Saturday, July 14, 2012

BB14: The Summit of Ridiculous

At 11: 28 AM BBT, Janelle, Brit, Wil and Shane started their pre-summit meeting with a drawn out session of undermining Ian and Danielle, calling him "America's Player" and her a clueless player who is just here for a vacation. The bash strategy was agreed upon between Janelle and Britney when they gleefully congratulated themselves that the newbies are drinking their Kool-aid.

By 11 52 AM BBT, all of Janelle's and Britney's team members gathered in HoH. Janelle and Britney pushed hard to get Kara evicted, leaving Frank in the game because he supposedly is totally anti-Boogie. Now who's drinking the Kool-aid ladies? Joe and Shane tried to get them to see reason, that Frank can't be trusted, but their voices fell on deaf ears. The decision was that Kara should be evicted with their long range targets being: Danielle, to get rid of Dan of whom they (B & J - you can't make that shizz up) are particularly afraid of, followed by Ian, Jenn and Frank to eliminate Boogie.

If only the BB game were that easy that you can plan out every week and eliminate everyone you want to while you sail into the chair next to Julie and receive the $1/2 mil check. Janelle and Britney, being vets should know that it doesn't work this way; but they're not coaching the newbies to play the game, they're putting their pawns in play so that they can win. Too bad the two sanest, Joe and Shane, are outnumbered.

First HoH Summit = Epic FAIL!

Stay tuned! :)