. Mike tries a different tack, saying that Frank and Shane together would be unbeatable. Britney asks what's Shane's assurance for next week? Mike says Shane won't be the target. Britney asks him to clarify: not be a target or not go on the block. Mike does the shuffle and asks how they feel about Joe going home. Britney emphatically states that one from each team will be going up. Mike says he's okay with this. Really? Until when?

Meanwhile, Janelle has joined Dan and Danielle who are playing like they're worried about Danielle going up and not being safe. Janelle plans on talking to them and push for Frank to be nominated. Joe attempts to go into HoH while Mike is still there, and scurries away. Nervous much? Mike joins Dan and the other three in the Have Not Room. He tells Janelle Joe is upstairs and she boots it upstairs.

5:51 PM: Britney and Shane ask them what they're offering. Janette says she wants to work with them. Shane asks what they want this week. Joe hedges, saying it's not up to them. Britney says, it is. They have the votes. They try to explain that they turned against Willie because he lost control; and Shane reminds them about JoJo. Their reply is that they had a one week deal with Frank and Mike. Janelle asks if they are targeting Joe. Shane and Britney say they aren't gunning after anyone. It's the whole house against them. They're putting up one member from each team. Joe points out that Frank put Shane on the block. (Like they wouldn't have in the same position...) Joe and Janelle throw Ashley under the bus, saying she's a floater. Janelle tries a last-ditch effort by saying that knowing Mike, he's jealous of Shane and won'e be keeping him in the game.

5:59 PM BBT: Frank comes in and asks what they want him to do. Shane suggests they fake a fight and Britney intervenes with "Calm down. We're not gonna pick a fight." She says that mathematically it doesn't make sense to put up two players from one team. She goes on to add that everyone is throwing Frank under the bus, thus making it sensible to put Frank up, giving him the opportunity to play in the PoV. Shane adds that everyone wants Joe out of the house. Frank is pushing on a Joe and Ashley nomination because he doesn't want to go on the block.

Britney counters that they need someone they can count on to play the veto. She asks again if they were to keep Frank safe this week, would he keep Shane safe next week. Frank says that he will target Janelle's team because they've turned on him. Britney says that everyone is expecting Frank to go on the black and, if they don't, the rest of the house will know something will be up. Frank insists that he doesn't have a problem with everyone knowing they are working together.

Looking for a way out, Frank suggests Ashley and Joe. Britney shrewdly asks what's to stop Frank from jumping ship and working with Wil? Frank denies this, adding if Shane leaves then he would be defenseless. Frank proceeds to tie his team mates on the train track, saying Ian and Jenn are options for nomination. Britney finally says that she knows he doesn't want to go on the block but it's the easier thing to do. Frank mentions that they have Danielle's vote, but the other two say they're not sure they have Danielle.

Ironically, Janelle and Wil are huddled in the Arcade Room saying that they can't count on Danielle's vote. Joe comes in and says they should wait on making any deals with Shane. Very arrogant, no? Janelle says if Joe stays safe this week, they can pull Shane in and run the house. Wil plans on going upstairs to sell Team Janelle's argument, meaning their back was against the wall with Willie, that they want to work with Shane, and that they want Frank out. He does exactly that.

Scramble. Scramble. Scramble.

Britney says bottom line, they won't be making any deals until after the PoV. Wil leaves.

6:30 PM: Danielle comes in and says she's livid that Janelle is saying that Shane is scared of Dan and wants Danielle out. She adds that she's acting bummed out and scared to cover the fact that she and Shane are working together. They tell her that they're telling everyone that they have no idea what Danielle will do. Britney asks Danielle's opinion and she says that they need to put up Frank and Joe, or they're screwed. Dan comes in a moment later, acting comically frantic and scared, saying Shane wants Dan out of the house. Britney gives him a run-down of their meetings. Dan asks what's the goal: Taking out a strong player or taking out one of Janelle's team? Shane says taking out someone from Janelle's team. Danielle says the strongest players. Dan cautions that if they put both of Janelle's players up, they run the risk of having Janelle's team coming after them. Britney says she doesn't trust Janelle or her team at all. They decide to go with putting up one person from each team.

6:48 PM: Ashley comes in. She babbles, sort of saying that she doesn't want them to think of her as a weak person who flops with the power. OK. Next. She loves everyone. Blah. Blah. She wants to check in. They know her. She says she realizes that she talks to everyone but goes with her team. Britney asks her if Janelle told her to come up. Ashley denies it. She says she's in a bad position because she doesn't like her team but she has to play with them. (You're welcome for the translation.) Shane makes sure to tell her that they still talk to her even though she voted against them twice. ZING! Then he goes on to say that he still has the option to get Dan out of the game. *insert snicker*

6: 52 PM BBT: Ian comes in. They ask him where his head's at. Ian says he doesn't want to get nominated. He tells Shane he's good for next week. He says that he will do whatever is necessary to win PoV if they need him to. Britney and Shane congratulate him on winning 3k during the Coaches' Comp. It's short and sweet. When he leaves, they both say they like Ian. Who doesn't??

Jenn's turn. Shane gives her the same spiel. He asks her what she's willing to do. She says she is willing to give him a vote if he needs. Impressive...  If she's on the block, she understands; but if she's not she's willing to vote how he wants her to. Jenn says that she's been loyal to her team, meaning her word is true. Shane asks if she would vote against her team, but Britney interrupts that line of questioning saying that she and Shane respect her. Not much was achieved in this brief meeting. It's clear that Jenn has nothing to offer them, nor expects to.

7:02 PM BBT: Mike and Frank come in with one last ditch effort to keep Frank off the block. Good grief. Britney insists that they are in a difficult position and they need to do what's best for them. My head hurts and it's becoming repetitive. Well it became repetitive an hour ago. Let's wait for nominations... All I have to say that, after this, no one can say that Britney doesn't know the game or is not fulfilling her role as a coach.

Janelle wants a second time slot. Sweet pepper mash! Oh HELL no. Mercifully, Shane is called to DR at 7:19 PM BBT. And Trivia. AHHHHHHH

When the feeds come back, check the banner for the results. Shane nominated Joe and Ashley.... ridiculous. Danielle is as disappointed, wondering what deal Frank offered to stay off the block. Dan is coaching her about the questions she needs to ask.

Genie Sea over and out! Until tomorrow :)