Thursday, September 6, 2012

BB14: Cooked Ducks and Pulverized Smurfs

As the next eviction approaches, Frank's stay in the house is, more than likely, hours away to its end. He will, however, have company tonight, as it will be double eviction. You would think that given there is an "alliance" of four in the house, that the two most in jeopardy would be Jenn and Joe; but that would be wrong. The next targets have been predetermined by Dan to be Ian or Shane; and the only person who knows of this is Danielle; but will she be able to pull the trigger if push comes to shove?

Dan is playing a much dirtier, more cut throat game this season, saying he will take out all of them to win the 500K and I believe him. Since the other HGs are so intent on giving him the money and being foolish enough to trust him at all, then expect him to be sitting in the F2 chairs beside Jenn. I used to think he would take Danielle, fulfilling his ultimate role as a coach; but now I'm not too sure about that. Given what he's said, what he's done and what he's planning on doing, namely stabbing this fakelliance in the gullet, it's more than likely that he will take the one person in the house against whom he has the best chance of winning: Jenn.

Why Jenn and not Joe? Joe has played a social game, has strategized and talked game with more of the players and has formed alliances of his own. Furthermore his keen sense of observation has trained a target on his back. Jenn slept most of the season, has maintained a poor social game and wasted her one competition win on saving her then target. Her one alliance with Frank, Dan and Danielle will probably be null and void after tonight, however, her chances of making it farther increase because of it.

This season is like watching baby Smurfs get clubbed. It boggles my mind how mesmerized they all are by Dan, despite what they know about him, despite the warnings given by the other coaches, despite the "BB funeral" debacle, I am flabbergasted that anyone in that house would go along with his plans. Danielle is seeming very wary of stabbing Shane in the back. When the time comes, which promise will she honor: her first allegiance to her former coach or to her closest friend who ousted his own coach to keep her?

It seems that the only person who is not under Dan's spell is Joe. Yes, Eagle-eye Joe will not drink Dan's kool-aid, making me hope Joe would win the first HoH competition tonight, put up Dan and Danielle. and manage to somehow keep the nominations the same. That is the only way Dan will be taken out of the game. Before all the Dan fans come screaming at me, I am a Dan fan too; but I am a bigger fan of the game. Taking Dan out would be as big a coup as taking out Janelle, Mike or Frank, probably bigger because it won't be motivated by a coach's agenda. This will level the playing field a bit more, allowing the newbies to fight for the title among themselves, not be railroaded to an inevitable end: cooked ducks.

Stay tuned! :)