Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BB14: Willie and his Pies

It's day 10 and already BB paranoia, second-guessing, over-thinking, and excessive maneuvering have set in. "This place about to blow" (I never thought I would include K$sha lyrics in my posts- ha!) Who is at the center of this particular tornado, trying to stay safe but fueling its destructive power? Willie. He's been a busy boy with a finger in every BB pie. His Hantzness surveyed the situation and has decided to add several layers of safety around him by making as many final 2/3 deals with as many people as he can. 

Around 2 pm BBT, after a lengthy conversation with Frank, he ensured, (in his mind or in reality, that is yet to be determined) an F2 deal with him. By 5: 20 PM BBT, Willie has worked hard and seemingly convinced Joe to get off the Evict Frank train and get with the program. Now a Brigade Part Deux alliance is in the making in the BB14 house. 

Maybe it's me, but when something's been done, and done well (whether you're a fan or not, this must be acknowledged), it's done. The reason the Brigade worked so well, is that, unbelievably, no one in the house suspected this goofy group of guys who hung out together had an actual alliance. Willie and Joe's new alliance might come out of left field as Joe's been pushing for Frank to go; but Willie's alliance with Frank is known in the house, especially since he's been balking at evicting Frank. Add Boogie to the mix, who pulled Willie into the Have Not room, and worked his magic around 11 PM BBT, and the plan to keep Frank has solidified in Willie's mind.

But Willie wasn't done there. By 11:20 PM BBT, Willie has shaken hands with JoJo telling her it's them with Ashley to the end. (Ashley... hmmm.) This is confirmed (around 1:35 AM BBT) when Brtiney and Willie work on Ashley who feels alienated from Janelle and her team. They do everything they can to widen the gap by increasing Ashley's distrust of Janelle who was seen spending a lot of time talking to Dan or Dan's team. They made a point of analyzing each of Janelle's reactions, like giving odd looks to Ashley when she would laugh at Brit's humor, to drive the final nails in Team Janelle. That's when Willie flat out tells Ashley: It's me and you (and Frank and Joe and JoJo and to be announced) until the end.

Further driving this paranoia, is the actual fact that Dan and Janelle compared notes throughout the day, teaming up in their desire to weaken Boogie's team by getting rid of Frank. It has not escaped Britney's notice, making her feel outraged by Janelle's betrayal, bringing her own insecurities to the forefront. She hasn't felt like she measured up to the other three coaches' game play which could very well be the reason she's overplaying now. And who can blame her? The very Brigade that Willie is trying to resurrect is the one that cost her the game in season 12. She's gun shy and it shows. The problem is, knowing what she thinks she knows that the mentors will enter the game as players at some point, she is shooting herself in the foot.  We get a little look into Brit's head when she tells Willie around 6:30 AM BBT that she has no chance of winning this game if she becomes a player but she wants him to win.

By this time, (starting around 2:45 AM BBT) she has told him about her theory regrading the coaches entering the game, further solidified by the mysterious keyholes beside the 4 pictures on the memory wall. This fired Willie up who kept pushing Brit to call a house meeting and tell everyone her theory. He believes that this will blow up the game, and cause all the players to leave their coaches and come with her, the only one who's been honest with them. Britney, logically, is reluctant to do this.

That's cause she's a smart cookie. First of all, BB has set up this structure and the competitions around it. The players and the coaches are stuck with each other. One cannot be damaged without repercussion to the other. Secondly, it would put a huge target on Britney, from all sides. Even though she seemingly has settled for a back-seat place in this game, I doubt she would want her stay in the BB house to be riddled with that kind of drama.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, Dan has a plan, but his plan unfortunately is based on the false perception that he has all of Janelle's team voting against Frank. We already know this isn't true. Ashley has seemingly already defected. Dan is planning on cornering JoJo and convincing her to vote with them. Another misguided plan. Janelle even thinks so. She tells him that JoJo is Willie's bed mate. Dan is firm in his powers of persuasion. We will see, Dan, if you can work your magic. It's happened before. Can it happen again?

I ask, where is Shane in all of this? Why do they assume he's on the Frank train? He's already shown a predilection for keeping Kara. He hangs out with her and her teammate, Danielle who is smitten with him. He would be a natural choice to work on rather than JoJo whose loyalty to Willie will doubtlessly be unshaken. Is Dan barking up the wrong tree?

What does this all mean? Well not a whole hell of a lot. The main questions remain, as always, who can be trusted to keep their word? Who is lying, blowing smoke, providing intel? Who will flip today and how? Will Britney go through with Willie's crazy plan to have a house meeting? We know from experience that house meetings never go as planned and usually blow up in the faces of those who've called them. But it should make for some exciting viewing!

Stay tuned!