Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BB14: BOOM! Goes the House!

At 10:23 PM BBT, Willie has had enough. After being worked up by Britney who came to HoH, saying that the whole house is against him because of Frank telling everyone that Willie was mocking Wil's voice and mannerisms, he stomps outside to start a screaming match with Frank calling him a liar. Frank doesn't back down, airing all of Willie's laundry: TeamBrit's alliance with Janelle's team, and his attempts at other alliances. Willie does his best to display his outrage, but Frank laughingly meets all the latter's accusations.

Everyone just sits back and watches the show, while Ian hides in the storage room, pacing saying he didn't come to the house for this; he came to have fun. As this escalates Mike jumps into the fray, asking Willie who died and made him (Willie) boss?  Mike asks everyone if they will let Willie bully them, while poking holes in everything Willie has said about the coaches entering the game and his attempts to influence the others. He comes up with the winning line of the season You eat your froot loops and I'll eat me salmon. He tells Willie in no uncertain terms to stop trying to control everyone, letting each person vote the way they want.

This confrontation is explosive but quick. Willie tries to start it up again but Frank isn't backing down. There are some more little explosions but it's over quickly. Everybody runs inside. Janelle tells Ian that he should have come outside and experience Big Brother. Ian replies: I was a little bit more concerned with snacks....Janelle drives the nail in, to everyone listening in the kitchen, by saying that Willie's coach gave him bad advice.

After a few moments, Willie goes to the storage room with Shane and Janelle, trying to put out fires, but the damage is done. Janelle tells him she doesn't control her team's votes. They're strong people and they vote the way they wish. She emphasizes that she was saying all along that they should vote Frank out; but Willie didn't listen. He got HoHitis...

This has sparked up a lot of discussions in the house, with everyone comparing notes, and airing out all Willie's side deals. Britney has checked in with Frank to let him know that this has not been her idea, in fact she was against it. She emphasizes that Willie was working overtime to keep him in the game.

Game Strategy

What does this mean for the game? Willie let this gift of an HoH go to his head; ruling from his bed/throne the whole time, imperiously telling Britney, JoJo, or anyone else he could rope in, to "bring him" this person or that. Let them eat cake, huh Willie? How about a Digiorno? (Thanks Michelle! I missed Ian's awesome line: Anyone want to split a Digiorno? heh) Willie's attempt at creating the nuBrigade was an epic fail, because he has been so transparent in his maneuvering. And then, he decides, that he will confront the one person he's been trying to save in front of the whole house, on the same day as his other epic fail of a meeting, rallying the troops to go against their coaches - coaches they're stuck with and with whom they have to work.

Britney has been no help in this. She is basically the one who got him fired him up by going up to HoH earlier in the evening, about half an hour before this latest fiasco, and telling him that the whole house was against him, that Frank was in the epicenter of that storm, spreading lies about him. Her obvious favoritism of the one player on her team, her insecurities in regards to the other three coaches, her bad experience in BB12 all contributed to this; but the end result was the same. Mayhem for the player she feels has the best chance of winning, for the rest of her team and for herself.

Willie has more than likely tanked his chances in the house; but has Frank's lead been lost? Was this Frank's endgame all along? What could his motivations have been to blow up a mockery into homophobic bashing? Will he be the one to be ousted Thursday, or will the houseguests want him on their side to get Willie out? It depends how he and Mike will deal with the fallout of this latest caper. So far, they have been making light of it, throwing the spotlight on Willie's errant behavior. There are two more days until eviction, and one thing is for sure. Expect the unexpected.

Stay tuned! :)