Sunday, September 9, 2012

BB14: Casting for Losers

Could auditions for Big Brother be so depleted that they have to recruit random clueless people for the show? Of course not. There are thousands who audition every year, some who I know are better qualified to be in the house than the two people on the block right now and the four amateurs that are being strung along like puka shells on a cheap wire.

Shane won the PoV, but the talk is that he won't use it on himself. Marcellas 2.0, really? That's what you get when you recruit someone who probably doesn't even know what I'm talking about.

My Morph-o-Matic: Shanellas
Who in their right mind does not give themselves safety in a house with 5 people in it? Who in their right mind trusts a guy who has done so many shady things to others, has admitted to lying and has shown no remorse in taking down a member of their alliance? Who in their right mind is on the block, doesn't win the Veto has a huge threat in the house but does nothing to convince the HoH to put him on the block?

Who is their right mind is a fan of the show, knows every detail of every season, respects great game moves, knows what a coup it would be to take down the last remaining vet, has the power to do so but doesn't even consider it? All for a fakelliance? All to be called a recycled Renegade? Who in their right mind is so blinded by a person whose maneuvers she knows intimately, who's been working with him from day one, knows all his secrets, has been told by him to be ruthless in the game, has been treated like a punching bag, yet does nothing to convince the remaining four to take him down?

I'll tell you who. A bunch of losers. Losers in the Big Brother game. Maybe Shane should have watched this before going into the house.

At 12:45 pm Shane will collect his prize "Night with the Stars" (something outside the house) and is taking Danielle with him. As Papa Dan teases their first date.

Stay tuned! :)