Thursday, July 12, 2012

BB14: Feeds Go Live.

10:05 PM BBT Kara and Frank are on the block, with Kara being Willie's target. Or so they think. Who really is the target? Janelle and her team agree that Frank is the biggest threat. Meanwhile, Boogie is trying to work a deal with Willie to save Frank. Mike and Willie are talking about someone but are being cagey. I don't know why because they are alone in HoH.

Until Britney comes in to use the washroom. Heh! When she's done, she says that she'll leave them alone, and Willie dismisses her. His mentor.... Really?

Boogie is throwing out Joe's name. Ian's name comes up too. Boogie tells Willie that they have a better chance of working together.

Britney and Janelle have joined forces.

Ha! Let's the games begin!