Sunday, July 8, 2012

BB14: Fun Wil and JoJo Meltdown Rumor

Okay, I have to say, if Wil keeps this up I might be rooting for him!

 Too funny!

As of 10:05 am bbt, the rumor mill has started again. Word of JoJo having a massive meltdown during the first HoH comp and losing it on production because of the Mentors, which resulted in her being ejected from the house, is spreading. Truth? We don't know. The rumor mill is maintaining that it will all make the premiere on July 12th.

If this is true, JoJo has managed to swipe the Most Disappointing HG crown from Chima. The chances are, however, that is is not true at all. This season has started off with so much excitement and speculation even before the premiere or the feeds go live. CBS is laughing all the way to the bank...

1:10pm BBT: This came in from Jojo Spatafora's twitter account which her family is allegedly running (Thanks Michelle!) @JojoSpatafora Yes it's true, Jo is no longer apart of Big Brother. We would like to thank everyone for the support during her short time on CBS. Thank you

Well, what do you know? Not much as it seems, until Thursday. Is this twitter account fake or real? It was started 5 days ago, so it could very well be that her family started it. We will keep digging! As of 2:05 pm BBT... @JoJoSpatafora twitter account was deleted...

Gotta love it! Fake tweets, fake twitter accounts, fake ejections, fake "insider" info. Or not... Let the games begin!

Stay tuned!