Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BB14: Save This Show

Here's what I would like to see in the future of Big Brother.

A new production team with fresh ideas and less of an agenda:
  1. No more DR tampering or "guidance". Make the DR sessions live. 
  2. No more random twists that only serve to help some players that production thinks will amp up the drama factor. That includes the lame Pandora.
  3. No more Have Nots. It's a stupid concept that doesn't even factor into the show except for lame food voting. Make house privileges, luxuries and food be earned through competitions and chores.
  4. No more restriction of alcohol. You want drama? Bring on the booze.
  5. New challenges that aren't ripped off from rival shows.
  6. Minimal feed blockages or scheduled feed blockages or even better, prime time feeds only. For those addicted to obsessively watching and minutely analyzing the players' every move, it will be a healthy change. And if people are worried they'll miss something, worry not. Conversations seem to be recycled constantly.
  7. No more 4th wall. With less production manipulation this "no talking about production" rule will be obsolete. 
This will spill out into the mandate for casting that will no longer "recruit" people with modelling experience but choose from a wide selection of applicants to pick people who not only know the game, but know how to play the game.  No more vets and newbies mixed together. It's unfair and unbalanced, ruining the original concept of the show that fans have loved.

You want to bring all returning players?
  1. Do second chance BB, by bringing in past HGs who were evicted early. 
  2. Or level the playing field with half vets and half newbies that must be paired off by the end of the first show. They are then free to make other alliances if they wish. 
  3. Or save the vets for a Heroes versus Villains All-Stars in a couple of years.
The show needs to bring in a more interactive aspect to the game where the fans have a actual and transparent say in the game.
  1. Voting should be tabulated online using the CBS website where the polling results are shown.
  2. Twitter accounts should be manned by people who actually respond to fans not just blast out announcements. 
  3. An FB page that is actively manned by people from production interacting with individuals and other major BB FB groups.
  4. Competitions that involve the fans and their interaction with those in the house, as well as past HGs.
  5. A registration of all BB related blogs with an interactive component between them, their followers and the show.
Lastly and most importantly, CBS and the producers need to take a stand against slander and hate speech which would include not promoting it through their show edits. They need to put in place policies that protect the players and their families/friends/loved ones from the irrational and sometimes  criminal hatred that festers and grows every year. This should include:
  1. A publication policy that protects players from printed/electronic materials that slander players and their families, enforcing an anti-cyber bullying internet policy against hate groups, thus preventing the show from feeding into the hate frenzy. 
  2. Slander and hate should be monitored and charged. A show that encourages hate speech is not a show worth backing.
  3. A policy that includes families of HGs in the online process to drive the point home that these people are real, not show characters that can be torn apart.

That's it for now! Stay tuned! :)