Thursday, September 13, 2012

BB14: Between a Quack and a Hard Choice

With an HoH and the last PoV under her belt, Danielle has the chance to make a couple of power moves this week, but the power lies on whoever is the one off the block. If the nominations stay the same, then Shane will be the sole deciding vote. Should Danielle replace Dan with Shane, she will be doing so knowing he will, more than likely, be the one evicted. Or will he? Remember Ian was his first target before Shane. What is a girl to do? All three of them are threats in her endgame for different reasons (see yesterday's post); but keeping Ian and Dan in the game together is suicidal for her because it also removes a close ally.

Taking all personal feelings aside, Danielle's best bet is Ian's eviction which will eliminate the person who has the most chances of beating her in the final HoH. She is more closely allied with Dan and Shane. Ian is a wild card for her. But will Shane cooperate with her wishes? Is taking Ian out the best choice for him? He knows that keeping Dan in the game will divide Danielle's loyalties should she win the final HoH. It would make more game sense for Shane to evict Dan; however keeping Ian in the game is also a threat.

There's the jury to consider as well. Evicting Dan would be an action that this jury would most respect, at this point. It would be a gamble keeping Ian going into the 3 part HoH, but Danielle and Shane would get the credit for eliminating the last coach. Would the jury respect the power move or will they see this as an act of disloyalty on Danielle's part? There's also the fact to consider that by taking Ian out, Danielle has more chances of winning the last HoH and taking Shane with her over Dan. Truly this is not a win-win situation, making it one of the most difficult final 3 choices in a long time on Big Brother. Whatever Danielle and Shane decide to do, should they make this decision together, expect a lot of back lash from the fans. Oh goodie!

But first... Here's Wil!

Stay tuned! :)