Friday, July 6, 2012

BB14 Rumours

There are a lot of rumors and hype about who else will be in the house, and certainly with BB promotions boasting the biggest cast ever, the 12 revealed will not be the only ones in the house. The BB Alumni are also weighing in and speculation is growing.

Mentors: The rumor that past BB players joining the cast has been officially confirmed. It will definitely not be someone from last season and they will take on the roles of mentors for the Houseguests, but will be competing for a separate prize. Check out: CBS

The possible mentors: So far the speculation generated by James Early is producing the following names:

Mike 'Boogie" Malin (BB2, BB7)

Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7)
Though I'm not sure how she will be in the house, since she's slated to do Rumor Control on Superpass, July 6th...
Dan Gheesling (BB10)
This is what Dan replied to the rumor... but knowing Dan, he can be a tricky one ;-)

Britney Haynes (BB12)
She last tweeted yesterday, and not about BB... I'll keep digging...

HOWEVER, none of this has been officially confirmed by CBS, AGP (Allison Grodner Productions) or anyone in an official capacity working with the show. We won't really know for sure until 9 pm, July 12th on CBS! :)