Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BB14: It's a Wrap!

At 10 am PDT today, the feeds will go to trivia for the last time this season, returning after the east coast show for the back yard interviews on Superpass. It's been a hell of a ride, one with moments of laughter, excitement, anticipation and awe along with periods of frustration and disappointment.

I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of the readers and supporters of my blog. Your comments and insights gave me much to think about! Without you, this would be a monologue going mutely in the web sphere. I apologize for having to close the comments on the blog, but it was inevitable that the negativity would come knocking on my blog doors. Feel free to join our FB group Big Brother Shenanigans and join the conversation.

This is the first year of this blog, going from less than 100 hits to almost 40000! This is all due to your loyalty, so my deepest thanks!

Now for the extra special thanks!

To my BBBFFs♥, Michelle, MnM (Helen! heh), Colleen, Kim, Red, Merry, Toni (we missed you this year), our latest addition, Season and last but certainly not least, Syn whose fabulous artwork has graced the banners and background of this blog. Without you, I would simply have gone crazy!

A very special thanks to Jim Early who took me under his wing, supporting this blog and me, hooking me up with the awesome FB group Big Brother Whispers, along with all the Whispers groups where not only fans but also cast members congregate to discuss the shows we love. I've met some pretty awesome people there! :)

Enjoy the Finale! :)