Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BB14: Willie Calls the Troops

At 10:56 AM BBT Willie calls an anti-coach meeting, from his HoH bed headquarters, with his HoH queen, JoJo. He says that the coaches are in it for themselves and they need to play the game themselves. To stay strong as a group and if the coaches come into the game to ally against them. The theory that the coaches might enter the game is out in the open, key holes and all. Some are more vocal than others, Wil brings up the point that any time the coaches campaign to get rid of a player, they justify it by targeting the coaches.

When Willie asks Joe about his opinion, he says that Willie is moving too fast and assuming that things will happen in the game. He does agree that they should tell the coaches that they will do their own negotiating from now on.

Willie insists that it's a good chance that the coaches will enter the game as players. Wil pipes up and says that they have to be ready for anything. Joe insists that the coaches be told to not make deals they cannot back up. He insists that they heed the coaches but to tell them that the players are the ones playing the game.

They all agree that enough's enough. They don't want to play the coaches' game. This is all well and good but again, this structure of teams is still in play. The fact of the matter is that they still need to vote someone off on Thursday, and I'm not sure that this meeting achieved Willie's endgame, to keep Frank safe. If they will now think as individuals not team players, then Frank is the bigger threat. We will see how this plays out.

As of 11:17, the feeds went to fish and when they came back we have BB music audio. WTG Control Room! 11:23 audio is still farked. Someone needs to be fired from the Control Room...

11:34 AM BBT- The control room ineptitude continues. Joe checks in with Janelle, telling her about the meeting. She tells him that it clearly stated on her contact that they would not be competing in the game. Control Room tried to fool us by changing the feed but forgot to change the audio. Joe questions how Willie would even know all this. He proceeds to tell her everything that Willie said at the meeting. Janelle says this is pointless because the game is what it is right now. Further making the half a mill observation that even if this is true, it would make sense for Frank to leave the game. Joe tells her that Willie said to him earlier that they need Frank to go against the coaches. Janelle asks him what Ashley said at the meeting. Joe tells her that the entire house (newbies) were in agreement with him.

Meanwhile Willie is in bed staring at the spy screen. Mike slept through the whole thing while Joe and Janelle wonder if Mike is behind this latest drama. Joe is worried that he will now become a target because of speaking up at the meeting. And he's right. Willie and Shane are talking up in HoH, saying they can't trust Joe. They decide to ally with Frank because the girls don't have a mind of their own. (Sexist much?) Joe seems to have been ousted in the nuBrigade to be replaced by Shane. They decide their alliance will be them, Ashley, Frank and JoJo. Their new targets will be Joe, Jenn and Wil.

Here's the problem Willie. That's 5 of you with 4 voting. The others have 6 with 5 voting. So if you don't want to play the coaches' game, what makes you think they want to play your game?

Meanwhile, outside at 11:57 AM, Janelle, Ashley, Joe and Wil are rehashing Willie's maneuvering and how Britney is snowed by Willie. The feeds flip briefly to the storage room where Kara is presenting her case to JoJo while the latter blows smoke in her general direction. Flip to Britney up in HoH telling Willie and Shane that she will enjoy her summer, give them advice and let them play their game. She tells them that she doesn't have any alliances with the coaches especially since Janelle betrayed her.

At the same time, Danielle is letting Dan know what happened. Joe joins them to tell them that they have his vote. Joe lets Dan know the gist of the meeting, how the coaches are trying to control the game. Danielle insists that Dan has not been trying to control them but guiding them. Joe says Willie is convinced that the coaches are entering the game because he has inside sources. Dan reflects that he wishes he had Willie's sources. (LOL!) Danielle informs them that she saw Mike and Willie talking alone in the Have Not room. Dan says he will work on the others and see what he can do. Kara comes in, having drunk JoJo's kool-aid thinking JoJo is straight-forward and is on Kara's side. Hey Kara, did you not see where JoJo was that entire meeting? Do the math honey.

12:20 PM BBT: Frank says he hopes that Joe has his back, and that he has Joe's. Frank claims that he isn't sure about Willie given his recent behavior. Joe flat out asks Frank if he has a deal with Willie, and the other lies that he only has a one week deal with Willie. Frank is not liking Willie's paranoia and ironically says he needs to be sure that Joe is being honest with him. Joe gives it to him straight, telling Frank that many others think that Frank is an alliance with Willie and Shane as a result of the meeting. Joe seems to be making headway into widening Frank's distrust of Willie. They decide that they have Ian, Ashley, Wil, Jenn with the two of them. Frank wonders if they can get Danielle into their alliance as well. Joe warns him that if Frank "toys" with Willie after this point, he will be done with Frank.

It's a wonder all the smoke detectors aren't going off all over the BB house... Yup, the game has started! The web is widening and the maze getting more complicated to unravel.

Stay tuned for the day's recap. The outside world calls me for now. :)