Monday, July 30, 2012

BB14: Mayhem Engage

Are you ready for fireworks today? Better buckle up because we're in for a bumpy ride. Operation Flush Frank out of the house is on.

Yesterday Janelle's team was working hard-core to get Frank nominated with little success because Britney was extremely reluctant; but things changed after Frank and Mike went to bed, thinking they had safety in the bag. Mike, you ought to know better.

It started around 11:18 PM last night when Ashley and Shane talked in the Arcade room, a conversation that started off with them trusting Frank over Wil and ending with the conviction that it was better to put Frank up and out of the house. Yeah, go figure.

As of 12:35 AM this morning, Britney was still against the plan to put Frank up, worried that he would sway the votes his way, leaving him in the game and making Shane his number one target. Then Wil came into HoH at 1:17 AM, to tell Britney and Shane that he's on board with getting Frank out, saying that the only reason he suggested Ian was because he was worried that  Shane had an alliance with Frank.

By 1:35 AM, with Shane, Wil and Danielle in HoH, Britney finally said "Let's do it. Let's just get rid of this d**che bag." She was still concerned about the vote, but by the time Janelle joined them she had the reassurance she needs that Team Janelle and Danielle are all on board. They brace themselves for the hell storm that will ensue this week from Mike and Frank.

The plan, as of now, is take Ashley off the block and replace her with Frank. This is further confirmed when Danielle and Shane have their nightly pillow talk.

When Danielle brought up his last minute switch before nominations, asking him if it's going to happen again, Shane says emphatically no. He reassures her that he's 100% on board with this plan and he will have her back throughout the game.

With the PoV ceremony due to happen sometime this morning, the feeds will be on FIRE!


10:53 AM: Fresh out of a Britney waffle about putting Frank up earlier, Shane talks to Frank about the possibility of the nominations not being the same, and no matter what, he has Danielle's vote. He says that he's not sure about Ian and what he will do if he were to win HoH.  Frank tells him he's moving forward with Shane and is on board with taking out Ian next week. Head spin commence. Shane says he can count on Danielle's vote but is "worried" that Dan will sway her. What do you think? Did he just throw Danielle to the wolves?

Britney has tried to come in during this and Shane tells her needs a couple more minutes, but she comes back and sits down. She confirms her uncertainty about Ian. Frank says Ian won't vote Ashley out because he has a crush on her, plus he will do anything Mike asks him to. Britney makes sure to say that they can count on Danielle's vote but they're not sure about anyone else's.

11:19 AM: After Frank leaves, Britney and Shane reconfirm that they will be putting up Frank. That whole convo was to make sure he understood that they are doing this because they're not sure about the votes to evict Joe.

11:20AM: Trivia! Get ready! Heads will ROLL!! :)

Feeds should be out for an hour. Now's the chance to get food, run errands, walk dogs, stock up on drinks and snacks. If Shane really does use the PoV and puts Frank on the block... it will be cray cray on the feeds! Actually, as wisely put by my friend Michelle, the house will be cray cray no matter what Shane does at the Veto Ceremony.

12:27 PM: Feeds back. Frank and Joe are now on the block. Shane reassures Mike that he did it to ensure the votes because of a rumored final 2 deal with Wil. So far no heads have exploded in the house. Frank and Mike are taking it in their stride, for now. Ian and Jenn seem to be the ones most upset by this.

Danielle will be the woman of the week. Everyone will be her BBBFF. She's staying away from HoH whenever Janelle's team is there, as decided last night.

1:09 PM: Mike is telling Dan to relay to Danielle that she needs to not coast on both sides. He issues a minor threat saying that he's not above going after her. Dan stays cool, saying Danielle will not respond well to that line of persuasion (threats). Mike backpedals, saying he doesn't think Danielle will understand the strategy of sticking with Mike's alliance, so he's depending on Dan to send that message. Dan is non-committal. When asked, he tells Mike that he was told that Frank was being put up late last night. Mike asks who was there, and upon finding out it was Janelle's team, he comes to the right conclusion that Frank is the target. He goes on to repeat that Dan has to tell Danielle to do what is best for her which is to stick with his team.

Throughout the whole discussion three things are revealed: 1- Mike is incredibly condescending toward Danielle and her abilities. 2- He has no idea that Danielle is allied with Shane. 3- He swallowed Shane's explanation about putting Frank on the block, hook, line and sinker.

Dan asks him what would happen should they be dropped in the game. Mike doesn't believe they will but maintains it will still be better for Dan and Danielle to stick with his team. Whatevs dude. Deuces!

1:30PM: Britney goes outside to explain to Ian the cover story about why they put Frank up. She says that they just wanted to ensure that the votes go the right way, meaning voting Joe off. Ian tells her repeatedly that if he gives his word in this game, it's solid and won't change. She mostly feels guilty because they used Ian's inability to commit to not putting Shane up next week as an excuse, resulting in him being blamed for this latest move.

2:17 PM: Frank joins Shane and Danielle by the pool and tells them that he understands why Shane put him up and it's no big deal. Shane reassures him that they have the votes.

Hmmm. Job well done, but I was expecting some fireworks not a premature fizzle... Oh well! :)

This caption has nothing to do with the following convo, just what I think about it. :)
3:15 PM: Frank and Mike are strategizing on how to approach this coming week. Mike tells Frank to work on Danielle and he'll work on Dan. Frank is self-congratulatory, telling Mike about his brilliant maneuvering with Shane, thinking he has him and Danielle fooled by telling them he would ally with them. Mike doesn't look too pleased so Frank covers by saying he's planning on backdooring Shane next week. Yeah buddy, let's see how that works for you. :) It's a case of backdoor roulette. Who will get it first?

Stay tuned! :)