Monday, July 16, 2012

BB14: Feeding Us Waffles

It's really hard to believe that, technically, this is week one of the game. With one person, so rudely, ousted on day one, the houseguests forced into alliances, and the extra layer of the coaches competing, I already feel burned out and jaded. I'm not connecting to the newbies like I have before and though I previously liked most of the vets who were brought back, I'm feeling indifferent about them too. In past seasons I have been glued to the feeds even when I wasn't transcribing, because I didn't want to miss anything. This season, meh.

I don't have any allegiances with the BB money making machine, so I'm not going to peddle the feeds to you to make a buck. I'm doing this because I want to and I'll tell it like it is. We've been watching more fish than anything else in the past few days on the feeds, and putting together a cohesive understanding of what's going on, what the houseguests are thinking, who they are as people has been difficult. This isn't the fault of the people providing the feeds, but of the Control Room. They've either manned it with inept people or there are a lot of secrets that they don't want us to know in which case please refer to yesterday's post. The bottom line is, a lot of us are not connecting to the game.

One thing is for sure, I hate this format. I really wish the producers would actually listen to their viewers who have been grumbling for years to bring back old school BB, and leave the vets to their lives; but our protests fall on deaf ears. This season not only did they bring vets back, they made them even more powerful puppet masters. Half the fun of this game is to watch people stumble through it because they don't know what they're doing or what to expect. Some might be more savvy, others more naive but neither ensures that they will survive elimination. Having four players or more who have already played the game successfully or not, taints it, adds another agenda, and cripples the newbies' strategy and decision-making abilities.

Game Strategy

We're already seeing the fractures within teams, between coaches and their players while seeing others bonding and creating alliances outside of their teams. Britney and Janelle teamed up almost immediately, and seemed to be on the same page, but of necessity and circumstance, they can't be. Those who are threats to Janelle's team might not be threats to Britney's team. The greatest bone of contention right now is whether to get rid of Frank (hello! OBVI!) or to get rid of Kara. Yesterday alone, they changed their collective minds at least twice.

The issue? Frank is more of a threat in the game as an individual, but Kara is on Dan's team which is a player down and vulnerable. Also, Janelle and Britney find Dan more threatening which is hilarious because Mike Boogie is in the house with Frank, who is one of the stronger players, being on his team. To those of us watching, the choice is clear. Take out a strong threat, weaken Boogie's team, and send a message that anyone is fair game. This isn't a bag of jelly beans where we separate all the colors from least favorite to most and eat them in succession. (At least that's what I do, heh.) This is a game of strategy, and so far even the coaches -Janelle and Britney- don't seem to have a clear game plan between them.

Joe convinced Janelle, very rationally, that Frank is the one to take out this week while they have a chance. Janelle, seeing the logic of that strategy brought it to Britney, convincing her. Yesterday, shortly after noon BBT, they talked to Willie, swaying him and brought others in for consultation. They all agreed that Frank would be the better one to evict. By 8:54 BBT, when Britney and Willie finally had a chance to talk alone, Willie was convinced that taking out Kara was better for him. He expressed his frustration with Janelle never leaving them to talk alone and his suspicion of her motives in sending Frank home. He thinks that Kara is a bigger threat to him (on what BB planet?) and that Janelle is pushing her own agenda. This conversation was shortly curtailed when Janelle, proving his point, joined them. By bedtime, he was on a full rant, expressing to JoJo, who was his bedmate, his need to keep Frank in the game.

This conversation, that took place around 1 AM BBT, brought out a lot of insecurities for both of them. Willie was feeling threatened by his teammate, Shane, wondering if he were on the block with him, who would go home. JoJo didn't help in the matter by answering honestly that Willie would be evicted. She, on the other hand, is battling her own insecurities as she's quickly becoming embroiled in another epic showmance triangle between her, Shane and Danielle, following in the steps of the Jenn, Nick and Dani triangle in season 8. Her target, in this case is Kara, to weaken and get rid of Danielle; but this has nothing to do with game.


Speaking of love, last night shortly after 9 PM BBT, Ian and Ashley had a dessert date that the rest of the houseguests gleefully participated in to entertain themselves, BBAD, and the feedsters. They prepared the Arcade Room for the date; Joe made them protein shake cocktails and slop dessert, while Britney, Dan, Kara and Wil were their hosts and servers. It started out awkwardly sweet but cute between the dressed-up duo quickly turning into game-talk by Ian, who had some very insightful observations. The problem with that is they're on different teams, so it couldn't be an honest conversation not being helped by the fact that Ashley seemed to check out.

It's too bad because Ian made some good points about not playing the coaches' game, looking for alliances and people to trust outside their teams and trying to strategize to survive longer in the game. The problem was that Snow White wasn't the right person to be discussing this with, as her philosophy is about love and light,; though that didn't stop her from lying to him, saying that no other coaches have talked game with her other than Janelle. Maybe she was singing in her head when they've had all those meetings with Britney's team, but I doubt it.

Game Projections

So, in a nutshell, the teams seemingly made a decision to evict Frank, but Willie and JoJo, at the very least aren't so sure about that. They're planning on feeling the others out to ensure that Kara be evicted. But will the others bite? Joe and Wil want to keep Kara in the game. Shane seems to be leaning toward ousting Frank and Ashley is talking to the birds and squirrels.

That's it for now! Stay tuned! :)