Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB14: More buzz

As the days get closer to the first Big Brother 14 show, July 12th, the rumors and insider info keep coming in.

Mike, Janelle, Dan and Britney are the 4 names that keep coming up as the mentors. Also, sources say, they are moving into the house tonight or tomorrow morning, with the mentors coming in shortly after, The teams will be decided tomorrow and the first HoH competition is on Monday.

This all seems pretty credible to me, but again, nothing has been officially confirmed. The mentor leak was correct though, so we shall see!

If this is correct, I'm not liking that they're being split into teams rather than allowing the players to organically choose their own. That won't stop people from forming their own alliances, but it is rather unfair to force teams. When they did that in season 11 with the cliques, it kind of threw a wrench in a lot of peoples' game.

But as always, expect the unexpected! :)

As of 11:15 am bbt, rumor has it that someone left the house because of a family emergency. Also, everything will be happening today/tonight, including teams and HoH comp.

As of 10 minutes ago, Dan is still tweeting...

Stay tuned for more...