Sunday, July 29, 2012

BB14: Streaking, Body Shots, Crushing and Scheming

As you can see from my previous post, last night was a wild one! And it got wilder when the two groups merged their parties, It included streaking by Ian and Wil, wine shots, licking wine off the counter, Janelle giving Wil a body shot, and spin the bottle, where Ashley got her face eaten by Mike, almost by Ian and requested a kiss from Frank, and where Shane and Danielle had their fist kiss, which set off her crush and insecurities big time, all serving as a release from the game for a couple of hours.

While we're on the subject, Danielle's insecurities about herself are too intense for my liking. Her self-image is so skewed, I swing between feeling sorry for her and wanting to shake her. She's a beautiful young woman who's obviously led a sheltered life and has not been helped to develop a healthy self-esteem. She reminds me of myself and my friends when we were 14 to 16, crushing on a guy, giggling if he paid us attention, reading into every little thing he says or does. This is a life issue, but how will it affect her in the game?

Papa Dan and Mama Britney had her back last night, making sure her giddiness didn't jeopardize her place in the game. In a brief pow won in HoH after the madness died down, Dan and Britney told them both to cool it on the showmance. This will put a huge target on their back. They need to cover by playing it embarrassed when asked about it by the others. blaming it in on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Britney said that Janelle knowing how much Danielle is crushing on Shane is "no bueno" which is why Dan intervened and pulled her away, when Janelle was egging her on. Britney jokingly said that Danielle should kiss Frank or make-out with him at which suggestion Shane bristled. (Busted! We know you like her, dude.)

Meanwhile, downstairs, Mike and Frank were scheming about using Ian or Jenn to get rid of Shane in the coming weeks. Despite both their insistence on wanting to work with Shane with the promise of going to the end with him, their word is obviously unreliable. Too bad Shane didn't listen to Danielle, Dan and Britney and put Frank on the block. Rather than gaining an ally, he's kept a powerful nemesis in the game. This discussion evolved to trading Jenn for Shane should the opportunity arise, crippling Britney. They both laughed with glee at the thought. Classy.

I wonder whose smile will be wiped out first when the coaches become players? Frank has already stated that he would be gunning for the coaches, but, as we've seen, he can't be taken at his word. Will Mike keep his prize horse and try to rope Shane into a new alliance or will he turn his horse to pasture? It's funny, because Mike's giving away his strategies and ways of thinking, making him vulnerable for attack. Then again, the reason weaker players have gotten to the end is that few people play with true strategy, gunning for the strong players first and leaving themselves vulnerable to be picked off like bulls in the ring.

Speaking of the coaches coming into the game, my preference has always been that there be no vets in the game, and my instinctive reaction was to vote no. Actually, I'm not voting at all. I believe that AGP will do what they want no matter what the mysterious "results" are. The day they make the voting transparent is the day I will vote. But, let's get back to the issue at hand. At first, I didn't want the coaches in, but the restrictions of this framework have been preventing true alliances from forming, only serving the coaches' not the players' best interests. So now I'm airing toward the side of dumping the coaches in the game, seeing what shakes out as far as true alliances, let people get actual blood on their hands and may the best woman win. :)


10:30 AM: Dan is alone in the backyard having breakfast, He's recapping the night, Joe's scrambling, Shane's PoV win. He asks to tweet him and his wife. Then he gets to the heart of the matter. Janelle is lying more than ever. Mike is not trustworthy. Frank's gotta go! Yeah Dan! You got it! Make it happen this week, or your alliance is in jeopardy. And the kid survives another week. Just when you think we're down and out, we come back. He gives a shout out to Memphis.

11:37 AM: Frank and Mike, drunk on their cockiness, are laughing it up in the Storage Room about Joe's offer to work with them if they keep him in the house.

4:18 PM Joe pleads his case. "We want to go with you to F4. I will stick with you no matter what." He swears on his kids, his wife, his mother. Shane tells Joe that he was not his target. Wil was. Shane says he had a verbal agreement with Frank, (What other agreement can there be? There are no pens or paper in there) but if he can depend on Joe's team, he would not have a problem getting Frank out. Joe says to count on him. He will have his back and he would like Wil out down the line. They talk about weakening Mike by taking out his strongest player. Is this for real? We won't know until Shane speaks to someone in his alliance and maybe not even then. We probably won't know until after the PoV Ceremony. Around 5 PM, Joe congratulates himself to Janelle about getting Shane to flip.

5:18 PM : Dan joins Shane in HoH. Shane relays his discussion with Joe, asking Dan if he trusts Frank or Boogie. Dan say no, he doesn't.  Dan reminds him that Frank is Shane's biggest competition, a fact that Frank is aware of as well. Shane is using Dan mostly as a sounding board expressing his concerns about leaving Frank in the game. Britney comes in about a half an hour later and derails the conversation. She insists on wanting to know what Shane and Dan were talking about. When she does, she expresses her concern about getting rid of Frank, making Shane the biggest target.

Shortly after that Frank comes in and begins to tell Dan and Shane abotu Joe's conversation with Boogie this morning (i.e his willingness to work with them shoudl they save him) but this is curtialed by Ashley's appearance. General chit chat ensues... Will Shane use the PoV and put Frank on the block? Of he does, will he take down Ashley or Joe? (I'm sounding like Julie Chen right now, aren't I?) We'll find out tomorrow. Until then, more scrambling.

6:57 PM: Wil has the opportunity to talk to Shane and Britney alone. Janelle comes in but Wil says that he wants to talk to them alone. He tells them that he's not going after Frank or Shane but Ian. He adds that he's not afraid to go against the team. Wil says that they have nothing to worry about in regards to Joe and Ashley. Wil says that he won't be putting Shane and Frank up, but if someone is taken off the block, Frank will be an option. He reassures him that he's safe not only for one week but two. Wil is pushing for Ian to be the replacement nominee because he's a threat in mental challenges and endurance.

Shane asks him about a rumor he heard of a final 2 deal with Frank. Wil says that Joe came to him after talking to Frank and asked about a final 3 deal with Wil.

8:45PM BBT: Janelle says that she's convinced the coaches are coming into the game on Thursday, and there will be an Endurance Comp. She wants them to get rid of Frank Thursday, band together and get rid of Mike and Dan, and rule the world... Gee, I wonder where she got that idea? They have found their week one refrain of teaming up against Dan and Mike. Britney says that letting the coaches into the game is jeopardizing the integrity of the game and surprisingly, we get fish.... What are the chances?

SUMMARY: Everyone has come up to offer their first borns, breakfast for the season, jewelry, allegiance, loyalty, honesty, safety, the moon, the stars, a parallel universe, while throwing people from other teams, from their own teams, from outside the house under the bus.

Stay tuned! :)