Saturday, July 28, 2012

BB14: Shenanigans Are Fun

As you know, Shane nominated Joe and Ashley in a last minute change of mind that threw Danielle for a loop. This is a result of Mike's masterful maneuver to make sure he and Frank were the last ones to get in Shane's ear before the nomination ceremony. Fresh with the promises of a deal with Frank and Mike, he threw up two of Janelle's players on the block which brought Joe and Wil into a tailspin of reactions, none very flattering. They scrambled to the one person they thought would help them this week: Danielle.

Many have asked why the feeds are following Danielle all of a sudden. The answer is clear: hers is potentially the most important vote this week, especially should one of Janelle's players be saved from the block. This was the prime reason Danielle was upset at Shane's last minute decision to switch up the nominations: she needed this position to make some deals on her own, a fact that was discussed in the meetings with Shane, Britney and Dan. Shane reassured her that, no matter what, she will be safe next week as Frank expressed a desire to work with her as well. On the flip side, Janelle's team have no idea she's working with Shane, thinking that she hangs out with him because she's crushing and believing that they can manipulate her. They're in for a rude awakening.

Discussing game, at this point is useless, because everything might change after the PoV winner is determined, so while we wait for that, I decided to make this a Shenanigans fun day. Feel free to add your ideas in the comment section. Ready? Here we go:

If I were in the Control Room I would press "Stop That" every time:
1-Janelle mentions BB6 or All Stars
2-Mike refers to Chill Town
3-Danielle puts herself down
4-Joe talks
5-Will flips his hair

I would add the following instructions:
1-Joe, please never exchange your batteries
2-Jenn, make a move
3-Ashley, wake up
4-Dan, change your shirt
5-Ian, get a hug from someone

1-Stop asking us to vote on decisions you've already made.
2-Stop blocking the feeds to hide production secrets that aren't secrets. Have you met Jim Early?
3-Stop blocking the feeds to plug sales for BBAD. It's uncool and transparent.
4-Stop mixing vets with newbies already!
5-Get new psychologists/psychiatrists and listen to them.

That's it for now! But I'm working on a special treat for later, and of course I will give my five cents on the events after the PoV competition.

Here's my treat! :)

2:05 PM BBT: Trivia. PoV Comp starting. Let the games begin!

Willie fans! If you missed the live interview with Missyae and Willie Hantz tonight check out Big Brother Whispers for a transcript. The questions were awesome and the answers were surprising :)

4:17 PM BBT: Feeds back. Shane rivals Crazy James' record with 3 PoVs straight! Let the scrambling begin!

4:57PM BBT: In breaking news, Janelle is bartering her wedding ring and earrings for safety... Shane says that Dan is also a threat, implying he could put up Danielle.... Bluff or betrayal?

5:23 PM BBT: Mike to Britney in HoH after she fills him in on Team Janelle's spiel. Why would I leave a relationship with Shane who's won 3 PoVs and 1 HoH to go with Ashley and Wil? Makes sense to me...

5:31PM BBT: Joe: I have a problem kissing ass... Frank: I don't know about that you gave them breakfast... Joe: The Dr asked me to as par t of the.. (Flipper intervenes)

In a nutshell, Frank, Shane and Danielle have formed an alliance. Shane won't be using the PoV. Joe has cooked his BB chances. But as you know, things always change :)

Sushi Party! 9:00 PM

They are each taking turns saying what pleasantly surprised them about someone in the house. It's a very pleasant oasis from the madness. Meanwhile, inside the madness continues...

Stay tuned! :)