Thursday, July 5, 2012

BB14: 11 Houseguests Revealed

Kara Monaco
She is soft-spoken and seems grounded despite her rather salty fame. Her views on past Houseguests seems to follow the majority: loves Jeff & Jordan, likes Evel Dick, dislikes Lydia, finds Rachel annoying. That makes me think she can't look beyond the obvious, but she has that in common with many. What did endear me to her is her like of Hunger Games and not being impressed with 50 Shades of Grey. The girl has good taste in novels.She also wants to give her mom the money, so that will endear her with many feeders.

Willie Hantz
His strategy is going to cause discord in the house and back-stab. He wants to make the house miserable. I hope he doesn't make me miserable! He doesn't mind being hated. He says he will not ever cry in the house.He's cocky. I might like that, but I can also see myself being irritated with him. He likes to gamble and wants out of his job, so the money would come in handy so he can gamble some more. He loves his kids, so that's something.

Frank Eudy
The reason he's unemployed is that he's looking for something he really wants to do. (Nice job if you can get it.)  His father is Sid Eudy (Sid Viscous) but he doesn't want anyone in the house to know. Frank is a super fan, and is hoping to create a strong alliance. He likes Chill Town, especially Mike Boogie, Dan and JeJo. He wasn't very impressed with Adam, not wanting to follow his floating strategy. (Frank, please refer to the definition of floater. Thanks.) He seems to have the Jeff factor, but we'll see how that plays out and how far it will get him.

Early prediction: Willie and Frank will come head -to-head sooner rather than later. I see some sort of alliance between Frank and Kara, maybe even a showmance.

Danielle Murphree
She loves being a nurse and helping others, but she doesn't want the HGs to know. She plans on playing the social game, and lay back at the beginning of the game. She will want to win competitions though,. later on. She's athletic and ready to have the full BB experience. She predicts that she will be the one to stand up for others, and might cry; despite being afraid she will be an emotional player, she wants to play an honest game. She is planning on telling the HGs that she's a kindergarten teacher so she doesn't appear as a threat which compliments her intention of not seeming competitive or smart in the beginning. Here's hoping the house does not break her down. I have high hopes for her.

Early prediction: She and Kara will either be besties or huge enemies in the house. They might even rival for some masculine attention.

Jenn Arroyo
She is the singer and guitarist of Jenn City and the former bass player of Kittie. She plans on playing with a combination of honesty, breaking hearts and a "little dirty work in the background". Me likey. She expects to be judged based on her looks, taking full advantage of peoples' preconceptions. She wants to lean back, read people, scope the situation and then "pounce". She's very physical, being very active with some "smarts in her noggin:. Every now and then she hopes to throw out a wild card. She's up for wearing any outfit BB throws her way. She gets along better with guys but she loves her female friends too. She seems very laid back and cool. One of my faves so far.

JoJo Spatafora
Promotional Model-26
She loves her job, because it's easy and fun. Okay. She wants to be a villain in the house. She will gauge the house first and float in the beginning, but she might surprise herself and us. She wants to take risks, take chances and play the game to the fullest. She dreads any romances being thrown at her, but she's not adverse to making out with a guy or a girl if it furthers her game. She doesn't want a showmance, but she won't invest in it. Though she is a new fan, she describes herself a heart-core fan.She wants to be the female Evel Dick (eyeroll). She thinks Rachel's attitude sucks, so she wouldn't get along with someone like that.

Early Prediction: JoJo and Jenn will definitely butt heads. In fact, I doubt she will get along with any of the girls. She will be a male-attention hog. Further, I don't predict I will like her, but we will see.

Wil Heuser
Marketing Consultant-24
Right away, I think Braden. Remember him? He is a creative director finding the most effective way to execute an idea. He wants to downgrade his job so as not to seem threatening. (Cause artistic directors make me shake in my boots.) He hasn't decided whether he will be a hero or a villain, but he wants to play a "clean" game. "Gotta keep it classy bitches" He also plans on laying back and taking scope of the situation. (With everyone laying back , Hantz will win all the challenges.) He definitely does not want to adopt a floater strategy. (Again, read the definition.) He hopes to win more Vetoes than HoH. He is also a triathele, so he plans on being competitive in the challenges. He plans to ally with the least expected person (Willie would be my guess). He doesn't like drama, girly girls or jocks. And what's he doing in the BB house?

Early Prediction: He will probably be BFFs with JoJo and try to ally himself with Jenn, but I don't think the later will play. Though he should ally with someone like Willie, I doubt the latter will let him anywhere near.

Ashley Iocco
Mobile Spray Tanner-26
She owns her own spray tanning business, but doesn't plan to tan in the house. (Fascinating) She wants to be a hero and "give love". She will enact the "Snow White Strategy" which means she will charm everyone into following her. She wants a huge alliance to protect herself. She also wants a "secret alliance".  Sorry, I couldn't get through the whole interview. She will probably have an allaince of 1 before she gets evicted.

Early Prediction: The first to break or be evicted. My least fave thus far.

Ian Terry
Engineering Student-21
Before I even hear his interview, I find him endearing. Let's see what I think after I watch his interview. He loves his field because it's laid back but challenging. He's been watching BB since season 2 when he was 10. I want to pinch his cheeks, he's so cute. His favorite players are Dr. Will, Roddy from BB 3 and Jack from BB4, because the former were unpredictable and getting people to do what he wanted. He likes Jack because he played a clean game; however, he didn't enjoy Chima's or Amber's (BB8) attitudes. He hopes to be a hero but fears he might "accidentally" become a villain. He's very endearing. He's a huge super fan but doesn't want anyone to know. He is planning on being in an alliance early and  likes floating as a strategy not as a cop-out.I love this dude! He doesn't expect to do well in the physical challenges but he expects to do very well in the mental challenges because he has a great memory. He's a neat freak which will probably put him at loggerheads with others in the house.

Early Prediction: An alliance with Jodi (see below) and probably Jenn. He will have a crush on Kara even though he prefers brunettes. 

Jodi Rollins
Restaurant Server-42
She's a newlywed and left her husband and 5 step kids whom she was devastated to leave behind but has their full support. She wants to be a hero, planning on being herself as a decent person but she's not beyond lying and manipulating in the game. She definitely does not want to be a floater.(Another one.) She wants to be part of the mix, making decisions and being in the know. She thinks her downfall will be her tendency to want to be involved in things and is opinionated. She's not a JeJo fan in the game but thinks they're great as people. She seems not to like big personalities. She loves Cassie, Dominic and Dani from Season 13. She is looking forward to being in the house because she has been a huge feeds watcher.

Early Prediction: Kara will get on a lot of people's nerves because she will butt into every situation. Her strongest ally probably will be Jenn and/or Ian.

Shane Meany
House Flipper-26
Let's hope he brings his profession into the BB house and flips it all over the place! Based on his profession, he's very organized and competitive which he thinks will help him in the game. He won't let the others know his profession. He will tell them he is a wine merchant and a trainer. (What's the difference?) He wants to be a hero, playing the nice guy but switch his game play depending on the twists. He compares himself to Hayden, Brendon and Jeff. (eye roll) He wants to form an alliance but wants to do it carefully, though he isn't planning on telling anyone a lot of personal information.(Way to get peeps to trust you!) He's great at physical challenges but has a poor memory. (Get with Ian). He makes friends easily. We shall see...

Early prediction: He will butt heads with Willie, might get along with Frank, Kara and maybe even Danielle.

Not interviewed on Superpass:
Joe Arvin 
Chef- 41
That's it for now! Stay tuned for more!