Friday, July 20, 2012

BB14: And the Winner is... BOOM! Out Goes Willie

As she's staring at Willie through the spy TV
According to Janelle and Mike, Britney was out first and Dan threw it, leaving Mike and Janelle to fight it out. Janelle made no trade, but chose to save Ashley.

3:40 PM BBT

Willie is flipping out. He is now a Have Not, along with JoJo, Shane and Ian who volunteered. Willie can't smoke and Joe stole all the nicotine patches from the Storage Room. (Losing many points in my eyes) Willie comes to HoH to tell them that he's going to make sure he's evicted before the week is over. The supposition is he will get physical.

JoJo is trying to calm him down, to no effect.

Feeds go to trivia. Is there another BOOM? Is production intervening? Will they be a man down when the feeds come back? I'll post information as I get it. They have probably gone into the Nomination Ceremony?

Not that it's important but they seem to have gotten pork rinds and pudding... Carry on! :)

7:58 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Shane and JoJo are nominated. It looks like Willie is gone.
Mike: We knocked out two m****ckers in one day.

JoJo; Week 2 and we're down to 9 people...
Shane: If he had stuck it out til Thursday, we would only be down one person.

Yup. Willie Hantz is no longer in the BB14 house. According to Mike, Willie was kicked out, but that's not confirmed.

Joe comes into HoH, talking about going after Danielle and knock Dan out; but Mike steers that idea away, saying that Shane or JoJo need to go to cripple Britney too.

After hours of trivia, my head is spinning already. It's technically week 2 and 3 players are out, with fewer players than weeks. Yes, coaches entering the game sounds more and more probable.

According to Janelle, Willie threw pork rinds at her, told her to F off, kicked the Have Not Room repeatedly and head-butted Joe. Thus was escorted out.
Photographic evidence of his departure
The  house guests get pizza on Willie. not really, but yeah. Everyone can eat including the Have Nots. They all thank him.

9:05 PM BBT, Ian gives the BBAD viewers and secondly us, a recap of what happened as caught by Synaptic because my feeds were going south fast: Willie chest bumped and head butt(ed) Joe and BB came on and told Joe to stay in the bathroom and for Willie to come to the DR ... they told Joe not to follow him and Willie kept saying Follow Me ... then he said fuck you to Janelle and threw pork rinds at her ... and she waved "Bye Willie"

Stay tuned! :)