Sunday, September 2, 2012

BB14:Ability Doesn't Equal Success

So, here are the game details thus far. Frank and Jenn are on the block. Dan has won PoV. He's planning on taking Jenn down, with Joe being the replacement. Ian, Danielle and Shane are in on the plan. The target for eviction is Frank; but we've been here before. We'll see how this all plays out; but for now, here are my rankings:

1- Ian grabs the number one spot in the game this week: With 2 HoHs and 1 PoV under his belt, he's shown ability in Endurance, Physical and, of course, Mental competitions. Combine his competition performance with his strategic deductions, he has become the number 1 contender for the BB crown. He's managed to overcome the loss of his F2 partner and regrouped with Dan (for now). He successfully stayed under the wire, getting information from one side of the house to give to his alliance (QP). Should his plan go through, he will have succeeded in taking out the Unsinkable Frank Eudy as well as the legendary Mike Boogie Malin. Despite all this, he isn't seen as the next threat in the house, as that honor belongs to Dan.

2- Dan sits at the number 2 position this week. Hot on the heels of his successful mastermind to get taken off the block last week, he's won a crucial PoV, taking the chance of safety away from Frank. He's managed to dupe pretty much all the major players into making F2/F3/F4 deals with him. The big question mark right now is where do Dan's true allegiances lie? Last week he made an F2 deal with Frank, this week he made one with Ian, yet he's been telling Danielle throughout this season that his allegiance is with her, finally shaking on it last night around 1:16 am. Given that his target this week is Frank, we can assume that F2 deal is dust; but which of the two remaining deals will Dan honor should he have a choice? His greatest chance will be against Danielle, should he make it that far.

3- Danielle  takes the number 3 slot for the simple fact that she has more deals with more players, she's won two competitions and she's low on the target scale. Her association with Shane has put a bigger target on his back because he has more wins than her and is seen as a greater threat. Danielle has more people who will go to bat for her in the house than the other remaining house guests. Strategically, she is not a mastermind, but her close tie with Dan has benefited her in the game. In addition, she is credited as being the one to take Janelle out of the game. She is able to keep her cards close to her chest when needed while being approachable in a human level, making her a great contender to sit in the final chairs.

4- Shane takes the number 4 slot because he is a not only part of a large alliance, but he has also managed to cultivate Joe's allegiance, one that has been a great source of information. Shane should be in the number one slot, but his lack of understanding of the game, his penchant to speak too much, and his naive trust in other players might very well be his downfall. The fact that he offered to be a pawn last night illustrates his woeful lack in strategizing.

5- Frank takes the number 5 slot and really should be at the bottom not only because of his fatal mistake in allowing himself to be "misted" by Dan last week, but by his ongoing mistake in not developing more ties with the other house guests, and not following his own game instincts. Add injury to stupidity, Frank gave up the privilege of competing in the next HoH, even though at this point, it will do him no good. Despite the fact that Frank has been able to save himself much of this season by having the most competition wins, a player is only as successful as the latest competition. From hearsay, Frank threw the latest PoV win to Dan; if this is true then that is will be known as his fatal move in the game. That being said, if he manages to pull himself into safety by the end of Thursday's episode, he will indeed jump to the highest rank again.

6- Jenn sits at this  bottom slot despite having one more competition win than Joe and has come close in other competitions. This may or may not allow her to save herself in the future. Strategically, she maintains zero ability for two very important reasons: 1- Despite seeing the results of Ashley's decision to ally with Frank and the way Frank was clearly campaigning against her, she decided to stick her neck out for a fakelliance with Frank, Dan and Danielle. 2- Despite putting herself on slop for the rest of the season to take the PoV win from Dan, she agreed to save him anyway. Insert eye roll.

6- Joe shares this bottom slot with Jenn because he's shown no ability in any of the competitions; and his attempts at making F2 deals with all the HoHs are pitiful; however, his pawn/flopper status in the game might very well bring him to the F4, or even F3. His lack of ability to save himself might get him cut soon, but, depending on whether one of the others want to drag him to the end, he might very well be sitting in the F2 chairs through no action or rather inaction on his part.

These rankings are in no way predictions about whether each player will make it to the end or not. BB fans know that anything can and has happened to bring down great players and carry mediocre or poor players to the end.

If you're wondering what you're missing on the feeds right now... nothing. :)

Stay tuned! :)