Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BB14: Reality Interferes with Reality TV

Today was my first day back to work, first day meeting my home form (sweet Grade 9s), first day setting up the year and getting out of vacation mode and into high gear mode. Photocopying, printing, planning. meetings. No air conditioning! I walked into school with glossy straight hair and walked out with a fro... I saw a lot of my students from last year who greeted me with enthusiasm, making me so happy to see them again. A lot of people say that teens are problematic, but compared to the crazy adults I have encountered during the BB season, they are a bunch of Einsteins, Gates, Mother Teresas, and Dalai Lamas! Tomorrow I meet my other 3 classes and so it begins! Happy School Year! :)

As far as what's happening in the house, the plan is still to evict Frank and blindside him. Dan is starting to worry that all his lies and F2 agreements will come back to bite him if Frank, Jenn and Shane happen to talk. That's what might happen when a player has too many fingers in too many alliance pies... he or she sometimes gets exploding pie in the face. He seems to be most concerned that Danielle believes he will not stab her in the back. This further confirms to me, that she is the one he is truly allied with, feeling the need to continue his role as her coach and carry it through to the F2 end.

Another thing that keeps coming up is Frank's mention of the DR making him nervous about what might happen on Thursday. He's said a few times and  most recently around 12:48 pm PST today that the DR has dropped hints that he might not be as safe as he thinks. DR tampering has been a topic of discussion both in and out of the house. Some former house guests insist that there is none; but it could be that the DR didn't feel motivated to give them a heads up. Frankly (no pun intended) at this point, it won't make a difference. The house guests will vote how they will vote. Putting ideas in Frank's head probably won't change the outcome. It's just one more example of how AGP's tampering is making this game more about production than about the actual players playing the game.

Unfortunately, that's all I got for you today... My brain is melting and I have a lot of things to do before the chat with JoJo tonight! All the details are under the banner :)

Stay tuned! :)