Thursday, July 19, 2012

BB14: BBTV Special Report

At 1:30 AM BBT, the following announcement played through the house: This is a BBTV Special Report! Please gather in the front of the television.

And everyone jumps up, to do so. Feeds go to fish monetarily, and when they come back the teams have gathered in various places in the house to discuss the message which is potentially part of the HoH competition. A burglar has entered the house. They have 60 seconds to get to the TV to see the image and get the information. It looks like it will be a memory-related upcoming competition. 

They are describing the burglar figure we saw in the storage room yesterday as captured by Big Brother Leak

Janelle is busy quizzing her team to remember the details of the picture. The teams split off into various sections of the house to study in the hours ensuing the first announcement. Well, all but Mike's team whose coach decides to sleep through the alerts that come in more and more frequently.

What did you say? This is a memory competition? HoH meet Ian. Ian meet HoH. Though Janelle's team is pumping Ian for information, if this indeed is for the HoH competition, our teddy bear-toting boy's got this. If Ian were to win HoH, this would change the game dramatically. From being treated as the house pariah/jester, he will find a whole new group of followers. They won't be genuine, but it might help boost his confidence in the game. The unfortunate aspect of this is that he's on Mike's team, leaving little doubt that Mike will try to control the situations. Anyway, that's all supposition at this point.

In other game-related shenanigans, Ashley, who is the swing vote has been very much in the forefront.

Scared for his BB life, Willie pulls her in to HoH at 12:49 PM BBT yesterday, to pump her with false insecurities and ensure her loyalty. In an award-winning statement of irony Willie urges Ashley: You gotta make your own mind up for what's best for you. What's best for you is to stick with us. When Ashley expresses her concern about being perceived as playing both sides, Willie's response is: You're not playing both sides. You're playing for me. No actually, Willie, she's playing for herself, as is everyone in the house.

This does not have the desired effect on Ashley. Umm, no shizz. She's come in to the house seemingly clueless and talking to the animals, but in reality, Ashley is probably one of the only ones playing the game masterfully. Yes, I never thought I would type that. She's in a position where everyone in the house comes to her and pumps her, unwittingly, with information. This might change next week, but Ashley is proving to be no fool.

At 9:28 PM BBT, while others are practicing the corn hole game outside which might or might not be part of the upcoming HoH competition, Frank and Ashley take a moment to connect. They are two members in the newly formed and unfortunately named Team Diversity along with Wil, Joe, Jenn, and Ian.

Frank tells Ashley about Willie not wanting him to campaign to stay in the house. Frank quickly figured out Willie's motivation and that was he didn't want Frank to find out about his side deals. Ashley tells him everything Willie tried to pump into her head earlier in the day: that her team thinks she's stupid, doesn't have her back etc. Ashley had gone into that meeting having talked to Wil before and had already made up her mind to stick with this new alliance.

She doesn't want to be perceived as someone who plays both sides. She wants to pick a side and stick to it. Frank plays the good-old boy card. He wants open lines of communication by telling each other everything they hear. Frank expects Danielle to flip to their side when Kara is evicted, having essentially screwed up her game all because of her crush on Shane.

Wil comes in to tell them about Kara and Danielle cornering him and telliing him that Kara would put Joe on the block and protect him. Frank counters that Dan is playing Kara's game, making promises she cannot keep. Ashley tells Wil that she was feeling alienated from her team until she talked to him in the hammock early yesterday, to which Wil points out that she was hanging out so much with Willie and JoJo that he hardly had a chance. Zing!

Kara comes in and interrupts this conversation; but it seems clear that, if things stay the same, Kara is out the door tonight. Team Diversity seems to be sticking for the moment, but as we all well know, things can change in the BB house on a sneeze.

Willie's mismanagement of his HoH has had lasting repercussions not only on him but also on his teammates, JoJo and Shane, who choose to stick by him for the moment. They are under the misconception that they have Ashley in the bag and that the vote will be 4-4 tonight. Despite Britney's frustrated attempts to reign Willie in, coming to a head at 8:40 PM BBT yesterday, Willie isn't listening. He thinks he's still running the show and creating chaos, but the only chaos he's succeeded in is tanking his game, his team and his coach.


What does this face tell you, Willie?
10:50 AM BBT, Willie has cornered Ashley, after she's been cornered by Kara and he's serving her a fresh jug of kool-aid. He tells her he isn't going to take JoJo to final 2, even though he has, and insists he will take Ashley to F2. He keeps asking her why she wants to be controlled (by the others). Yeah, Willie. You want to control her yourself. Ashley is not buying it. She asks him why then is Frank telling her that JoJo is Willie's number 1. Willie is ready to start another fight. Ashley stops him, telling him he screwed things up because of his constant explosions.

Willie is begging hard core while at the same time threatening. He tells her that they don't care about Ashley. He emphasizes that she will cause both of them to lose the game. He then proceeds to sound like he's reciting wedding vows: I love  you. You're my number one girl. I will take care of you. I will protect you. You're my girl. If you make this decision, you'll be slapping me in the face... Geez Willie. What game are we playing? Bachelor?

Ashley insists that she will put Shane and JoJo ahead of her. Kara comes in and they tag team Ashley who's not having it. She escapes ASAP. Interesting to note that during this latest grilling session, both Joe and Janelle came in to try to bail Ashley out.

Willie is ready to go kaboom again, but Britney intervenes and tries to talk him down. Willie, however, has not had a great track record listening to Britney's advice. This isn't helped by JoJo who's threatening to turn into a "female Evel Dick"

Meanwhile Joe is telling Kara, in the Arcade Room, why he's voting for Frank to stay, giving her the history. Joe reassures her that it's not about her, but that no one wants to work with Willie. Kara says that she's not working with Willie. He then proceeds to throw her off track by telling her that as of now the votes are 4-4. His motivation for this might be to make Kara stop hounding Ashley. Who knows? Is it 9 PM EST yet?

JoJo tries to work on Joe in the Arcade Room at 11:40 AM BBT. She's pushing hard for a Frank eviction, but Joe's not having it. When he asks who she's voting for, she says she doesn't know, and them proceeds to campaign against Frank. Some people need to just be quiet..

Stay Tuned! :)