Friday, July 13, 2012

BB14: First Night on the Feeds

Last night, as usual, the first night of the feeds was crazy. It always happens in the first few weeks of Big Brother. You don't know which feed to pick, developing a feed-induced A.D.D., trying to figure out what's going on, who's scheming against whom, who's pulling the strings, who's in a shaky position, who's fun to watch, who's a hot mess.

Well, we got it all last night!

Game Strategy

While Janelle and Britney have teamed up against Boogie and Dan (I have a feeling that's all Janelle's doing because she rightfully has a BB score to settle with Boogie), Willie who was crowned HoH by his coach, Britney, doesn't seem to be falling in with the game plan, after the nominations.

Frank and Kara are on the block: one member from each of Boogie's and Dan's teams. That's no doubt Britney's and Janelle's doing; but somewhere along the way in the 5 days since they entered the house, Willie has developed an alliance with Frank. They both seem to feel that they need each other to keep the targets off themselves for a while in the game. So, despite the fact that Britney and Janelle are pushing for Frank's eviction, Mr. Hantz ain't playing.

Another focused target is trained on Ian as well. For a reason we yet don't know that involves a Coach's Competition, he is immune from nomination this week; but Janelle is jonesing to get rid of him. Why you ask? Simple. Janelle is a smart woman who recognizes a threat in Ian. He's smart and he knows the game. While he most likely will not be a threat in physical competitions (he said so himself in his preseason interview), he is definitely a threat in mental and possibly endurance comps. He's also a part of Boogie's team (unfortunately) which adds a layer of motivation for Janelle.

Janelle has been busy using her gift of gab to undermine both Boogie and Ian with the rest of the house. She made sure people know all of Boogie's shady and public past, while turning others against Ian because of his eccentricity. Britney is following the plan with statements like, "The second the feeds came on, he (Ian) decided to act remotely normal" (around 2 AM BBT), proceeding to imitate him, in Britney fashion, as he paced manically waiting for the feeds to go live. (What superfan wouldn't?)

Meanwhile, Boogie is working hard to get Willie on his side and keep his and Dan's teams in tact, by suggesting Joe as a replacement nominee should Frank be taken off the block. Dan, on the other hand, was laying low last night, being sociable and not aggressively talking game; but that's Dan's style.

Meltdowns and Squabbles

Ashley dropped her Snow White strategy of sunshine and love because of a massive pain in her back caused by the  torturous metal beds in the Have Not Room that she shares with Danielle. She spent the entire night on the HoH bed while streams of visitors came through, the women minus Danielle for a "girls' night" consuming alcohol because they decided to distribute it nightly by gender (though WIl got to drink), and then various pods of HGs to discuss strategy or to mingle.

Wil was incensed most of the night because JoJo took some of his beer and then laughed about it. He talked about this in detail to anyone who would listen.

Kara had a meltdown and started crying in bed because she's on the block.

Danielle, after confiding to Dan and Kara about her abusive childhood and extremely troubled father, tried to navigate those feelings. (This conversation happened in the Cabana Room around 12:30 AM BBT.) When Superpass sets up the flashback, later today according to them, check it out if you missed it. It was both horrifying and sad to watch, because no matter what went down there, it was no doubt traumatic and a difficult experience to live through.


Although I'm enjoying the new layer that's been added to the game with the coaches; and I do enjoy to watch Janelle, Boogie, Britney and Dan in action, I'm not liking this twist at all, so far. It throws a monkey wrench in the flow of the game forcing the newbies into alliances they would probably not pick for themselves, jeopardizing or boosting people's games because of the luck of the draw.

I have been saying this for what seems like years now, but since season 10 with Jesse Godderz' return, I want Big Brother to be unsullied by returning houseguests. They had their chance, won, lost, almost made it or bombed. Start fresh with a new group and let them have at it. If the producers want to introduce coaches into the game, they can set up scenarios where the houseguests can win a coaching session with a reigning champion. Or they can have another All-Stars and even out the playing field all together.

I'm a hard core fan of the show and I wouldn't even threaten to stop watching, but I really wish this mingle of new and past would stop.

What to expect today: PoV Competition

The feeds will be going to trivia sometime in the BBT afternoon for the PoV competition in which Willie, Frank, Kara, Wil, Danielle and Shane are playing and JoJo is hosting. Depending on the results of the competition, the game will change again. Gotta love it!

Stay tuned for some highlights and thoughts on today's shenanigans! :)