Saturday, September 8, 2012

BB14: Strategy, Hated and Manipulation

I've been feeling like a broken record this season; but it bears repeating. In competition shows like Big Brother and Survivor, in order to even have a hope of getting to the end, the contestants must be able to win competitions to save themselves and/or their alliance, if need be; but, more importantly, they must be able to develop a strategy that not only keeps themselves safe, but also targets and eliminates their threats. Ideally, a contestant must have both these skills; but more crucially, he/she must be able to strategize. This involves anything from appearing non-threatening by laying low and not winning competitions, to outright lying and manipulation of others' weaknesses.

The only person who is still left in the game who's been able to achieve this, truly, is Dan. He is the only one who's been able to take out his threats by mostly getting others to do it. He hasn't played a "clean" game but it's a misconception that anyone can win doing that. His only focus has been to win this thing, as it should be. He went from the most targeted coach with the most decimated team to controlling the house. This should inspire awe not the outrage that has affected his wife, family and friends who have been getting a steady stream of hate directed at them.

Big Brother isn't a slice of real life. This is not the contestants' real life or true selves. These are people confined to a house and a competition for 3 prizes: The 500K first prize, the 50K second and the 25K America's Choice. Judging their actions and words as if they are functioning members of a larger society, is not only unfair, it is wrong. The very qualities that "fans" denigrate are the ones that allow the contestants to get through to the end game. Judgment is often harsh and unyielding against certain contestants, but worse it spills out in ugly ways to their families, friends and supporters. It's gotten to the point that Big Brother has become a sport of hate.

The other four players, unfortunately lack the ability to see past Dan's "mist" and take him out as the biggest threat to their endgame. For this reason, it is unlikely that any of them stand a chance of winning the big prize, no matter how many competitions they've won or alliances they've made. Ian is the only one left in the game who stands a chance of even giving Dan a run for his money; but his fatal trust in Dan will, more than likely, be his undoing. Shane will be the next to be ousted, unless he manages to save himself or be saved. Danielle and Jenn have a chance to upend Dan's game but it's doubtful that Danielle will take the blinders off and turn against her once coach.

The conclusion of BB14 is almost inevitable. It's been designed from the beginning to be this way by the producers of the show. This is their end game. It would be naive to think otherwise. Putting All-Star players in the game with amateurs who predominantly have not displayed much strategic ability cannot possibly result in anything else. There have been some fierce competitors in this game: Ian, Frank, Shane, even Danielle. There have been some contestants, Willie, Wil and Joe, who have shown the intuition and ability to see beyond the mist, but they lacked to ability to gain the appropriate support. In the end, the amateurs screwed themselves by not immediately targeting and ousting the vets after the reset; but that too was all in AGP's vision.

Today, is the PoV competition. The target for eviction is Shane. We will see if the PoV competition results change this game in any significant way, put I'm not holding my breath.

5:28 PM: Feeds back. Danielle and Shane are talking about winning something and getting to pick someone to go with. Chit chat. Shane, Dan and Ian talk about the comp, having to go back and forth. They are saying it was similar to The Juggler... Dan is quacking. No one is telling us! Best guess by the way they are acting, Shane seems to have won.
6:01 PM: Shane tells Ian that it's a good feeling (to feel safe). Sounds like confirmation.

Stay tuned! :)