Friday, July 20, 2012

BB14: It's Frank's House Now

Or is it Boogie's? We will see.

Frank's plan is to put Willie and Shane on the block with Willie being the target. According to Mike, as per his strategic pow wow with Dan, starting around 10:30 PM BBT, he would prefer to get Shane out rather than Willie because Willie will take himself out. Shane on the other hand, is much more ingratiating with the other house guests. Mike says he's not bothered by Willie's presence in the game. I'm not rushing into a nomination because of a Froot Loop argument with a guy.

Dan: If get dumped into the game, then the fun starts.

He and Mike go through scenarios to prevent Britney from trading Willie by saying they will target Shane. Boogie also suggests that they offer not to nominate Shane. Dan doesn't think that will work because it's a risk Shane will be picked and win. Mike says he doesn't mind "getting gritty" meaning promising Britney that and going back on his word. He thinks that if Britney trades Willie with one of Janelle's players.

Britney joins Mike and Dan a little later and Mike proposes that she cut her loses and stick with the three players she has now. Britney isn't buying it. When Mike asks her what she's thinking, but she avoids the answer, saying she's thinking about it. Mike throws out his veiled threat that "the attention can shift to Shane". Britney counters with she's not going to sit back and take a hit. She feels very out of the loop in the coaches' group. Mike tells her he knows the feeling, because he experienced it last week.

Britney says that it's not that she cares about knowing what's going on but she feels that her players are the only option. Mike replies that she has 3 players who came after her team; whereas Janelle has three players who supported his team. Britney persists in asking why her team's the only one who is in jeopardy this week. Britney, he spelled it out for you.

Game Strategy:
What they're circling around is the coaches' comp which is set to happen today. Mike, Janelle and Dan obviously don't want to trade. Britney needs to unload Willie because she feels he cannot control him. No matter what she's said or tried, Willie has done whatever he's wanted.

If Britney should win this competition, she could very easily trade. Whatever she does, she's in a bind. If she would go for the obvious choice and trade with Danielle, who hasn't been proven to be the best or most threatening player, then Frank/Boogie would target Shane. If she wants to create some ripples she would replace Willie with Ian or Jenn, Frank might not put one of his team mates on the block but will still go for Shane. If she replaces Willie with Joe or Wil or Ashley, then Frank can easily put Willie and Shane on the block replacing either, should they come off, with someone on Team Diversity.

Bottom line: Nothing can be firmly decided before the results of the Coaches' Comp later today.

Ian tells Willie while they are playing pool outside around 11:10 PM BBT, that he won't treat Willie differently because of what happened the other day. This is very decent and open-minded of Ian. Willie, on the other hand, tries to maneuver this to his advantage, by asking Ian if occasion should arise would he be able to ask for Ian's vote. Ian tells him straight that it depends on the situation.

Speaking of Ian, what happened during the HoH competition? Did he blow it or did he throw it? That type of competition was made for him given his self-proclaimed fabulous memory. He does hold a lot of facts about BB, so one might assume he either choked under pressure or he decided now wasn't the time to jump into the spotlight. According to him, when asked later, he said that he memorized the quotes not the images. We won't know until he himself tells us in DR.

On a different note, it was good to see Ian hanging out with Frank, Mike, Dan and Janelle, fitting in and comfortable. I have a feeling we have not seen everything this kid is capable of. He refused to back down to Willie before and after the vote. He sees right through a lot of the tactics and has an amazing insight into the game. Even though he started on an unsure footing in the house, he seems to be establishing relationships. He will be the one to watch! :)

Around Midnight BBT, Frank opens his HoH room, some of the feeds go to trivia (hello Fishmater, wrong screen) then then to fish (thank you). At one point, only one feed shows the house. *eyeroll... the issues are resolved, right.

Frank gets a letter from his NaNa who hopes that he's making friends, (LOL) sushi, The ExEx Cd, Fat Tire Beer, beef jerky and M&Ms among other things. Mike gets a picture of his baby, a letter and some food.

Willie makes the mandatory appearance but is the first to leave, after shaking Frank's hand and congratulating him. It's not the most awkward HoH Reveal I've seen; but from what I saw Willie did handle it with class given the situation. Even though the powers are gunning for him right now, he has the ability to turn things around if he changes his attitude. It's happened before. One thing's for sure. Isolating oneself in the game, is never a good idea.

The last stragglers to leave Janelle, Mike and Dan alone with Frank are Ashley who's called to DR and Danielle. More of the same game talk ensues, after rehashing Willie's attitude before and after the blow out. Mike conceded that Willie wasn't a horrible sport during the HoH Reveal. Janelle counters that he didn't change his attitude until Frank won HoH. The three decide that this week is a good week to be HoH. Willie overplayed his game, tried to control everyone's votes to the point of bullying, and was all over the place.

Janelle informs them that she heard from Wil, Britney will save Willie if she wins the coaches' comp. The other three think that's a bad idea. Frank says that he would rather get Willie out this week. They think Britney is not thinking straight holding onto Willie and I would have to agree, if that's what Britney is indeed thinking. It would send the wrong message, at the very least, to the rest of her team, will train the target on Shane, only delaying the inevitable.

Meanwhile, Jenn and Danielle discuss her crush on Shane with Jenn trying to give her some advice. My advice? You're here for the money Danielle. Shane isn't into you and isn't someone to rely on. Move on, get your head straight and into the game.

Today's Game: The Supplicants
11:00 AM BBT: Britney has gone up to HoH to have a meeting with Frank and Mike to plead her team's case. The bottom line: Frank tells her that the only way she won't potentially lose anyone from her team is if she trades Willie with Danielle. The joke that if anyone can set Willie straight as a coach might very well be Dan. This conversation has turned, yet again, to Dan and how dangerous he is in the game.

The Coaches' Competition hasn't happened yet, so all this is supposition. When she leaves, Mike and Frank float the idea that it might not be too bad an idea to get rid of Dan as well.

Shane comes up immediately after, saying that he is expecting to be put on the block. He has stuck by Willie but now he's cutting his loses. Mike says it shows undeniable loyalty to someone who does not deserve it. Mike adds that he's considering trading for him should he win Coaches' Comp. Shane has no problem with it. His defection is complete. When he leaves, Mike comes to the conclusion that Shane isn't that street smart., revealing that he doesn't necessarily want him on his team.

Wil comes up and tells them that he and Ashley will corner Britney to tell her that if she trades for him, he'll tank her team anyway. Mike calls him "gangsta" because he evicted his friend in his house. Wil is irate that Britney is still defending and standing by Willie. Interestingly, Mike lies to Wil and Ashley about what Britney said or didn't say during their meeting.  The topic of conversation changes to Joe who they think can't be trusted and starts too much drama. Well, I guess we know who's the lowest in that totem pole.

Speaking of totem pole. Mike, Jenn and Frank are considering trading Ian for Shane because he is a beast and remained loyal to his team. They like Ian who can talk strategy but they think He hasn't shown a fire for the game.

12:35 PM BBT: Wil tells Britney that he will not turn his back on Joe or Ashely even if he gets traded which he does not want. Britney takes this in her stride. Wil declares that he will be gunning for Willie and JoJo, but it has nothing to do with how he feels about her.. He treats this topic with humor and empathy toward Britney. The conversation is friendly and clam which shows a lot about both of them. When Wil leaves, she addresses the camera.

I heard them talking in the bathroom. They said, "You go talk to her, she likes you."  Brit rolls her eyes and goes over the possibilities... I don't like being told what to do.

The cameras flip to HoH with Mike and Dan.>Mike tells Dan part of his discussion with Britney. He obviously omits the part that they wouldn't be adverse to knocking both Willie and Dan out. Mike asks Dan if he were in his shoes, should he consider a trade. Dan doesn't think it would be a good idea. He says that Mike's second tier players are the best second tier players in the game.

Frank joins them and they keep throwing out scenarios. When Dan leaves they say that they have Dan where they want him. Frank reveals that Joe just offered him a final2 deal. They laugh about it. The discussion has moved on to not wanting Willie in the Jury. Ian comes in and they tell him the nominations will be Willie and Shane. Ian thinks that they need to keep an eye on Ashley and as long as Janelle is in her ear, they should be alright. Ian declares that he wants the next HoH bad (sic).

When Frank is called to DR, he tells Jenn to go to HoH. Mike tells them they need to stay away from any shenanigans (I love the unintended shout outs!). He states that they have Dan and Danielle in their pockets. They run through the next few weeks and the possible competitions. Mike feels that they're golden. Ian says that he will do whatever it takes to win. (Is that fire enough for you, Jenn?)

Interesting to note: During all this Ashley had a little talk with Britney and Shane who try to put doubts about Janelle in her mind. They are basically doing what Willie did all last week. They're calling Janelle's loyalty in her mind by saying that Janelle dropped their "alliance" as soon as Shane didn't use the PoV. Ashley makes a bee-line to HoH with Wil, but doesn't say anything as the discussion veers to JoJo and then Joe bashing. I wander to another feed.

1:30 PM BBT: Brit is asking Dan advice. He asks her if mixing things up would work in her favor. Britney says she doesn't know and seems defeated. Two feeds go to the DR door, and at 1:33 PM BBT, the feeds go to trivia. Coaches' Comp! :)

Stay Tuned! :)