Saturday, July 14, 2012

BB14: Dissension in the Ranks

Just for fun. Here is a pic of the coach's room (formerly known as Pandora's Box, so now will it be called Coach's Box?) as posted by Hamsterwatch on twitter last night.

The state of the house is still in flux, making it harder for the newbies to play their game the way they want with the artificial sub-frame of the coaches/mentors restricting their movements. At about 8:45 PM BBT, Janelle and Britney were talking in the HoH about the possibility that the mentors will be entering the game (twist) and be competing along side the newbies.

This is their theory, but it seems to make sense with more players than weeks left in the game. If this is true, it further tips the balance against the newbies. In which game do the coaches replace their jerseys with players' jerseys and compete against those they were coaching? Can the players even trust that their mentorship and advice is geared toward helping the players not themselves?

It seems some of the houseguests are asking themselves that very question at least on the subconscious level creating some dissension in the ranks.

Here's what you missed after the PoV competition yesterday:

Game Strategy 

Shane seems to be waffling in his attachment to Willie in the game. This doesn't mean that he will use the PoV, but it might mean that he would vote against Willie's current wishes to oust Kara. I'm not sure why Willie finds Kara so threatening, but we've already seen that he has some sort of understanding with Frank, from their discussion yesterday (see yesterday's post).

Frank on the other hand, while talking with Kara on the hammock last night around 9:30 PM BBT, said that he didn't feel that he and Willie meshed, floating the idea that maybe they could get Shane to use the veto and have someone else nominated. Two problems with this are 1) Willie needs to be on board with this plan and 2) Willie needs to be on board with this plan.

Joe, meanwhile, is fuming after hearing from Britney that Boogie was pushing to make him a replacement nominee. He said as much to Kara and Shane, telling Kara that he wasn't married to the plan to oust her. He reached out to her, saying they need to talk more.

Later, around 12:40 AM BBT, Kara, in an attempt to save her hide this week, promised Willie that she would put up Joe and Ian if she were to win HoH next week. Doh! Hope that's just smoke she's blowing in his general direction, because I like the idea of the newbies not falling in line with the coaches' game plans.

Squeaks and Squabbles

Boogie gave Ian a pep talk, early in the evening, around 7 pm BBT, coaching him about his behavior in the house and how to play the game right. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, while in the backyard, around 10 PM BBT, Ian literally started kicking himself in the head. Double doh! Clearly, someone's personality cannot change overnight. Ian, despite being a clear fan favorite, is not so popular in the house. In one day alone, he was shooed from at least 5 different rooms when he walked in. It's the case of the nerd being the outcast, yet again, He is young and socially awkward especially around girls. Janelle and Britney have latched on to the fact, not leaving any opportunity to paint this awkwardness as him spying or being cagey; even putting the idea out there that Ian might be America's Player.  

Around the same time, Wil was complaining to Britney and Janelle about Dan "jumping down his throat" over a religious discussion they had. I don't claim to know Dan personally, but I did spend an entire season observing him and have followed him in a non-stalkerish way through social media since. Dan is not the kind of person to jump down anyone's throat. Period. Even when he disagrees, he does it in an agreeable manner. Remember Jerry's Judas comments? Nuff said. Wil seems to be the kind of person who overdramatizes any disagreements he has had with people. The night before he went on and on about JoJo taking what turned out to be a sip from his beer. What's next? Jenn will accidentally brush his arm trying to reach into the fridge; and he'll go around whining that she tried to beat him up? Eyeroll.

Willie has clearly told Britney and Janelle that he's a Hantz, but doesn't seem to have said anything to the others, as Dan is still trying to out him by playing the name game. On the other hand, Boogie "magically" figured out that Danielle isn't a kindergarten teacher, lending credence (not that credence is needed) to Jim Early's suggestion that Mike had access to the players' bios before the show began...

That's it for now! Stay tuned! :)